Chapter Five

Sela was momentarily disoriented when they teleported back to the front of the store. Rose held Treasure close to her body and soothed the puppy while it whimpered. The Doctor noticed Treasure's distress.

"Rose, do me a favor. Go over the road to the TARDIS and put Treasure in her. The TARDIS can make a room for her and care for her but I'd rather have her safe and somewhere where she can be fed and rest and go to the toilet if she needs to. I'll wait here with Sela while you do it."

Rose nodded and hurried towards the front door. She left and looked both ways before hurrying across the road to the TARDIS.

"You'll be safe in here, Treasure," Rose said as she held the puppy with one hand and reached into her shirt for her key. "I have a feeling it's gonna get ugly very soon."

The key was attached to a string that acted like a necklace. She used the key to open the door and went inside.

"TARDIS, the Doctor got a puppy and he wants you to make a room for it and take care of it while we sort out some trouble," Rose said to the TARDIS while she closed the door.

She put the string back around her neck and tucked the key under her shirt. The TARDIS made a room quickly and moved it to the back door. Rose walked towards it when the lights flashed by the back door, telling Rose the TARDIS wanted her to move there. She entered and smiled when she saw a cozy little room. The TARDIS had put thick shag carpeting on the floor for Treasure's paws and given her a little dog bed and dog toys. In the corner was a dog bed with food and water and near the back was a patch of dirt to dig in. Rose kissed Treasure, took the leash off and set her down. Treasure lumbered along while she sniffed her surroundings. Rose watched while she peed on the carpet and the TARDIS instantly cleaned it up. Treasure sniffed the carpet and rounded back, heading for Rose. Rose knelt down and Treasure walked up to her and put her paws on Rose's knee. Rose smiled and stroked her head while Treasure wagged her tail and gave her that earnest expression again.

"I'll be back later, yeah? Me and the Doctor. You'll be safe here, okay?" she said.

She got up and her heart nearly broke when Treasure whimpered and followed her when she started to leave.

"Love, I gotta go, I'll be back soon," Rose said, picking her up.

She smiled when she brought Treasure close to her face and Treasure licked her nose repeatedly. She set her down and asked the TARDIS to keep her in the room while she left. There was a flash and a big bone appeared beside Treasure. Treasure walked over, sniffed it and began to chew on it. Rose watched while she settled down to gnaw on it before she left the room. The moment she left the room, the TARDIS shut the door and took the room away. Rose thanked the TARDIS and rubbed the wall affectionately before she left and returned to the shop.


"Ah, there she is. How is Treasure?" the Doctor said.

Rose told him what happened and the Doctor smiled.

"She'll be alright, Rose. The TARDIS will entertain her while we're gone. Now, if you and Sela will wait here, I'll go with Gorsh to see this Darius bloke."

Rose nodded and wished him luck. The Doctor squeezed her hand and walked with Gorsh to the teleport platform. Gorsh called out that he wished to go to Darius's office and the Doctor waved to Rose as the bright light enveloped him and he and Gorsh vanished.

"He goes to talk to slave master?" Sela said to her.

"Yeah. He's gonna set you free, Sela. Don't worry. If anyone can do it, it's the Doctor.'

"Time Lord did not like my people. Made us go underground."

"I know but the Doctor's different. He cares for others. He wants to help."

"But you are not Time Lord?"

"No, I'm a human from Earth."

"Did Time Lord help you?"

"He did. He saved me from dying."

"If he has done this for you, I will put my trust in him too."

"Good," Rose said, putting her hand on Sela's shoulder.

She took her hand away but Sela took it and nuzzled the fingers again. Rose smiled at that and laid her hand on her head.


"Sir, the Doctor and Gorsh are here to see you," Zora said, coming into his office.

"Send them in."

Zora nodded and closed the door. Darius finished his cigar and laid it in the ashtray while he waited. Two minutes later, Zora opened the door and Gorsh came in with the Doctor following him. The Doctor wrinkled his nose at the cigar smoke hanging in the air while Darius sized him up.

This is the last of the Time Lords? This little boffin? Darius thought. Wonder if he'll produce any viable offspring?

"Darius, I presume?" the Doctor said, coming towards the desk.

"I am…and you are?" he said, not rising or extending his hand when the Doctor held out his hand to shake hands with him.

"I'm the Doctor."

"Doctor who?"

"Just the Doctor."

"What sort of name is that?"

"What sort of name is Darius?"

Darius shrugged.

"My executive assistant said you wanted to speak with me," he said.

"Yes. Are you aware you have a Kor'Koch in your possession?" the Doctor said.

"Yes. And I'm aware that it comes from your planet, Time Lord."

The Doctor nodded.

"Good. Straightforward. Saves time playing rubbish games," he said. "Having said that, the Kor'Koch are a free people. They are a sentient, intelligent species who had a civilization back on Gallifrey. They are not pets so I demand you release Sela and her parents to me and any other sentient species you have in your possession."

"Straighfoward as well, I also like that. Therefore, I will be concise and to the point. The answer is no. You cannot have the Kor'Koch or any other species in my possession."

"You admit you are engaging in trafficking then?" the Doctor said.

"I admit that I am running a business and that thing you call a sentient being is a giant lizard that will fetch me a great price. That is what matters to me."

"Then you've made an enemy of me," the Doctor growled.

"I figured that but unfortunately for you…"

He suddenly pushed a button on his desk. A panel in the front slid open and the Doctor gasped when a dart shot out and hit him in the arm. The Doctor looked at the dart, pulled it out and growled at Darius. He tried to rush him but Darius pushed another button and a force field sprang up around him, encasing him in a prison. The Doctor smacked his hands against the side of the force field while Darius laughed.

"Gorsh, warn Rose. Get her out of here!" the Doctor said as he felt fatigue coming over him.

Gorsh watched in horror while the Doctor dropped to his knees, fighting to keep awake.

"I'm so glad you came, Time Lord," Darius said while the Doctor slumped to the floor. "You and your friend are going to join the others at the breeding farm and you're going to breed more Time Lords for me to sell. As for the lizard, she goes back to her cage."

"You won't…get away…with this," the Doctor said as he felt himself start to black out. "I will stop…"

He trailed off and his head hit the floor as he lost consciousness.

"Sir, what have you done?" Gorsh said, looking at the Doctor in his prison.

"I have protected my business and my investment and as for you, you do what I say or you'll join this Rose and the lizard in captivity. I'm the one in charge here so you better obey me….or else! Now…stay here while I page my security to go and bring the lizard and Rose to me."

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