Chapter Nine

Sela stood by the door, listening intently. She'd heard what was going on outside and she had to force herself to stay still, even though she wanted to rush out and help her friends. She heard the bad man mention they were taking the magic box back to the breeding farm with Rose and the Doctor and she made the decision to stay with it so she could find her parents. But when she didn't hear anything, she couldn't resist a peek. She unlocked the door and very slowly opened the door, taking care to open it just enough to peek out in case someone was around who wanted to barge into it. She saw Gorsh leaning on the desk and she growled softly in her throat. She opened the door a bit more but there was no one else in the room. She growled loudly and Gorsh looked her way.

"You a bad man, you hurt Rose and Doctor," she said, through the crack in the door.

"I…I'm sorry but I couldn't do anything to help them," Gorsh said, walking towards the TARDIS door.

"The bad people will hurt them cause of you," Sela said.

She growled at Gorsh when he tried to come to the door and Gorsh backed up a bit.

"Look. I want to help them but we can't do it out in the open. We have to be sneaky because Darius is a clever man. Let me inside and I can help you rescue them."

"You bad man," Sela said through the crack.

"What's your name?" Gorsh said, kneeling down beside the door.

Sela hesitated a moment before telling him his name.

"Sela, I'm Gorsh. I like the Doctor and Rose and I want to help. Please trust me. If I get inside the TARDIS with you, we can travel to the breeding farm and work out a way to sneak out and help them."

"Rose has plan. She told me," Sela said.

"Then let me help. Please, I want to help them," Gorsh plead.

Sela stared at him silently for a moment while she thought about his request. She figured if he betrayed her, she could incinerate him with her fire. Hesitantly, she opened the door.

"You help but if you lie, I kill you," she said, glaring at him. "I have fire breath and I can use it."

"I understand," Gorsh said, getting up.

He froze when Sela growled a bit in her throat as a warning to him and then she opened the door and let him inside. Gorsh's jaw dropped as he looked around the interior.

"Gods, this is incredible," Gorsh said while Sela shut the door and locked it. "No wonder Darius is so keen to keep the Doctor. The man must be incredibly powerful."

"Doctor is friend. I like him," Sela said.

"I do too, Sela," Gorsh said. "That's why I want to help. But I couldn't do it in front of Darius; he'd kill me without a second thought. In here though, we can be transported to the breeding farm. Darius thinks I'm a coward. He probably would think I ran off and hid or something. I'm hoping he doesn't think I was brave enough to come in here. So tell me Rose's plan, Sela, and we can work out a way to work together to save them."


Darius smirked when the guards loaded the unconscious captives in a back of a black lorry. They were still restrained hand and foot but Darius ordered an additional collar to be put on their necks. The guards snapped heavy metal collars around their necks before going to retrieve the TARDIS. Darius climbed up into the back and pushed on a glo light affixed to the side. The light gave out a dim radiance, just enough to illuminate the Doctor and Rose. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a small vial of smelling salts and held it under the captive's noses. Rose gasped and her eyes snapped open while Darius woke up the Doctor. The Doctor woke up and raised his head while Darius straightened up and sneered at him.

"You're making a big mistake doing this," the Doctor said. "You don't want me as your enemy."

Darius snorted.

"A pipsqueak like you is no more a threat to me than a tiny insect," he said, waving his hand dismissively.

"I wouldn't count on it," Rose said, looking over her shoulder at him.

Darius studied her while the Doctor watched him warily.

"You are not afraid?" he finally said to her.

"No. I've been in worse situations than this," Rose said. "You're a just a big, blubbery arsehole who runs a little pet shop."

Darius snickered at that.

"Well, this big, blubbery arsehole owns you now so if I were you, I'd curb the tongue before I mate you with a bezooba. Now…before you say anything else, a word about your collars. They are programmed to give you a severe shock if you come within a foot of each other or your TARDIS once it's brought on board so if I were you, I'd stay on opposite sides of the lorry. The TARDIS will have special discs on the front door that will shock you if you try to approach it. Ah…" Darius added when he saw his guards bringing the TARDIS out of the shop. "Well, this big, blubbery arsehole has to get out of here so they can load the time machine. Have fun."

He jumped off the back of the lorry and indicated to the guards to load the TARDIS into the back of it. The Doctor and Rose watched while they turned it upright and guided it into the lorry.

"So close and yet so far, eh?" Darius said, looking around the TARDIS once they loaded it into the lorry. "Oh and there will be a guard in the back in case the lizard thing comes out and tries to help you. Rocco, do guard duty in the back."

"Yes, sir," Rocco said, climbing up into the back.

Rocco was in his late fifties, grizzled and battle scarred with a buzz cut and a chiseled face. He looked like he'd been in the military and acted like it too. He towered over the Doctor and Rose who were lying immobile on their sides. He sneered at them and the Doctor narrowed his eyes when he eyed Rose's breasts with undisguised lust. Rose rolled her eyes and turned her head back towards the Doctor. The Doctor gave him a smug look when Rocca glared at her. Rocca glanced at the Doctor and snorted.

"Fuck her all ya like, mate. She's probably got a million space diseases anyway," Rocco said.

Rose grunted when he kicked her in the back as he moved to the back of the lorry. Rocco snickered at the pissed off look on the Doctor's face and he blew him a kiss while he lay there and glowered at him.

The back door was lowered and secured and now the only light came from the glo lights. Rocco studied Rose for a moment and then he stepped up and kicked the top of the head.

"If you don't stop, I'll find a way to get free and use your head for a football!" the Doctor growled at him.

He gritted his teeth when Rocco walked up and pointed cupped her right breast. He tightened his hold when Rose tried to roll away from him. She gasped when Rocco seized her shoulders and dragged her to the Doctor. He laughed when both Rose and the Doctor convulsed from the electric shocks going through their bodies. Rocco pulled Rose away and both of them gasped as the pain subsided.

"That's fun. I might do that again just to relieve the boredom," Rocco said as he let go of Rose.

While he was doing that, Sela and Gorsh were peeking through the slightly opened front door. Sela growled low in her throat and was about to go out when Gorsh put his hand on her arm and shook his head.

"Not yet," he whispered to her. "Wait till we get there and the guard isn't right there."

Sela sighed; frustrated that her friends were being hurt and they weren't helping. She did see the wisdom in Gorsh's words so with reluctance she shut the door and locked it.

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