Chapter Seventeen

Gorsh was even more impressed with the TARDIS than ever before. Not only did the interface provide him with guard outfit identical to Julius but she also gave Sela something to wear called a perception filter that would make her hard to see. And last but not least, she gave Gorsh a collar that he could use if Julius threatened to make trouble.

"This collar will give off a hypnotic signal that will put someone in your power," the holo-Doctor said while they stood in the console room. "Once the collar is on, they will obey you without question."

"So if you get out of line, we'll overpower you and put this on your neck," Gorsh said to Julius while showing him the collar. "Got that?"

"Yeah, I got it," Julius said angrily.

"There is one more thing you must take," the holo-Doctor said.

The hologram looked at the console and something came up out of it. It was long and thing and silver.

"This is a sonic screwdriver. It is the Doctor's tool. It can do many things but you can use it mainly to open doors and lock them."

Gorsh flinched when he felt something being downloaded into his mind.

"I am giving you the knowledge on its use so you will use it successfully. The information will only be in your mind for twenty four hours so use it wisely. And once you have rescued the Doctor, you must return it to him."

"I will and thank you," Gorsh said.

"The Doctor must be returned to me safely. The universe's safety depends on his survival. He and Rose are important to me so make sure they survive," the hologram said.

"I will and thanks again," he said

He turned to Sela and Julius.

"Right. Let's get going then," he said to them.


"Are you alright?" Rose asked Arjunk as he sat down on the sofa.

"Yes. I was just taken from my med bay and brought here. Seems Darius doesn't trust me anymore. But…"

He reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out the sonic and psychic paper.

"Good man," the Doctor said, taking it from him. "Now we have a way to escape."

The Doctor shushed everyone and stood up. He turned on the sonic and slowly walked around in a circle, pointing it up at the ceiling. When he got to the corner beside the sofa, they heard a snap and a hiss above the ceiling panels.

"I think I found the camera just then," the Doctor said.

Unconsciously, he tried to put his sonic back in his jacket pocket and rolled his eyes when he remembered the bodysuit.

"Could you hold this for me?" the Doctor said, giving the psychic paper to Arjunk. "Because of Darius, I'm without pockets at the moment."

Darius took the psychic paper and put it in his trouser pocket. The Doctor walked over to the door and Arjunk and Rose followed him. He tried the sonic on the door and grinned when it slid open.

"I may be endangered but I'm also an expert at surviving," the Doctor said. "Come on, let's go cause some mischief and lead a revolution!"

They walked out the door and as they went down the hall, the Doctor disabled any CCTV camera he saw.

"Won't people notice the cameras are going out?" Arjunk said after he put the third camera out of commission.

"Probably. But I'd rather get this over with so we can get out of here and go home. Sound good?"

"Does he do this often, daring people to come get him?" Arjunk said to Rose.

"All the time," Rose replied.

They neared the end of one corridor when a guard turned the corner up ahead of him. He froze, staring at the Doctor in shock. The Doctor lunged forward and knocked him out with a falcon punch to the face. He reached down and unclipped the guard's ID card off his belt and took his blaster out of the holster on the side of the belt. He noticed Rose's shocked expression when he leaned back up.

"He'll recover," the Doctor said, trying to read her thoughts.

"No, the gun, you took the gun," Rose said, pointing to it.

"Oh this? Distraction. I won't shoot anyone. Come on," the Doctor said.

They walked on and ran into another guard. The Doctor shoved the blaster in his face before the guard could draw his own.

"Hi, we're escaping. Be a lamb and surrender, won't you?" the Doctor said sweetly.

The guard looked at him and his eyes flicked to Arjunk and finally Rose who was trying not to laugh at his shock. The guard returned his gaze to the Doctor who now was growing impatient.

"Are you in charge of feeding the prisoners here?" he asked the guard.

"Some…sometimes," the guard said.

The Doctor asked Arjunk to take his blaster from the holster. Arjunk removed the blaster and his ID card while the Doctor kept his blaster pointed at the guards face. The guard was a young man with short ginger hair and green eyes.

"What's your name?" the Doctor said to him.

"Thomas, sir. Don't shoot me."

"I won't shoot you if you help us. You are aiding a slave trafficker and you can go to prison for that. You look too young for prison so I'd help us stop Darius if I were you. So, what'll it be?"

Thomas looked at the Doctor's expression and the coldness in his eyes and Thomas knew he wasn't joking. He agreed to help and the Doctor told him to turn around.

"Take us to the Kar'Koch cage. Do you know where it's at?"

"Yes, I do," Thomas said.

"Take us there then and remember, we have guns," the Doctor said.

Thomas nodded and he led the others towards the front entrance.


"So where are we going?" Julius asked Gorsh as they and Sela walked among the cages.

"I want my mum and dad," Sela said, looking over her shoulder as she led them to the Kar'Koch cage.

"You heard her, she wants her mum and dad," Gorsh said to Julius.

They passed by a few guards but they glanced at Julius and walked on. Gorsh walked behind Julius and turned his face away in case they recognized him. As for Sela, no one seemed to notice her which gave Gorsh some relief since they wouldn't have to explain why they were letting a Kar'Koch child walk around without any restraints. While they were heading towards the cage, Gorsh saw someone coming out of the main building. He stiffened for a moment but relaxed when he saw the Doctor and Rose were among them. He told Julius and Sela to wait and when they stopped he ran towards the Doctor. A guard was in front of the Doctor, leading him, Rose and one of the med techs towards the cages. He stopped when he reached the last cage and stood there. The Doctor frowned for a second, trying to see who he was and then his eyes widened with recognition. He told the guard to head towards him and they all changed direction and headed his way.

"Doctor. I hid with Sela in the TARDIS," Gorsh said when they finally caught up to him. "Look. I couldn't do anything while Darius was standing there. I had to wait till he was gone before I could help you and I've been trying to help. Actually…your time machine helped me. It captured the guard watching it and gave me this sonic screwdriver thing and a mind control collar in case Julius got out of line. Julius is the guard. And it gave Sela this perception filter thing and she's leading us to her family. Anyway, I'm not stealing anything; the ship gave it to me. There was this holographic you inside…"

The Doctor held up his hand and nodded.

"I believe you and I understand your reasoning for not helping us. All that matters is you're helping us now. This is Thomas, he's another guard we captured and we were heading for the Kar'Koch as well. Where is Sela and…um…Julius?"

"Back here, follow me," Gorsh said.

He led them back to where Sela and Julius were standing. Sela let out a little chirp of joy and walked towards the Doctor. The Doctor grinned and knelt down as Sela opened her arms for a hug.

"Hello again," the Doctor said.

He frowned in confusion when Sela pressed her snout against his cheek.

"She's kissing ya," Rose said. "I taught her that but since she doesn't have lips…"

"Aw, thank you," the Doctor said, pressing his face against her snout in return.

Sela let out a hissing giggle and walked over to Rose. Rose nuzzled her hand and Sela pressed her snout against Rose's cheek while the Doctor watched with a smile.

"Nice to know you two have bonded," the Doctor said to Rose as Sela took Rose's hand. "Sela, do you know where your parents are?"

Sela nodded. The Doctor asked her to lead the way and Rose walked with her, holding her hand while she went to the front of the group. The Doctor made sure he was next to Thomas, keeping his eyes on him while everyone else followed the child Kar'Koch back to her parent's cage.

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