Chapter Eleven

After the tour, the Doctor and his family sat on the floor with a small paper plate filled with some of the food. The Doctor lay on his side, munching on a celery stick that had been dipped in ranch dip and breathed in the atmosphere of a family Christmas. He loved the laughter and the camaraderie of everyone, so different from Thanksgiving when they had to put up with Jack and Randy spoiling everything. Alicia assured him that dinner was warming in the oven, they were just waiting for a couple more people to arrive but she told them to help themselves to everything on the table. While he was listening to Alicia talking about some of their family history, he had a thought and asked Lori to meet with him privately in the kitchen.

"Yes?" Lori said when they were on the other side of the kitchen.

"I noticed the Hummel figurines on the tour," the Doctor said softly to her. "Alicia collects them?"

"Yes, she's big on Hummel," Lori said softly.

"Is she coming to your house tomorrow by any chance? I could make a mental note of what she has and ask the TARDIS to make some Hummels for her so we can give her gifts as well."

"I think she is and I love that idea. She'd be thrilled," Lori said.

"What about Great Uncle Tom? What does he like?" the Doctor said.

"Well…did you see the little statues of Laurel and Hardy in his office?"

"Yes, I thought they were brilliant."

"He likes celebrity statues like that. Also, books. Manly about World War Two or the Civil War. He also likes nautical things."

"Thank you, I think I have just the thing for him then," the Doctor said. "What about the rest of the family. Are they aware I'm an alien?"

"I don't know, I'll have to ask Tom and Alicia but I wouldn't advertise it until I know for sure," Lori said.

"Don't worry, I won't," the Doctor said.

They looked over when Michelle came into the room holding her empty plate.

"Don't mind me, gotta get more of these deee-licious pigs in a blanket," she said, going over to the plate and taking two big ones off it.

"That's her favorite Christmas treat, they make them mainly for her," Lori said to the Doctor. "Everyone else eats them too but she's gaga for them."

"I don't blame her. I had one and they are deee-licious," the Doctor said. "Tom and Alicia have a beautiful house and it seems peaceful and joyful here."

"That's because the cousins aren't coming this year," Lori muttered. "And I thank you and your other self and Donna for that one. Perhaps this year we'll have some fun."

"I wanna have fun," Michelle said, walking up to them.

"You can't. Fun is outlawed for you," the Doctor said to her.

Michelle blew a raspberry at him. The Doctor stared at the one uneaten pigs in a blanket on her plate and tried to take it. He and Lori giggled when she yelled, "Noooo!" and giggled as she ran into the other room.

"Don't get between her and her pigs," Lori said to the Doctor while he chuckled. "She'll kill you for them."

"Hmm, if she does, maybe I'll be ginger next life," the Doctor said to her.

"Is that all you wanted? I mean, there is food here," Lori teased, gesturing to the table.

"I see that and you and your family members sure know how to cook," the Doctor said, patting his stomach. "I was chubby in my sixth life and my friends, Peri and Mel, pestered me with carrot juice and exercise. I don't want to go through that again."

"They have deeee-licious pigs in a blanket," Michelle said in a singsong voice as she leaned inside the doorway.

"And that will make me faaaa-at!" the Doctor said, imitating her singsong voice while her and Lori giggled.

He winked at Lori, picked up a celery stick and bit into it.


The Doctor lay on the floor with his family, listening while his adopted family told stories. Brittany was in the other room, talking to her Aunts and Uncle and Tom was upstairs with Tim and Sarah playing. He was enjoying the laughter and conversation when he saw someone walking up to him out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head and saw Sarah toddling towards him with her Barbie. Sarah stopped at his head and stared down at him.

"Hello," the Doctor said. "Tire of the loft, eh?"

Sarah knelt down next to him and watched him. She leaned in close to his face and the Doctor's family giggled when she studied him closely while she breathed on his face.

"Sarah, what are you doing to that poor man?" Alicia teased as she watched her from her chair.

"Hi," Sarah said to the Doctor.

"Hello, are you watching me now?" the Doctor said.

Sarah stared at him for a moment before she lay down behind him on her stomach.

"You notice how children seem to trust you on instinct," Rory said to the Doctor.

"Yeah, I did notice that. Must be something about me they can sense."

"Or you're a big kid and they know it," Amy said.

River got up and crawled over to the Doctor and smiled at Sarah when she looked up at her.

"Hello, Sarah, is he warm back there?" River said to her.

Sarah watched her for a few seconds and then showed her the Barbie doll.

"I like it," River said to her.

Sarah studied her for a few minutes more and then got up on her knees and dropped her Barbie while she put her fingers in her curly hair.

"Sarah, honey, don't pull her hair," Lori said.

Sarah took her fingers away and picked up her Barbie doll while River stroked her cheek. River went back to her place and Sarah watched her intently for a moment before standing up, walking over to her and laying back down behind her.

"Hey, you took my child!" the Doctor said to River while everyone laughed.

"Sorry, Sweetie, not every child can belong to you," River said while Sarah lay on her stomach beside River and played with her doll.

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