Chapter Seven

The Doctor was giggling hysterically. On the way home, the children were singing Christmas carols but making up their own lyrics to them to make everyone laugh. Currently, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer was playing on the radio.

"Doctor got run over by a reindeer," Brittany sang loudly. "Walking home from our house Christmas Eve. You may say there's no such thing as aliens but as for me and my family, we believe."

Everyone laughed while the Doctor winked at her.

"We'd be drinking too much eggnog," Amy sang. "And we begged him not to go but he picked up his fez and bowtie, then he winked at us and said Geronimo."

"Nice one, Pond," the Doctor said, pushing the back of her head playfully.

When they got to a town called Knightstown, Jim slowed down again and they drove down some of the streets while they looked at more decorations. They stopped across from a large Victorian house that was decorated with more white lights.

"I like this house, I'd like to live in it someday," Michelle said to the Doctor while she pointed to it.

"It's very nice, love old Victorian houses," the Doctor said, pulling River close to him.

"Maybe it's haunted," he heard Mandy say.

"Maybe it's haunted by the Ghost of Christmas Past," Amy said with wide eyes.

"Rubbish, it's not haunted, it's just a house," the Doctor said dismissively as the car drove on.

"You don't believe in ghosts?" Michelle asked him.

"Nope. I think what people call ghosts are other things," the Doctor said.

"Okay, I'm gonna come back and haunt you after I'm dead," Michelle said.

"And I'll look at you and say, nah, you're not real," the Doctor teased while he put his other arm around her.


When they got back home, the Doctor, his family and the children went downstairs with Jim while Lori put Rex outside so he could go to the bathroom. Jim built a fire for everyone while the Doctor and his companions went inside the TARDIS to get some snacks, in case anyone wanted them. Jim smiled at his children while he started the fire.

"You kids behave and don't rip up the house," he said to them. "I know you're glad they're back but you still have to behave yourselves, alright?"

The children nodded.

"Your mother and me are gonna watch TV upstairs so keep the noise down," Jim said when he finished lighting the fire and it began to grow. "I'm sure your mom will fix some snacks later on so don't eat too much."

"Can we sleep down here with them, Dad?" Brittany said to him.

"If they'll let you. Just keep quiet if you stay up late. We don't want the neighbors over here making complaints."

He finished with the fire and kissed his children before going upstairs. The Doctor and his family returned twenty minutes later, carrying snacks, pop and a couple of large framed photographs. They sat the snacks down by the fire while the Doctor showed them the photos. One was of him and his family in a family portrait. The Doctor and River were at the back with their arms around each other while Amy and Rory sat on a wooden box, also holding each other while everyone smiled for the camera.

"This is our gift to you," the Doctor said to them. "One of them anyway. And…I had the TARDIS make a composite photo of my other self and Donna," he said, showing him the second photo. "Since I don't know when they'll be back."

The tenth Doctor was standing beside Donna and both of them were smiling. The Doctor showed off both of them to the children before taking them upstairs to Jim and Lori.

"So, what do you want to do?" Amy said as she sat down on the sofa with Rory and River.

"Let's play a game," Mandy said.

"Okay, what game do you wanna play?" Amy said.

"We could play Shark," Michelle said.

"Shark? What's that?" Amy said.

"Okay, this is a game we made up. This sofa is home base," Michelle said, patting it. "This is the only safe place now. Someone goes into the bathroom, shuts the door and waits there. We take turns sneaking up to the door and hitting it and running back here. The shark has to catch us before we can get back to the couch and if he does, the other person is the shark. If he doesn't catch them, they have to be the shark again until he can catch someone."

"Sounds like this game was made for the Doctor," Amy said.

"What was made for me?" the Doctor said, coming down the stairs.

When he reached the sofa, Amy explained the rules and the Doctor grinned.

"I want to be the first shark," he said.

"See, knew he'd like this game," Amy said.

"One question though, can you open the door a crack and see who's coming or do you have to wait till they hit the door," the Doctor said.

"You can open the door a bit and watch, you just have to chase them at some point and try to get them," Brittany said. "But I'd wait till they were almost to the door so you have a good chance of tagging them."

"Brilliant. I'll be in the toilet then awaiting my prey," the Doctor said, rubbing his hands together.

He walked over to the bar area, turned on the light and went into the bathroom. He turned on the bathroom light and closed the door until he was looking through a small opening between the door and the frame. Michelle told everyone else to sit on the bed and they sat on it back to back.

"Who's first?" River said.

"Uncle Rory go first," Tom said.

Everyone looked at him.

"Come on, Rory, show us how good your reflexes are," Amy said. "Do you dare…face the shark?"

Rory grinned and leapt up while everyone cheered. He walked towards the bathroom door, keeping his eye on the Doctor's eye while he peered at him through the gap.

"I see you," the Doctor said when he got to the doorway of the bar. "Try to touch the door…if you can."

Rory hesitated at the doorway, watching the Doctor's eye as he peered at him intently.

"Come on, Williams, show me what you got," the Doctor said to him.

Rory took a step towards the door and froze, waiting for the Doctor to spring out. The Doctor kept on watching him so he took another step. He held out his hand and was about to touch the door when suddenly the Doctor let out a roar, flung open the door and chased him back to the sofa while everyone laughed. Rory barreled into Amy when he lunged at the sofa and he fell on top of her while the Doctor stamped his foot a few feet away.

"Blast, I thought I had him," the Doctor said while everyone laughed. "Ah well, back to the shark cave then. Send the next victim along."

He walked back to the bathroom and shut the door while everyone looked at each other.

"Who goes next?" Brittany said.

"I'll go," Michelle said, hopping up.

They cheered while she strode confidently towards the door. The Doctor opened the door a bit and watched her while she slowed her pace and crept towards the door.

"Ah, the bookworm," the Doctor said. "Try your best, little brainiac!"

Michelle stopped just outside the bar. Then with a giggle, she zoomed over, slapped the door and laughed when the Doctor flung open the door and gave chase. She squealed when the Doctor caught her just before reaching the sofa and tickled her furiously for a moment before letting go.

"Ha, I win!" the Doctor said, going over and sitting down beside River. "Swim away, little shark, back to your cave."

Michelle turned and ran back to the bathroom.

"So who goes now?" Amy said.

"Why not have a go, Pond. Let's see how fast you really are," the Doctor said to her.

"How about River, let River have a go," Amy said.

"Why? Are you scared you'll get caught?" the Doctor said.

"No, I'm lazy and I want to go last," Amy said.

River got up from the sofa and walked towards it while everyone cheered. Michelle opened the door a bit and watched as she stopped in the doorway of the bar.

"So, little shark, we meet face to face at last," River said to her.

"Come and get me, Chicken!" Michelle said to her.

River looked back at her family when they made clucking noises. Just then, Michelle flung open the door and everyone laughed when she tagged River before she could react.

"Good show!" the Doctor said while Michelle walked triumphantly past her. "Very good show! I love the way you took advantage of her just then."

Michelle looked at River and she smiled and winked at the little girl. Michelle skipped back to the couch while River went inside the bathroom. She closed the door until she could peek out and waited.

"Well? Now who's going?" Amy said.

"I think we should throw Mrs. Lazy to the shark," the Doctor said. "But…not yet."

He got up and walked over to the snacks. He grabbed a bag of crisps and walked towards the door.

"Trying to distract me, Sweetie?" River said while she watched him approach.

"I come bearing gifts for the shark," the Doctor said, rattling the bag.

"I don't like crisps, I only want people," River said.

"But crisps are just as good," the Doctor said, rattling the bag again. "Nummy crisps, Mrs. Shark, mmmm!"

"Just try to touch the door, you git," River said while everyone giggled.

The Doctor put the bag of crisps up on the counter. He tensed his muscles and crouched down while everyone cheered him on. Then he sprang up, slapped the door and sped off when River flung open the door and gave chase. He nearly reached the bed when River grabbed him from behind.

"I got ya," River said.

"No, I can still make it!" the Doctor said melodramatically. "No shark will defeat me!"

"You're it, Sweetie," River said while the Doctor grunted and tried to wiggle away from her.

"But…I always win," the Doctor said, looking back at her.

"Not this time, now be the shark," River said, letting go of him.

"Wait, this isn't fair," the Doctor said.

"Life isn't fair," River said with a shrug. "Now get in your cave and let someone else go."

"Can I register a formal protest and dispute this?" the Doctor said.

"NO!" everyone yelled.

"ALRIGHT THEN!" the Doctor yelled.

Everyone laughed when the Doctor blew a raspberry at them before spinning around and heading back towards the bathroom.

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