Chapter Ten

"And here we are, kiddies!" Rocco said when the lorry stopped and shut down after two hours. "You're at the breeding farm now."

"Leave her alone!" the Doctor said when Rocco kicked Rose's head.

"Leave her alone!" Rocco mocked him with a high-pitched girly voice. "Little wimp. Why anyone would want to breed you with something is beyond me. You're the biggest git I've ever seen in my life! And you…"

Rose gasped when he fell to his knees, grabbed her right breast and planted a forceful kiss on her cheek.

"Would you like to breed with me when you're done with him?" he cooed in her ear. "I'd make a better bed partner than the wanker over there."

"Piss off!" Rose yelled.

The Doctor fought against the restraints when Rocco clamped his teeth on her earlobe. She screamed when he bit hard and gasped when Rocco slapped her face.

"Fucking bitch! You need to learn your place, you fucking whore!" he growled at her.

"Piss off and die!" Rose screamed at him.

"Rose, shut up!" the Doctor yelled at her when Rocco slapped her two more times. "Don't provoke him!"

"Yes, don't provoke me!" Rocco taunted, pinching Rose's nipple while she gritted her teeth in pain. "Listen to the man…which is what a woman's supposed to do. Listen and obey the men!"

Rose fought back to urge to say something, knowing it would bring her more pain. Rocco snickered at her silence and spat in her face before getting back up. Rose stiffened when she saw him walk around her and raise his boot to kick her face but the door was raised up and she breathed a sigh of relief when Rocco turned his attention to the guards at the front. He walked up to the TARDIS and Rose and the Doctor watched while three other guards climbed up into the back of the lorry and helped Rocco turn it on her side and pass it to five other guards standing outside the lorry. Once they got it outside and on the ground, Rocco climbed back up into the lorry with Jabba. Rocco grabbed Rose while Jabba picked up the Doctor. Rocco went first and jumped out of the lorry with Rose in his arms. Rose looked around. There were several rectangular concrete buildings that had no windows, only a set of double glass doors. But beyond the buildings stretched Perspex boxes, hundreds and hundreds of them, holding hundreds of species. Other lorries were parked near some of the boxes and she saw one in the distance driving away from the farm. Rocco took Rose to the nearest building while Jabba followed with the Doctor in his arms. Rocco leaned his body against a metal plate by the door and the doors slid open. He walked through and Rose smelled disinfectant in the air. The corridor was stark white with a linoleum floor. It reminded Rose of a hospital. The only sound beside the clicking of Rocco's boots on the floor was musak playing overhead from a speaker mounted in the ceiling. The tune was unidentifiable to Rose but it reminded her of stuff she'd heard inside lifts.

Rocco walked along several corridors until they came to a nurse's station. A lady dressed as a nurse sat at a desk, filling out paperwork. She was prim looking, in her twenties yet she had white hair that was pulled back in a bun. Her lips pursed when she saw Rose in Rocco's arms and she looked at the Doctor.

"New arrivals?" she said to Rocco.

"Yeah. They need to be examined," Rocco said.

The nurse sighed and picked up a clipboard near her elbow. She studied it for a moment.

"Take them to lab 13 then," she said, making a notation on a list of labs. "Names?"

"What's your name, duckie?" Rocco said to Rose.

"Rose Tyler," Rose said, ignoring Rocco's leer.

The nurse wrote it down and looked at the Doctor.

"Name, love?" she said to the Doctor.

"We're sentient beings. You're okay with all this?" the Doctor said in disbelief. "We're being kidnapped and being forced to breed against our will and you're asking our names?"

"I only work here, love. Name?" the nurse said.

"The Doctor," the Doctor growled at her.

"Doctor who?" the nurse said, glancing at him.

"Doctor I'm Going To Report You To The Shadow Proclamation For Aiding And Abetting Slave Traffickers Once I Get Free. That's my name so remember it well," the Doctor snarled at her.

Rocco snickered.

"Just write Doctor, lovey," he said to the nurse.

"Lab 13 then," the nurse said, writing it down.

The Doctor watched the nurse as Jabba went past her. He shook his head when he noticed she could possibly care less about them as she went back to her paperwork. The Doctor looked at Jabba who smirked at him and chuckled.

"Won't find much help here, I'm afraid," he said to the Doctor.

Some of the doorways in the corridors had plaques with numbers written on them. While they walked past them, the Doctor could see laboratories in most of them. A few of them were occupied by aliens who were strapped to lab tables. The Doctor's blood boiled at that. They stopped at one doorway. Beside the doorway was a plaque with 13 written on it. Rocco went inside with Rose and Jabba followed. Once inside, Jabba laid the Doctor on an examination table while Rocco laid Rose on one beside it. To the Doctor's horror, Rocco grabbed a scalpel from the counter behind him and began cutting Rose's clothes off his body. Once he was finished and she had nothing but the restraints on her body, he tossed the scalpel to Jabba and Jabba cut the clothes off the Doctor. Rose shivered under the air conditioning unit which aroused Rocco. The Doctor feared he might rape Rose right there and then but suddenly a man came into the room. He was a young alien, white skin with black leopard-like spots and a black Mohawk that ran down the back of his neck into his lab coat. He had human like fingers but his fingernails were like talons. He was carrying a clipboard with him and he glanced at a piece of paper on it.

"Rose Tyler?" he said to Rose as Rocco stepped back.

"Yeah," Rose said.

"I am Doctor Arjunk. I'm going to examine you and…Doctor," he said with a frown while he read the second name. "Gentlemen, that'll be all. I'll take it from here."

Rocco looked disappointed at the thought of leaving Rose but he and Jabba did what was asked of them. Arjunk snorted when they left the room.

"Brutes. Never did like them," he said, laying the clipboard down on the counter. "Now…let's be honest here. I am against this, especially since I know you and Doctor are more than mere animals. I was recruited by Darius and ended up "voluntarily" working here, shall we say. We're out in the middle of nowhere with guards and security systems all around us. Believe me, I've looked."

"So you're a prisoner as well," the Doctor said.

"Yes…I'm sorry, your name is Doctor?"

"The Doctor, yes, that's my name."

"Okay. Just making sure. I don't like being here. I don't like working here but until I can…"

He mouthed "escape" to them.

"I have to do what I was hired for. But…I have a good bedside manner, I do try to treat others with respect and I'd like you to trust me. Okay, Rose?"

Rose nodded, happy that he wouldn't be cruel to her.

"Now, I'm going to release you from the restraints. I do prefer not to tie you down but if you do try to knock me out and escape, please be warned that they are watching you and they'll capture you within seconds and torture you. Fair warning?"

Rose nodded. He undid the restraints around her wrists, ankles and neck and Rose glanced at the Doctor before making the decision to stay put. Arjunk checked her neck, wrists and ankles and growled in his throat when he noticed they were badly bruised.

"Shocked you?" he asked Rose.

"Yes, they did."

"Arseholes," Arjunk muttered while he turned to the counter.

Rose massaged her wrists, watching while Arjunk rummaged around in a cabinet over the counter. She hesitated a moment and then sat up to massage her ankles. Arjunk selected a small white container, turned and saw what what she was doing.

"This will help with the bruising. It's an aloe mixture," he said, giving it to her. "Rub it in thoroughly while I see to your friend"

Rose unscrewed the lid and put her hands into the thick white cream. She rubbed it on her bruises while Arjunk undid the Doctor's restraints.

"When she's finished, you do the same," he said, pointing to the cream. "Now, I need some information from you…plus a body scan."

The Doctor sat up and watched while Arjunk walked over to the counter and rummaged through a drawer underneath it. He pulled out a couple of sheets of paper and affixed them to the clipboard. He then grabbed a pen and shut the drawer.

"So…Rose…Tyler," he muttered as he wrote on the first sheet. "Species?"

"Human," Rose said, rubbing some of the cream onto her right wrist.



"Planet of origin?"


"Really? I've been there on holiday."

"Yeah? Where?" Rose said.

"Um…Switzland? Something like that."

"Switzerland," Rose said.

"Yes, that's it. Nice land. Lots of snow. I had to use a holodisguise as course. As you can see I'm not exactly human."

Rose liked Arjunk. He was kind and thoughtful. He apologized profusely when he finally noticed her shivering and gave her and the Doctor lab coats to wear.

"Sorry about your clothes," he said, pointing to the shredded outfits on the floor beside the tables. "Like I said, brutes."

While the Doctor administered the cream to his bruises, he continued with the questions, asking about Rose's health and whether she'd ever been pregnant before and general questions about her body. Rose found herself being put at ease, almost as if she was in the doctor's office speaking with her own doctor. Once he was finished, he put the clipboard down and rummaged around in the drawer.

"Arjunk, how many species are here?" the Doctor said while he pulled out a small metal scanner.

"Hundreds, I don't know the exact number. But I've examined many different kinds. But…not a human. You're the first, Rose," he said, grabbing the scanner and turning towards her.

He ran the scanner down the body and noted the results on a different piece of paper. He then drew some blood from her arm and tested her reflexes.

"You seem to be in good health, Rose," Arjunk said after running the blood through a scanner on the other side of the room and noting the results. "You do have a genetic predisposition to breast cancer so I'd be aware of that."

"My great grandmother died of breast cancer," Rose said.

Arjunk nodded.

"Other than that, I see nothing wrong with you. Now given the fact I'm testing you to determine if you can breed or not…you might not be too happy that you are in perfect health but I'm telling you what my findings are."

Rose thanked him and he moved on to the Doctor after grabbing two more pieces of paper. The Doctor answered his questions and Arjunk paused when he gave his species as Time Lord.

"Thought they were extinct," he said to the Doctor.

"I'm the last," the Doctor said.

"I can see why Darius wanted you then," Arjunk said dryly.

He continued with the questions and then performed the same tests on him that he did on Rose.

"Well…you are also in good health but my scanners were a bit confused by your regenerative capabilities. The gene that controls that was registered as defective and came up as a warning sign."

"Well, I am a bit defective," the Doctor quipped while Rose giggled.

"One question though. If you're the last of your kind, why are you here?" Arjunk said. "Shouldn't you be on display in the pet shop?"

"I believe he wants us to breed," the Doctor said, gesturing to Rose.

"What?" Arjunk said before his mouth dropped open.

He pulled out a communicator while the Doctor and Rose watched him.

"Yes, could you get Darius to come to Lab 13? I want a word with him about his latest captives," Arjunk said into it.

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