Chapter Fifteen

"Well, you have to admit…if you're gonna be held captive, this is one of the nicest prisons you can have," the Doctor said to Rose when they sat down on the sofa. "Clean, sanitary and scrumptious food. Not to mention good medical care."

"But everyone else has to suffer," Rose said.

"Yes, there is that," the Doctor said darkly.

Rose's heart raced when he leaned in and put his lips near her ear.

"We have to find a way out," the Doctor said. "Perhaps Arjunk will bring my screwdriver back to me."

"And then what?" Rose whispered.

"And then the Oncoming Storm is unleashed," the Doctor said.

Rose gulped at the darkness in his eyes when he said that but five seconds later, he brightened up and got up from the sofa.

"But…while we wait, we can eat. Shouldn't let this food go to waste," he said, walking over to the trolley.

Rose shook her head, still amazed after all this time by the way the Doctor's mood could shift in seconds. She decided that perhaps it was best to think and plan on a full stomach so she got up from the sofa and joined him.


Sela opened the TARDIS door slightly and she and Gorsh glanced outside. They were near a building and there was only one guard standing watch. The guard's back was to them and Sela narrowed her eyes at him before softly closing the door.

"One bad man. I can burn him," Sela said softly to Gorsh.

"No wait; we can't draw attention to ourselves. If you burn him, he'll scream and that'll bring more guards. We gotta figure out a way to do this quietly so we can find the Doctor and Rose and your family before anyone notices."

"How we do that?" Sela said.

"Activate TARDIS holographic interface."

Gorsh and Sela whirled around when they heard the Doctor's voice behind them. They saw a hologram of the Doctor standing by the console.

"I am the TARDIS interface," the holo-Doctor said. "I can assist you. Do you have any questions?"

Gorsh and Sela shared a look before they walked towards the hologram.

"The real Doctor and Rose are prisoners along with her family," Gorsh said. "We need a way to rescue them but we need to get past the guard outside the door. Do you have a way for us to capture him?"

To their horror, the doors suddenly opened wide. Gorsh and Sela watched while the guard stepped inside and looked around in astonishment. He took a few more steps, raising his laser blaster towards Gorsh and Sela. Suddenly, the door slammed and the guard whirled around in shock, staring at it. He spun back around and growled at Gorsh and Sela. He raised his blaster and found himself suddenly imprisoned inside a security bubble. He started to shoot the forcefield surrounding him.

"I would not advise that," the holo-Doctor said to the guard. "You will be killed when the laser bolt ricochets around the prison and hits you."

"What is this?" the guard said, lowering his blaster.

He gasped when the TARDIS moved the bubble towards the console. He started yelling for help.

"It is useless to call for help in here," the holo-Doctor said dispassionately. "I am muting your voice. Only we can hear it."

"What do you want with me then?" the guard said.

"We want you to help us rescue the Doctor and Rose and help us destroy this place for good," Gorsh said.

"Why should I do that?" the guard said.

"Because I eat you if you do not help," Sela hissed at him.

Gorsh chuckled at the terrified look on the guard's face when Sela bared her teeth and hissed at him. The guard was not much older than he was but he was human with brown hair that had been shaved in a buzz cut. But he had a soft youthful face with deep blue eyes and Gorsh didn't see any battle scars on his face or hands. To Gorsh, he looked like a terrified kid trying to be a big, bad security guard. He decided to try a different approach.

"What's your name?" Gorsh asked him, putting his arm around Sela to calm her.

"Um…Julius," the guard said.

"How old are you?" Gorsh asked.

"I'm twenty seven," Julius said. "Um…the person behind you, is he real?" he added, pointing to the holo-Doctor.

"This version isn't but there is a man here who looks like him called the Doctor," Gorsh said. "This is just the interface for this ship. But we need your help rescuing the real Doctor and his friend, Rose, and also rescuing Sela's family and freeing the other animals here."

"Why do you wanna do that?" Julius said.

"Because it's wrong to hold animals here. They live in cramped conditions and they're forced to breed and that's what's gonna happen to the Doctor and Rose. Darius is trying to breed them against their will. Now all these people I mentioned are living, thinking beings like us. So don't you think that means that Darius is making people rape each other?"

Julius considered that.

"I suppose but not every creature out there is as intelligent as we are," he said.

"Perhaps not but they're still suffering," Gorsh said. "Darius doesn't take care of anything properly. All he cares about is making money off the suffering of others. We need to stop that."

"And if I don't help?" Julius said, folding his arms over his chest.

"Then you will be transferred to a cell block inside this ship," the holo-Doctor said calmly. "You will then stand trial before the Shadow Proclamation for aiding and abetting a felon."

"So you might as well help us," Gorsh said. "Perhaps the Doctor will go easy on you if you help him escape."

"And what is your plan for liberating the animals? Especially since there are hundreds of them here," Julius said.

"We need to get the Doctor and Rose freed first. Then they can help us," Gorsh said.

"They're only two people. That brings the total of liberators up to five. Like I said, there are hundreds of cages here, not to mention Darius and the other guards. We're gonna defeat all them with just five people?"

"Yes. Because we have the Doctor on our side and that's as good as an army. Now are you gonna help us or not?" Gorsh said, folding his arms over his chest.

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