Chapter Eighteen

Darius took a drag on his cigar while he watched the CCTV footage on his laptop. The guards had alerted him that the Doctor and Rose had escaped with Arjunk and he was now watching them from a distance while they went with Gorsh and a few of his guards into the maze of cages. He chuckled as he blew smoke from his nostrils.

"For a Time Lord, you are very thick, Doctor," he said. "However, I'll allow you and your little group to get where you're going to before I recapture you. I'm betting you're trying to find the Kar'Koch cage but I need to be sure. But whatever you and your lover are doing, it won't last much longer."

He took another drag on his cigar while he switched to another CCTV mounted on a pole amongst the cages. He rolled his eyes when the Doctor went past it, held up a rod towards it and the camera was disabled.

"I'm glad you're so valuable, Doctor, because the profits I get from your offspring will be used to replace all these cameras you're ruining," he said before crushing the remains of his cigar out in the ashtray.


"Blimey, how far back are your parents?" Rose said to Sela while they kept on walking further and further away from the buildings.

"Far," Sela said to her.

The Doctor disabled another camera mounted on a nearby pole.

"H.G. Wells would have a field day here," he said as he looked around for more cameras.

"Who?" Gorsh said.

"He was an author. Wrote this book called 1984 about a bloke called Big Brother watching everyone and monitoring their lives. That's what Darius is doing with all these cameras, being Big Brother of the breeding farm."

"Surely, you don't think Darius won't notice all these cameras failing," Thomas said to the Doctor.

"Oh, I'm counting on him noticing," the Doctor said. "I'm getting Blubber Bum out in the open where I can see him past the cigar smoke."


The Doctor turned his attention to Rose. She was pointing at a cage filled with Bulgara vines. The Doctor smirked at that and looking around, making a mental map of the area the cage was in and the creatures surrounding it so they could go back to it later. Even better, he noticed a few tools beside the cage that staff used to feed the vines. One of them was a steel claw on the end of a long pole. On the end of the pole was a black button.

"That pole, it's used to grip the Bulgara?" he said to Gorsh.

"Yes. You lower it in, push the button and the claw takes hold of them so you don't have to pick it up by hand," Gorsh said.

"Brilliant. Then we can give Darius a little playmate when he gets out here. But for now, lead on, Sela."

Sela led them past the cage. Three rows beyond it; she turned and walked ten cages to the left. And then the Doctor saw them. His hearts ached when he saw how miserable they looked. Both of them looked sickly and they were lying on dark brown straw that he knew was stained with urine and feces. His blood boiled and he swore silently that Darius would pay for his crimes. When they walked up to the cage, he noticed that neither the male nor female Kar'Koch noticed Sela and he knew it was because of the perception filter around her neck. He walked up to Sela and knelt down on the side opposite Rose. He put his arm around Sela to draw her parent's attention to her and they were taken aback when their daughter suddenly appeared before their eyes.

"Mum, dad, I have people here who will rescue you," Sela said. "And this is Doctor, he is a Time Lord."

The Kar'Koch adults had been curious about everyone up till now but when they realized what the Doctor was, they hissed at him and crawled up to the side of the cage.

"Do not hurt our daughter, Time Lord," the male hissed.

"I wouldn't dream of doing that," the Doctor said. "I never believed in the discrimination of your race. I want to help all of you because like me, you're the last of our kind now."

"What do you mean, Time Lord?" the female said.

"Gallifrey is gone, it's been destroyed," the Doctor said.

The Kar'Koch hissed in shock.

"All are dead now?" the male said.

"Yes. Your people and mine. I am the last of my kind. I destroyed everyone because I had no choice. The universe was being threatened. I regret all the innocents who were killed but I'm glad that your race survived through you. However, you don't belong here. You and Sela should live somewhere where you can be free."

"You want us to live. But you killed all other Kar'Koch," the female said.

"And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry about that. I had no choice. I had to kill all my people as well. I want to make up for what I did by helping you find a new place to live."

"Doctor is good, Mum, he will help," Sela said, putting her hand on his back.

"What are your names?" the Doctor said.

"I am Flek," the male said.

"I am Danala," the female said.

The Doctor nodded and introduced himself properly along with everyone else. He then explained what he wanted to do before he stood up. Flek and Danala watched while he unlocked the top of the cage with his screwdriver. He, Rose, Gorsh and Arjunk took off the top of the lid and Flek helped his mate to stand. Arjunk came towards them and Flek hissed at him.

"I'm a medical doctor, I won't hurt you. I'm not like the other doctor in charge of you. I won't hurt you. Please let me scan your mate."

Flek glanced at the Doctor.

"He won't hurt you, I swear. He took good care of me and Rose," the Doctor said.

Flek nodded and Arjunk took a small scanner out of his lab coat pocket and scanned Danala's body.

"She's ill, very ill, we need to get her medical attention somewhere before you take her to a new home," Arjunk said.

"I have a med bay on my TARDIS that has more advanced equipment than your med bay does. We'll take her there where she'll be safe," the Doctor said.

"You are good Time Lord?" Flek said.

"I try to be but I won't hurt you or Danala or Sela. I want to help you and everyone here. Everyone should be free," the Doctor said.

"Doctor!" Gorsh said, pointing over his shoulder.

The Doctor spun around and growled when Thomas started running away. Gorsh ran past him before he could give chase and tackled him. Thomas yelled in protest while Gorsh pulled out the collar from his trouser pocket. The Doctor ran to him and held Thomas down while Gorsh put it around his neck. The moment he snapped it shut, Thomas fell silent and his eyes glazed over.

"I'm glad your ship gave me that," Gorsh said as he and the Doctor got off him. "It was supposed to be for Julius."

The Doctor glanced at Julius and met his eyes.

"I'm not running. I do think this place should be shut down," he said with a shrug.

"Good man," the Doctor said. "Thomas, get up."

Thomas got up and stood at attention. The Doctor walked back to the others while Gorsh looked around to make sure no one was coming for them.

"Come with me, I'll find you a new home where you'll be safe," the Doctor said to Flek and Danala. "As the last representatives of our planet, I want to call a truce between our races and become friends."

Flek and Danala glanced at each other when the Doctor held out his hand. They looked at their daughter who was standing beside the Doctor.

"I like him," Sela said. "Doctor is good."

Flek patted her hand. He looked at the Doctor's outstretched hand and bent over to nuzzle it. He held out his hand and the Doctor nuzzled his in return. Then Danala did the same and the Doctor nuzzled her hand.

"We are friends now, Doctor, now and forever," Flek said.

"Good, I'm glad," the Doctor said. "At least we mended the rift between our races even if there are only four of us now. We need to celebrate with a formal occasion but for the moment we need to concentrate on getting out of here and making sure this place is shut down for good."

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