Chapter Six

A sigh escaped Rose's lips while she wandered around the front of the store. There was nothing much to look at except for some warning signs about stealing animals that were mounted on the plaster wall near the door and a few announcements on colored paper about vaccinations being offered at pet clinics outside the shop. She heard a whirring and turned to see a black humanoid cat pushing a large floor polisher while he polished the brown marble floor. Sela saw him and hissed as she backed up towards Rose.

"It's alright, I won't let anyone hurt ya," Rose said, putting her hands on Sela's shoulders.

Rose watched while a portly man walked towards her. He was dressed like the others except his waistcoat had SECURITY across the bottom of it in gold lettering. The man, who resembled a walking Jabba the Hutt, stared at her intently before speaking into a commlink strapped to his wrist. Rose's senses went into overdrive when the man kept staring at her while he spoke softly.

"Sela, I think we should get out of here," she said.

"But Time Lord said to wait," Sela said, turning towards her.

"I know but…I have a feeling something's gone wrong," Rose said when Jabba motioned for another security guard to come towards him. "Come on, we can go to the TARDIS and wait."

Rose took her hand and walked calmly to the door, trying not to panic as more security guards joined Jabba. The security guards started moving towards her quickly while Rose tried to get to the door. Sela looked back at the guards.

"They are coming, Rose," she said.

"I know, Sela, get to the door and get out!"

Rose and Sela ran to the door while Jabba yelled at the guards to get them. She held her free hand out and shoved open the door while she and Sela ran through. She let go of Sela's hand and grabbed the string around her neck while the guards swarmed out the doors and ran after her.

"HALT, THIEF!" Jabba yelled at her as he plodded after her.

For a moment, Rose wondered if it was a misunderstanding and they thought she was trying to steal Sela but her instincts told her that something happened to the Doctor and they were after her because of him. She reached the TARDIS and fumbled with the key in the lock, glancing over her shoulder as the guards raced after her.

Then suddenly, Sela stepped behind her and fire shot from her mouth like a flamethrower. The guards yelled and stopped in their tracks while Sela inhaled and blew more fire from her mouth. Rose got the door open and went inside. She yelled for Sela to get inside and Sela kept on spraying fire from her mouth until she was inside. Rose slammed the door and locked it. She breathed a sigh of relief while the men pounded on the door and ordered her to open it.

"Will they get inside?" Sela asked, looking at the door.

"I don't think so. The Doctor said nothing can get through the TARDIS door," Rose said. "But we can't stay in here, not with the Doctor in danger. We need a plan."

The pounding stopped and Rose snorted.

"Not so tough compared to the TARDIS, eh?" Rose muttered as she walked to the console.

Sela followed her, gazing around her in awe at the interior. Rose looked at the translator disc and looked up at the TARDIS.

"I know I'm not the Doctor but could you make it so I can understand Sela without the translator disc thing? It's annoying listening to the electronic voice and seeing her mouth out of sync with the words."

The TARDIS grunted an affirmative and Rose leaned over and took off the translator disc.

"Can you understand me?" she said after taking the earpiece out of her ear.

Sela nodded and smiled.

"I can," she said.

Rose brightened. Instead of an electronic voice, she heard Sela's own voice. It was a slightly gruff voice but still feminine and now her mouth matched her words. Rose thanked the TARDIS before laying the disc on the console. Her eyes turned towards the door and she got a sinking feeling when she realized she'd have to go back out sometime to get the Doctor.

"Sela, I have to go out there and find the Doctor. I have a feeling he's been trapped inside the shop," Rose said, kneeling down. "But you stay in here, you'll be safe here."

"You will get captured," Sela said.

"Probably. But we can't leave without the Doctor and…"

She gasped when the room suddenly tilted. Sela let out a tiny snarl of surprise when they fell to the floor and slid to the door. It took a moment for the TARDIS to stabilize but by that time Rose and Sela had slid down the ramp to the front door. Rose felt a slight vibration and her heart sank.

"I think those security guards picked up the TARDIS and they're carrying it inside," she said to Sela as they got to their feet. "But I still don't think they can get inside it. They might use it to blackmail the Doctor into surrendering or something like that."

"Are you still going outside?" Sela asked.

"Dunno. I might. I still have a feeling the Doctor has been captured. I'll wait and see if I can hear them though," Rose said. "but no matter what happens, you stay in here and don't go outside. You got that?"

Sela nodded and took Rose's fingers and nuzzled them. Rose smiled and kissed the tip of her snout.

"What was that?" she asked.

"It's called a kiss. It's how humans show affection," Rose said.

Sela tried it and Rose grinned when all she could do was press her snout against her cheek. She giggled at that and Rose laughed. Rose took her clawed hand and very carefully nuzzled it. Sela nodded her approval and took Rose's hand while they waited at the door for the Doctor's voice.


"Sir?" Zora said, opening Darius's office door.

Darius was standing by the force field, gloating over the body of the unconscious Doctor while Gorsh stood by the desk.

"Yes?" Darius said, tearing his eyes away from the Time Lord.

"Sir, the security guards tried to capture the girl and the lizard. They ran into some sort of blue box and the guards couldn't get in so they brought it into the building. It's by the front door now. What should we do with it?"

"Have them transmat it here to my office. I have a feeling I know what it is," Darius said.

"Yes, sir," Zora said before closing the door.

"What is it?" Gorsh said to Darius.

"If I'm right, it's his TARDIS," Darius said, pointing to the Doctor.

He sighed when Gorsh gave him a blank look.

"Gods, don't they teach galactic history in schools anymore? The Time Lords were time travelers and the TARDIS was their time machine.'

"Time machine? He's a time traveler?" Gorsh said.

"I believe I just said that," Darius said distastefully. "Are you sure you graduated from school at all?"

"Yes, sir,"Gorsh said tersely, resisting the urge to hit him.

There was a flash and the TARDIS appeared by the door.

"That…is his time machine?" Gorsh said, walking over to it.

"I believe so. However, why don't we get the truth straight from the namok's mouth?" he said.

He turned off the force field and reached into bottom of his desk drawer. He brought out thick restraints made of black iron and clamed them around the Doctor's ankles. He then ordered Gorsh to put the Doctor's arms behind his back. Gorsh hesitated and Darius stomped over to him.

"Don't make me use a second set on you, boy! Do as I say!" he snarled in his face.

Gorsh hated himself as he walked over to the Doctor. He didn't want to do this to the Doctor since he seemed like a nice man but he was terrified of Darius so he did what he wanted and walked over to the Doctor. He helped Darius sit him up and he put his arms behind his back and Darius clamped the wrists together with the restraints. Once the Doctor was immobilized, Darius walked back to his desk and opened the top drawer, pulling out a small vial of smelling salts.

"Now, let's see if we can get him to talk," Darius said, closing the drawer.

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