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"How late is late?"

"Half an hour, maybe an hour. Plenty of time."

"Time for-" his voice came out higher than he expected and he cleared his throat. "Time for what, exactly?"

She lifted the towel, and he reached out to take it, but instead, she swung it around his neck, pulling him down a few inches to her level.

"That's entirely up to you," she said in a seductive whisper. "I might suggest that you begin by drying off though. You're making a mess on the floor."

He glanced down to see a puddle forming under his feet. Bringing his gaze back to hers, he felt a flutter in his chest at the barely concealed laughter in her eyes.

"And who caused that?" he asked in as serious a tone as he could muster. "I seem to recall putting out a towel for myself. It's not my fault someone stole it."

"And who might that someone be?"

He gestured at her.

"Well, if the evidence speaks, I'd say it was you," he paused and lifted an eyebrow. "But that can't be right. I mean, an officer of the law would never go around stealing towels from innocent men."

At that, she laughed out loud.

"Innocent? Is that what you are?"

"Until proven guilty, Detective. What about you? Do you claim to be innocent of this heinous crime?"

He had leaned in as he spoke until his mouth was only a few inches from hers. Her eyes had flicked down to his lips as he spoke.

"Not this time," she whispered, and tugged on the towel around his neck to close the distance between them.

He loved their kisses and the way he could differentiate between each one. They had their passionate liplocks, borne out of a need for each other, a need to feel that they were both still alive after the events of the past few months. They had their tender caresses, the ones he gave her when she was hurt and needed her favorite form of distraction. They had their sweet pecks, when one of them left or came home, or when they first woke up, or when he walked by as she read in the living room, the ones that spoke of how comfortable they were with each other.

This one was playful. She nipped at his bottom lip, pulling it away from his teeth and soothing it with her tongue. He nuzzled against her, tickling her with the stubble he hadn't shaved yet. She giggled a little, and he pulled away to see the pleasure in her face that tugged up the corners of her mouth.

"So you admit your guilt," he said, lifting a finger to tilt her chin up.

"Uh-huh," she said, a challenging tone entering her voice. "Whatcha gonna do about it, Castle? Turn me in?"

He pulled back to look at her appraisingly.

"Smart girl like you? I wouldn't want to ruin your future. I see no reason to press charges as long as you take care of your mess."

She rolled her eyes.

"How very generous of you."

He was about to respond when she dragged him toward her for another kiss, this one hard and demanding. He staggered back a step when she released him, catching his breath.

"Well, then," she said slowly. "Let's see if we can get all this water cleaned up."

She lifted the towel over his head, rubbing at his dark locks, pulling the cloth down after a moment. He could see the mirror in his peripheral vision and could tell from her expression that she liked how his damp hair stood up every which way.

After that, she shimmied the towel down the planes of his back and over his rear end, standing a little too close for his comfort. She stepped back when she was finished with his back, letting go one end of the towel and wrapping it around her fingers to make a kind of mitt.

He inhaled sharply as she brought her hand to his chest. Her movements were gentle, but the towel itself, comparatively soft though it was, was rough on his skin, hitting every nerve ending and setting him on fire.

The intense look of concentration on her face was too much for him, but he wasn't about to tell her to stop. So he squeezed shut his eyes and focused on slowing down his rapid breathing.

When she'd finished with his chest, she moved down to his legs, tickling the backs of his knees and nearly causing him to lose his balance as she made her pass.

She moved away for a moment and he opened his eyes to see her reaching back to the hamper and removing a used towel, dropping it on the floor to sop up the little puddle under his feet.

When she'd dried the floor, she looked up at him, and his heart nearly stopped at the wicked grin on her beautiful face. She was a Siren, he was sure of it, luring him in only to lead him to his death. But oh, what a wonderful way to go...

She stood slowly, trailing the towel over the front of his body and hitting all the right spots before finally draping it over his shoulder and stepping even closer to him.

"All dry?" he whispered hoarsely and drew her in for a soft kiss.

She let him linger for a moment and then pulled back so he could see the glint in her eyes.

"You are."

His jaw slackened a little as he took in her teasing, hungry expression. Then he reached down to sweep an arm under her knees, grasping her shoulders tightly in his other arm and lifting her effortlessly, much to her surprise if he went by her current expression.

She had not quite closed the door to the bathroom, and he was thankful for small favors. He nudged it open with his foot, and in three quick strides was standing next to the bed, staring down at the woman in his arms. Her eyes were dark, fierce in her passion, but still holding the hint of humor that turned him on more than he could imagine.

He set her gently on the bed and leaned over her, quite willingly letting her weave her fingers into his hair and drag him down for a long kiss that had him moaning into her mouth.

"You are an evil, evil woman," he panted as he pulled away for a moment. "Maybe I should have pressed charges against you after all."

"Mmm, maybe," she returned, leisurely opening her eyes and allowing him to see the effect he had on her. "Or you could press something else against me. I'm sure I deserve it."

He growled, and her laugh rang out, wicked and perfect. It was his undoing.

Author's note: First off, sorry for the lack of update yesterday. Sick, no inspiration, and didn't feel like typing. Secondly, we'll get to dinner next time, I promise! Thirdly, thanks for the alerts, favorites, and reviews...they're so much fun to see and read. One reviewer in particular on the last chapter made my night and made me decide to include a little more skin, so you can thank daphnebeauty for the content of this chapter. ;)

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