Chapter Nineteen

"So what do we do now?" Rose asked the Doctor while he looked around.

The Doctor tapped his finger against his chin while he thought. He looked at the captive animals in their cages and chuckled as he walked over to one of them. The cage was filled with ten chattering monkeys. All of them had grey fur and flesh colored faces. They jumped around as the Doctor approached them. Rose frowned when she noticed a big grey lump that looked like a mass of feathers was on each monkey's back. The Doctor began to chatter at the monkeys, perfectly imitating their speech and the monkeys all stopped jumping around and listened to him. Rose walked up beside the Doctor while he continued to chitter and squeak at them.

"What are you doing?" Rose said.

"Enlisting their help in our rebellion. I'm telling them to go and attack the building and draw out the guards. I can speak to most of the animals here and get them to attack for us."

He used his screwdriver to unlock the top of the cage and everyone rushed to help him lift the top off.

"Now fly, my beauties, fly, fly!" the Doctor said as the monkeys unfolded huge bird wings on their backs and flapped out of the cage. "Bring me that girl and her dog!"

"Girl and her dog?" Rose said.

"Um...imitating the Wicked Witch of the West. These are flying monkeys, you know," he said. "No?" he said when Rose rolled her eyes and walked away.

Rose came back to his side and everyone followed him around the area while he talked to various animals and enlisted their help to attack the buildings and guards before everyone lifted the cages and set them free. By now, several guards were coming out of the building and they yelled when the monkeys flew on them and started biting them while the other animals raced to help them. The Doctor continued to set animals free while the creatures turned on their tormentors and hurried to get their revenge.

"Come on, Darius, I'm letting your inventory go free! Come out and stop me!" the Doctor said when he spied a camera he hadn't disabled yet.

Rose walked up to one cage and looked into it. There were thirty fuzzball creatures with small black eyes like lumps of coal in the middle of all the brown fur. On the underside were four stick-like black legs with little pods attached to them. The pods, Rose noticed, were like suction cups since some of the creatures were walking up the side of the cage towards the top. The Doctor walked over and cooed at them.

"Bazilla! I love Bazilla!" the Doctor said as he unlocked the cage. "Granted, they might not be much use in a fight but still, they need to be free!"

Rose and the Doctor lifted off the top and Rose smiled when the bazilla started coming up and over the top and down the sides.

"Are they dangerous?" Rose said to the Doctor.

"Do they look dangerous?"

"I don't know. You taught me looks could be deceiving," Rose said to him.

"True. No, they're not dangerous. They're very loving and cuddly which will not work in a battle so off to find something else that can fight. Won't be far!"

The Doctor hurried off to find something else to free while Rose examined the bazilla who were now coming down the outside of the cage and walking around on the ground. One looked at Rose and walked over to her with its four spindly legs. It climbed up on Rose's foot and started up her leg while Rose marveled at the way its suction cup feet could hold on to the bodysuit. She heard more yells from the guards and looked over at them, making sure they weren't coming towards them. But the guards were busy batting away the monkeys and lizards and bunnies and all the other things that were now swarming them. She looked back down and noticed the bazilla was now hanging to her chest, looking up at her with curiosity. Rose petted it and smiled when it mewed at her and came up towards her chin.

Then she heard a trumpeting and turned to see the Doctor riding on top of a wooly mammoth. The mammoth was leading a herd of other mammoths towards the building.

"Gorsh! Keep on freeing the animals with your screwdriver," he called over his shoulder. "I'm going to see Darius!"

"Doctor! Wait!" Rose said, running after him.

The Doctor looked over his shoulder, used his hands and made a trumpeting noise to his mammoth. The mammoth turned away from the herd and walked back to her. The Doctor trumpeted again and the mammoth stopped.

"I want to go with you," Rose said.

The Doctor spoke to the mammoth and got it to lift its leg. Rose stepped onto the leg and the Doctor helped pull her up so she was sitting behind him.

"Do you know you have a bazilla on your breast?" the Doctor said.

Rose looked down and smiled at the bright black eyes that were staring at her.

"Yes, it's my pet. You can have Treasure," Rose said to him.

"Nonsense, all pets belong to me," the Doctor teased before he spoke to the mammoth.

The mammoth turned and Rose held onto the Doctor's sides while it made its way to the main building.


"What the hell is going on here?" Darius said as he stormed out of his office into the confusion and melee going on in the corridor.

He grabbed a guard.

"How did you allow the Doctor to free all the animals? Why didn't you stop him?" he said, shaking the trembling guard.

"You didn't give us orders to stop him, sir," the guard said.

Darius was on the verge of throttling him when he suddenly heard breaking glass punctuation by the angry trumpeting of the mammoths. Then he heard guards near the front screaming and yelling and the sounds of angry animals.

"Get out there and stop the Doctor now!" Darius said, shoving the guard away.

The guard ran towards the front while Darius ran into his office. He was grabbing a few incriminating paperwork, intending to exit out the back but he gasped when he saw several flying monkeys go past the door. A couple of the monkeys noticed him and slowed down to change course and attack but he managed to shut the door and lock it before they could get inside.


"Ah!" the Doctor said as their mammoth neared the destroyed doors. "Better than a battering ram! They knocked the doors down!"

"Yes, but they're too large to go in," Rose said.

"Then we go in on foot and leave them to fight the guards," the Doctor said.

He instructed his mammoth to lift its foot and he got down on it and helped Rose down once he was down on the ground. She hopped off and the Doctor giggled and petted the bazilla who was still tenaciously hanging on to Rose's bodysuit.

"Little puffball, you'll make a good pet for Rose and I'm sure Treasure will love ya," the Doctor said. "Just keep hanging on and let us do the work of defeating Darius. Come along, my baby catapult; let's finish off Blubber Bum, once and for all."

"You first," Rose said, gesturing to the wrecked door.

The Doctor instructed the mammoths to use their trunk to remove what was left of the doors and when they cleared the doorway, he and Rose rushed inside in search of Darius.

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