Chapter Twenty

"Boy, it's a jungle in here!" the Doctor said as he and Rose shared the corridor with several species. "Did we do this?"

"I think we did," Rose said.

"I believe we did do this. I'm such a mischievous imp sometimes," the Doctor said.

He looked down at the bazilla who was now up under Rose's chin.

"It's mine, you know," the Doctor said.

"No, you have Treasure. I get this," Rose said.

"No, I own everything. I have seniority over you."

"Tough. I own the bazilla. You get the dog."

"You know bazillas wet themselves and scream when they're in heat, right?" the Doctor said.

"I'll take that chance."

"Damn," the Doctor said while Rose giggled.

They stopped short when a monkey flew up to the Doctor. Rose frowned as the monkey chittered to the Doctor and he chittered back. The Doctor made hooting noises and Rose had to laugh.

"Who's the stupid ape now, eh?" she said when the monkey flew off.

"None of your cheek or I'll own the bazilla forever," the Doctor said. "Now, follow me. The Vexes just told me that Blubber Bum is holed up in his office and under siege. We have him just where we want him. Come along, pet and future pet, we have some hero stuff to do!"


Flek, Danala and Sela entered the main building and looked around. They had managed to scare off some of the guards by shooting fire their way. And now that they finally reached the main building, Flek was in a murderous mood. He swished his long tail and growled as he and his family headed down the corridor. Unlike Sela, he was extremely muscular and his talons were long and sharp. His snout was longer than his wife and daughter's and unlike Sela, who had hard bumps on the top of her head, he had fully developed horns. The horns came up and twisted around, pointing to the front like steer's horns. His wife's horns were similar but not quite as long as his.

As they walked down the hall, they found a couple more guards who were desperately trying to get the menagerie out of the building. Flek scared them off by shooting more flame at them and he hissed out laughter when they ran screaming from them.

"Bad people not so brave when we are free," Flek said mockingly before they resumed their search for Darius.


"Oh Daaaaariuuuuus!" the Doctor called as they followed the winged monkey down the corridor. "The rarest and most exotic pet you've got is out and he's tracking yoooou! Come get me before I poo everywhere and spread fleas!"

Rose giggled at that.

"He really will poo and spread fleas!" she yelled. "I've seen him do it!"

"And I have my mating partner with me and she's on her monthly cycle and she's crabby since that's why people on their monthly cycle do when they get their monthly cycle."

"Get crabby?" Rose said.

"I have had many a female assistant in my TARDIS so I'm well aware of PMT and what it does to the female mood," the Doctor said. "I had to duck when Tegan threw a dinner plate at me one day. Then again, Tegan was often throwing things at me and being crabby so it might not have been her monthly cycle…anyway, back to the point, GET OUT HERE, FAT BOY, AND FACE US!"

The monkey stopped at a door and pointed frantically to it while it hooted repeatedly. The Doctor hooted back and patted the monkey on the head when it stopped moving and folded its wings up. The Doctor tried the door and found it locked. Whistling cheerfully, he unlocked the door, turned the knob and threw it open dramatically.

"Hello, Chubby, I'm here!" the Doctor said gleefully as Darius got up from his desk and headed towards the back of the office.

Darius gasped when the monkey flew over to his desk, perched on it and growled at him. The Doctor beckoned to Rose and she came inside with him. The Doctor closed the door and used his sonic to lock the door.

"So! At last we are on equal footing. You, me, Rose and the monkey…oh and Fuzzy here," he added when Rose pointed to the bazilla on her chest. "But Fuzzy won't hurt you, unlike the rest of us."

"Doctor, listen to reason," Darius said.

"I tried listening to reason. Actually, I tried reasoning with you but you thought it'd be more fun to tie me up and shock me. And make me wear a rubbish bodysuit and try to mate me with my friend and generally annoy and make me angry and now here we are…in your office while the animals you penned up and enslaved are finally freed. And now that I'm the one in control, here's my offer…give yourself up and allow me to take you to the Shadow Proclamation and I'll allow you to keep breathing."

"You have no…power over me," Darius stammered as he pressed himself against the back wall.

"Really? Because judging from your fear and the way you're trying to press yourself through the wall, I seem to have tons of power over you. You are going to go to jail, Darius. You will face the Shadow Proclamation and answer for the crimes of illegal breeding, kidnapping, rape and slave trafficking. You are going to be brought to justice one way or another so you might as well surrender now!"

Rose heard the door creak and she turned to see Sela's snout poking through the door. Rose opened the door and gasped when Flek pushed into the room. Darius's eyes bulged as he walked up to the Doctor's side and growled at him.

"See him. This is Flek, a Kor'Koch. This is his family. They are the last of their kind and you enslaved them, threw them in a filthy cage and made them sick and now they're incredibly angry."

"I will kill you for what you did," Flek growled.

"No, Flek. Let him stand trial for his crimes," the Doctor said.

"But he does not deserve to live," Flek said to him. "You were also hurt, Time Lord."

"Yes. But the Shadow Proclamation need to interrogate him to find out the extent of his crimes. I know you feel like killing him but we can't. We need to find out how deep his slave trafficking goes."

Flek walked around towards Darius and the Doctor followed him, thinking he was ignoring his command not to kill him. But Flek stopped a few feet in front of Darius and growled at him.

"You bred my people and sold them to others," Flek said, pointing an accusing finger at Darius.

"Did he? You three aren't the last then?" the Doctor said.

"No, my parents were sold by this monster."

"Ooooh, that explains why you didn't know about Gallifrey. You're not the original male and female then. So, Darius, how many of Flek's people have you sold into slavery then?"

"Not…sure," Darius stammered. "Maybe fifty adults and some children."

"See…this needs to be heard by the Shadow Proclamation because these Kor'Koch need to be returned since they were sold illegally," the Doctor said to Flek. "If we find you a new home, we can have all of them returned and your species won't become extinct."

"I like that," Flek said, nodding. "You will listen to Time Lord and obey or I will kill you. You are bad man and now you will stand trial and face judgement."

"My sentiments exactly," the Doctor said. "So…"

He suddenly threw a punch and hit Darius in the face as hard as he could. Darius grunted and slumped to the floor, unconscious. The Doctor patted Flek on the shoulder.

"We will put him in the TARDIS and round up his flunkeys," he said to everyone. "And once that's sorted, we'll let Arjunk treat Danala while I call the Shadow Proclamation and have them come and take a look at all of this."

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