Chapter Eight

The Doctor groaned when the door opened enough for Rose to step out. Darius snorted when she quickly slammed it shut the moment she was out. She tried to avoid the Doctor's eyes because she could see how angry he was. She knew he was furious at her defiance of his orders but she thought she could do to help outside the TARDIS. Rose glanced at Gorsh and glared at him while he backed away into the shadows.

"So, you're the…friend…ally…lover of the Time Lord?" Darius said in a probing way while Rose turned her attention towards him.

"I'm Rose Tyler and that's all ya need to know about me," she said.

Darius barked out a laugh.

"Great gods, is this love affair of yours forbidden or something?" he said to his captives. "Is there laws against your mating with one another? Why so shy about revealing the nature of your relationship?"

"Because it's none of your bleedin' business, that's why!" Rose snapped at him.

"So you don't care for him? I can do this then?" Darius said.

Rose gasped when he pushed a button on his desk and the restraints sent electric shocks into the Doctor's body.

"No! Stop!" Rose said, running to him while the Doctor gritted his teeth, squeezed his eyes shut and tried to endure the pain wracking his body.

"But I thought you didn't care," Darius said amused as he pressed the button again.

The Doctor gasped as the pain stopped and relief came to him. Rose knelt down and glared at Darius while she touched his arm. Darius pressed his intercom button and told security to enter and immobilize the captives. While he was doing that, Rose leaned in close to the Doctor's ear.

"Please forgive me, Doctor," she whispered to him. "I know you said not to come out but Sela and I have a plan."

The Doctor lowered his eyes. A long sigh escaped from his nostrils.

"I didn't want you in the thick of this," he muttered softly. "You shoulda stayed in the TARDIS. Now we're both in danger."

"I'll face the danger with you," Rose murmured as she touched his arm again.

The Doctor was about to say something else when the door slid open and the security guards came into the room. Rose looked over her shoulder and glowered at Jabba when he came up to her and leaned down.

"Thought you escaped me, eh?" he sneered at her.

"Leave her alone if you know what's good for ya!" the Doctor snarled at him.

Rose yelled when Darius hit the button and the shocks started anew for the Doctor. Rose screamed when Jabba grabbed her hair and used it to pull her away from the Doctor. He let go and guards fell on her with restraints, immobilizing her before she could get away. Once she was restrained, Darius hit the button and the Doctor gasped for breath while he teetered over onto his side. Darius got up and came around the desk. He walked over to the Doctor's side and studied him while the Doctor fought to get over the pain that was slowly leaving his body. He walked back to his desk, opened a drawer and brought out a black gun-like object. He reached into the desk, took out a vial of purple liquid and fitted it onto the back of the gun. He walked back to the Doctor and ordered Jabba to hold his head down when the Doctor noticed him and fought to get away. The Doctor gritted his teeth while Jabba shoved his head down and restrained him. Darius calmly put the nozzle of the gun against his jugular vein. He pulled the trigger and there was a slight hiss as some of the liquid was shot into the vein.

"What will you do to us?" the Doctor said as Jabba let go of him and Darius walked over to Rose.

"You will be taken to my breeding farm and you and your mate will be taken to the lab to determine breeding compatibility," Darius said while the guards held Rose down.

"No, let her go. I'll go willingly if you let her and my TARDIS go," the Doctor said, trying to get up.

Darius ignored him and Rose yelled a curse at him while he shot more of the liquid into her jugular vein. By now, the liquid was beginning to have an effect on the Doctor and he blinked his eyes, trying to fight the effects while he struggled to help Rose. He grunted when Jabba slammed his boot down on the side of his head.

"Sorry, lovey, you're not going anywhere," Jabba taunted him.

"Doctor, I'm sorry," Rose said when she noticed the Doctor was starting to lose consciousness.

"Rose…" the Doctor murmured before he finally blacked out.

Jabba took his boot off his head when he noticed he was unconscious. Darius snickered and ordered the guards to take him away. Rose felt the effects of the drug coming over her but she turned her gaze towards Gorsh.

"Help us," she said to him.

"There is no help for you, Miss Tyler," Darius said while Gorsh shot her an apologetic look. "He is under my control, just as you and the Doctor are."

"You won't get away with this," Rose murmured, fighting to stay awake.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard that before…from many species, I might add. And as for the TARDIS and the lizard girl…they're mine as well. So if that lizard knows what's good for her, she'll stay in there forever more. And now, my dear, good night," he said when Rose closed her eyes and lost consciousness.

Darius looked at Gorsh and chuckled when he noticed his employee was glaring silently at him.

"Spineless fool," Darius said, walking back over to his desk. "But then again, that's why I hired you. I want people who won't defy me."

"You can't do this," Gorsh said. "Rose is innocent and so is the Doctor. You can't force them to breed."

"I can do whatever the fuck I want!" Darius barked at him. "Rose might not be the last of her kind but the Doctor is and I consider it my duty to preserve his species before it becomes extinct. I have a feeling they are lovers and they were probably going to breed at some point so I'm just helping them out. Why are you so concerned? You barely know them."

"They made an impression on me," Gorsh said.

"Really? In what way? Do you fancy this one then?" he said, gesturing to Rose as he sat down behind his desk. "Want a go at her?"

"No, I want you to respect her and the Doctor's right to be free and the lizard child as well."

"Mm. Well, I'm in charge and I'm afraid I don't care about their right to be free. And if you know what's good for you, you'll do what I say or you and Rose will be bonking each other and making babies for the shop. Is that clear?"

"Very clear," Gorsh said.

"Lovely," Darius said, reaching for another cigar.

Gorsh looked at Rose and silently vowed to find a way to help her, the Doctor and Sela before something bad happened to them.

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