Chapter Seven

The Doctor gasped and his eyes snapped open when he got a whiff of the smelling salts under his nose. He was on his knees in the middle of Darius and Gorsh. He looked at Darius and then he looked at Gorsh and Gorsh gulped when he saw the angry look on his face.

"I'm…sorry," Gorsh said timidly to him.

The Doctor snorted at that and looked around the room. His eyes settled on the TARDIS and he snapped his head back around while Darius chuckled.

"Is this your TARDIS, Time Lord?" he said to him.

The Doctor clenched his jaw and said nothing. Darius walked around the desk and plopped down. He let up a cigar and inhaled deeply before exhaling a blue white puff of smoke.

"You belong to me," Darius said to him. "So you might as well talk."

"I belong to no one except myself," the Doctor said.

"What about the female. Rose?"

He chuckled when the Doctor glowered at him and tried to free his arms.

"Does she belong to you…or you to her?" he said before taking another drag on the cigar.

"I belong to no one," the Doctor said.

"Well, Time Lord…you belong to me now. Especially since I don't see you breaking through those bonds of yours to get at me. Now…what did you say your name was?"

"I'm called the Doctor."

Darius rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"That sounds familiar. Hold on a moment."

He reached down into his drawer while the Doctor fixed his gaze on Gorsh. He raised his eyebrow and flicked his eyes down to the restraints on his ankles. He gave Gorsh a pointed look while Gorsh gulped and looked nervously at his employer.

"Don't expect the boy to help you," Darius said as he pulled a laptop out of his drawer. "He's far too afraid of me to defy me."

"Where's Rose?" the Doctor growled at Darius while he turned on his laptop and waited.

Darius grinned as he puffed on his cigar.

"Why? Is she special to you?" he said, taking his cigar out of his mouth and flicking the ash off in the ashtray. "Is she a Time Lady?"

"No, she's human. I am the last of my kind."

"Sad. I thought perhaps I could breed the two of you," Darius said as he searched for information on the Doctor. "Maybe I still can. Have to breed you with someone if you're the last. Ah, here you are…my…my…"

Darius fell silent and smoked his cigar while he read information on the Doctor.

"I thought I remembered the name from reading about you in school long ago. You're THE Doctor," he said in awe.

"Who is he?" Gorsh said.

Darius shot him a peeved look.

"Please forgive the child; he's far too young to remember the Time War. Hell, I was just a babe when it ended so you'll forgive me as well. I had no idea I had a celebrity in my midst."

"Hurray! You found me! Now let me go and maybe I'll give you an autograph," the Doctor said dryly.

"What's the Time War. Who is he?" Gorsh said.

Darius sighed angrily.

"This is the Time Lord who made it his business to travel time and space and right wrongs all over he universe. Which now explains his need to defend some grotty little lizard."

"I am not to be trifled with," the Doctor growled.

"I expect not, Doctor. But I still keep waiting for you to break out of your restraints and you're still kneeling there so if you're so great, why haven't you freed yourself?"

"Keep waiting and you'll get your answer in time."

Darius snorted as he took a final drag on his cigar and crushed it out in the ashtray. He leaned back in his chair and expelled the smoke from his nostrils.

"Is Rose your mate?" he finally asked.

"None of your business. However, if you have her…"

Darius pointed to the TARDIS.

"I'm told she and the lizard child are in there," he said.

"Good. Then you can't get at them," the Doctor said.

Darius chuckled.

"Can she hear me in there?" Darius said, gesturing to the TARDIS.

"If she's at the front door, yes," the Doctor said.

Darius rose from the desk and walked over to it.

"Rose, if you're listening. The Doctor is in here and he's under my control. I order you to surrender yourself and come out here or I'll order my staff to torture the Doctor with electric shocks. If you care about him, come out here now. I don't care about the lizard, she can go free since I have more but you will surrender or the Doctor suffers."

"Don't do it, Rose! Stay in there with Sela. Don't come out!" the Doctor yelled.

"Five minutes, Rose, make your decision!"

Darius walked back to the desk, sat down and glanced at his clock, noting the time.

"Five minutes," he said to the Doctor as the Doctor glowered at him.

"Rose, don't come out! That's an order!" the Doctor yelled at the TARDIS.

"If you don't come out, I will have the Doctor shipped to my breeding farm and you'll never see him again," Darius yelled. "He'll be mated with every creature under the sun just so I can see what happens when I cross a Time Lord with something else. He'll live a life as a stallion mating with a hundred thousand brood mares so I can have exotic one of a kind animals for my shop. You care about him and his fate, show yourself!"

"If I show myself, will you let him go?" Rose yelled through the door.

"Rose, don't you dare come out!" the Doctor yelled.

"No, I won't let him go. I have him, you and the TARDIS so you don't have any room to negotiate. All you can do is surrender because I'll have the TARDIS shipped back to my farm and put guards on it night and day. You might be able to live forever in the TARDIS but would you really want to? You're as much a prisoner as he is; you just haven't been officially caught so you might as well make it official."


Rose hit the door in frustration. She was torn between obeying the Doctor and saving him. She didn't want to get captured but what Darius said was all too true. She was a prisoner inside the TARDIS now and she could stay inside her forever but then she would never see the sun again. Worse, she'd never see the Doctor and he'd be doomed to life as a breeding partner to other species. She looked at Sela and laid her hand on her head.

"I don't know what to do," she said sadly. "I don't want to go out and get caught but if I don't the Doctor will be tortured."

"Rose will help Doctor?" Sela said.

"I want to help him but not while I'm trapped in a cage. But I can't stay in here forever. He'll make sure the door is watched and the moment I come out I'll be grabbed. Damn that bastard."

"Two minutes, Rose!" Darius called out.

"Sela, you need to stay in here. No matter what, don't come out, yeah?" Rose said.

"But, Rose, I listened too and I heard him say he didn't want me anymore. Can I wait here and help you later?" Sela said.

Rose thought that over.

"If I give myself up and he's satisfied with that…" she thought. "But I'm sure he'd have guards watching the TARDIS even if I do give up….but you breathe fire…"

Rose got an idea and quickly discussed it with Sela.

"One minute, Rose!" Darius called out.

"Do you understand what to do?" Rose asked.

Sela nodded and Rose took her hand and nuzzled it. Sela pressed her snout against Rose's cheek and she kissed her snout in return. Then she took a deep breath and stood up.

"Sorry, Doctor," she murmured as she headed for the door. "Please forgive me."

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