A/N: Spoilers for Angels Take Manhattan.

Chapter One

Dear Diary,

It's been two years since Rory and I were transported back to the past by the Weeping Angel. The year is 1930 and New York is in the middle of the Great Depression. Lovely, we get zapped back into poverty. Luckily, Rory managed to get a job as a nurse, although he got a few strange looks since male nurses aren't quite as common as they are in the 21st century. But we've managed to find a nice flat in Manhattan and we have food on the table which is more than I can say for some people. We're trying to make a life here which is hard, especially since we have to get used to life without cable television, Ipods, computers and other wonders of technology we used to take for granted. Still, Rory and I have each other and that's what counts. We both miss the Doctor terribly and I wish there was a way he could come and see us. I hope the git managed to read the afterward I wrote, especially since I realize now that the numpty tore that page out of the book. Typical.

But speaking of the Doctor, we managed to run into him today. Well, not the one we knew but another version of the Doctor. His tenth self is traveling with someone named Martha and they're here in Manhattan chasing Daleks of all things. We read in the paper about strange disappearances in Hooverville in Central Park and we saw this strange lightning hit the EmpireStateBuilding. Rory and I wondered if we should investigate the morning after it happened. Just in case…you know, he shows up. Rory had to work though so I decided to combine job hunting with a little detective work and I stayed near the Empire State Building that morning. At first I didn't find anything unusual and then I spotted two people wearing clothes that were futuristic for 1930. They were over the road from me, walking with a woman and someone who I swear to God had a pig face. I began to follow them, wondering if the man with the spiked hair might be another version of the Doctor. I crossed the street when I was able and followed along behind them. I managed to move up until I was a few feet behind them and listened to their conversation while I shadowed them…


"How can I ever repay you for what you've done, Doctor?" Lazlo said as he and Tallulah walked with their new friends.

"No need to repay me, Lazlo, just have a long and happy life," the Tenth Doctor said, smiling at him.


The Doctor frowned when he heard a woman yell out his name. He stopped short and his friends stopped with him.

"Yes?" he said, looking around.

"It's her, she called ya," Tallulah said, pointing to Amy.

The Doctor frowned when Amy came up to him.

"Do I know you?" he said.

"Are you the Doctor as in Time Lord Doctor?" Amy said.

The Doctor gave her a wary look.

"That depends on who's wanting to know," he said while his friends gathered around him.

"I'm Amy Pond, I traveled with the eleventh Doctor."

The Doctor raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Nice to meet you then, future friend," he said while Martha did a double take.

"Hold on. You travel with him in future?" Martha said, pointing to the Doctor.

"Yes. My husband and I traveled with him," Amy said to her.

"Husband? I have a married couple in the TARDIS? Cool," the Doctor said. "What can I do for you then, future married friend?"

"This is gonna sound strange but can you give a message to your future self?" Amy said.

The Doctor gave her a confused look.

"Your other self isn't with us anymore. Do you know what the Weeping Angels are?"

The Doctor nodded.

"My husband was touched by one and I…followed him. It's a long story but the Doctor can't get back to us because…"

"Don't say anything more please," the Doctor said, holding up his hand. "I shouldn't even be talking to you since you're in my future."

"I know but…you couldn't take us back, could you? You have your TARDIS here, don't you?" Amy said.

The Doctor shifted his foot and glanced at Martha.

"I don't think so," he said. "I don't want to muck up my future. If I can't get to you in the future, there must be a reason and rescuing you could be problematic."

"Paradox, right?" Amy said.

"Perhaps. I'd rather not risk it. Are you in any danger, you and your husband?"

"No, I mean we're fine. It's odd being here and we're trying to adjust but we're safe," Amy said.

"Good," the Doctor said.

"There's no way you could just give your other self a letter from us?" Amy said to him. "All you'd have to do is hand him the envelope with the letter in it and go."

The Doctor looked at his friends. They were all watching him silently and he could tell Martha was eager for him to go and carry out this request.

"If I did this, I'd have to erase my memory of it afterwards and I'd have to do the same to you," he said to Martha. "I'm not supposed to know my own future. If I did this for you," he said to Amy, "I would only deliver the letter and nothing more."

"That's fine," Amy said. "We just want him to know a few things that's happened to us since we came here. We worry about him…I mean, you. We worry about you very much."

The Doctor beamed at that. Amy groaned.

"Oh bollocks, the letter's at home. Do you mind walking with me back to our flat? It's not far."

"Lead on," the Doctor said.


So I hurried back to the flat while the Doctor and his friends followed us. While we walked, he filled me in on what happened with the Daleks after I asked about the weird lightning. Hearing what he had to say filled with me jealously, especially since I knew we'd never get to travel with our Doctor ever again. But I made my decision to be with Rory and I don't regret it.

When we got to the flat, I ran up to the second floor, hurried into the flat and found the letter in my bedside table. It was just something I wrote to the Doctor one night. It was more for my benefit to be honest, even though I was speaking to him. I never thought he'd ever seen it but perhaps the universe had other ideas. I grabbed the letter and held it close to my chest while I hurried back down to him. The Doctor was waiting patiently with his friends and smiled when I handed him the letter. He asked how he'd be able to find him and I gave him the date and the time that Rory and me disappeared. He told me he'd deliver it as soon as he and Martha got back to the TARDIS…


"Thank you. And could you also tell him to read the afterword in the Melody Malone book as well? There's another little note to him in it," I said.

"Melody Malone, got it," the Doctor said, nodding.

Amy smiled and threw her arms around him. The Doctor was shocked for a few seconds before smiling and hugging her back. Amy felt tears coming to her eyes as she held him close. The Doctor rubbed her back and when Amy finished and stepped back, he took her hand.

"I'll look forward to seeing you in future," he said. "I'm sure we'll have lots of fun together."

"We will, count on it," Amy said, nodding.

She said goodbye to everyone and told Lazlo and Tallulah they could come and visit if they wanted to.

"There ya go, new friends," the Doctor said happily as he put his arms around Lazlo and Tallulah. "Love new friends! You can look after each other then and help Amy and Rory get adjusted to life here."

"We will," Lazlo said, smiling

Amy hugged the Doctor one more time and the Doctor kissed her cheek. When she stepped back, she stood by the steps to her apartment and waved to them while they walked away.

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