Chapter Twenty One

"You won't get away with this," Darius said.

"Get away with what?" the Doctor said. "Taking you to prison? You deserve it. You not only bred animals in unsanitary and cramped conditions but you also kidnapped sentient species with advanced civilizations and sold them as pets. And that, my dear fellow, is slave trafficking. So sorry, Dari-boy, I object to things like that. I might have left you alone if you'd let Sela go since I didn't know about the rest of this. But no, you had to have the last of the Time Lords for your own and now…you lose. Sorry, chappie, going to prison now, I'm afraid."

Darius was still cowering up against the back wall but suddenly he ran around the desk and barreled into everyone. He managed to push past everyone and get out the door but the Doctor giggled when he heard Darius yell the moment the animals in the corridor attacked him.

"Nice try, Blubber Bum!" the Doctor called out the door while helping Rose to her feet. "The building is pretty well invaded by my army now so I doubt you'll get out. Not to mention, there are mammoths guarding the front entrance and they're very cranky. So I wouldn't try it."

"No! Get those away from me!"

The Doctor glanced at his friends and they walked outside. They stopped short when they saw Gorsh menacing Darius with some bulsara vines that were wriggling at the end of the pole they saw by the cage. Beside him was Julius and Thomas. Julius was chuckling at the fear on Darius's face while Thomas still had a blank look and a rigid posture.

"Hi, Boss, bet you didn't think I'd stand up to you!" Gorsh said while he came closer with the vines.

"Wait, Gorsh," the Doctor said, stepping in front of Darius. "Much as I'd like to see him digested by bulsara vines, we need to let the Shadow Proclamation handle him. However, I believe it's only fair that in the meantime we enclose Blubber Bum in one of the cages so he can see what it feels like to be cramped. So unless you want me to let Gorsh throw the bulsara vines on ya, you'll follow us and do it without any trouble.


After securing Darius in one of the smallest cages they could find, they put Thomas in another empty one and Julius, Gorsh and Flek set off to capture the other guards and put them in the cages. While they were doing that, the Doctor, Rose, Arjunk, Sela and Danala walked to the TARDIS. Before going inside, the Doctor cautioned Arjunk and Danala about it being bigger on the inside to save time. Despite that, there was a moment of awe when they came inside before the Doctor and Rose showed Arjunk and Danala where the med bay was. Sela followed behind everyone, calmly taking everything in as if she'd traveled in it her whole life. And the bazilla rested on Rose's chest, its black eyes watching Rose while she walked.

After giving Arjunk a brief tour of the med bay, the Doctor and Rose left him, Danala and Sela there and headed back up to the console room.

"I have to ring the Shadow Proclamation from here and tell them to come meet me," the Doctor said. "But first…TARDIS, where is my little treasure? Show me where she is!"

The TARDIS moved the doorway to Treasure's room so it was right in front of them. The Doctor opened the door and Treasure, who had been resting on a pillow at the back of the room, got up and bounded towards the Doctor while he dropped to his knees and opened his arms wide.

"Aaaaw, there's my baby!" he said, taking her in his hands and picking her up when she came up to her. "There's my special treasure. I missed you so much."

"So can I say hello?" Rose said when the Doctor held Treasure to his chest and kissed her head.

"No, you have the fuzz thing now," the Doctor said, nodding to the bazilla on her chest. "This is my pet, that is yours. Boundaries, you know."

He snickered when Rose gave him a dirty look and held Treasure out to her. Rose smiled and leaned in, her smile widening when Treasure licked her nose repeatedly and wagged her tail manically. The Doctor held Treasure against him as the TARDIS moved the room away and they walked back to the console room.

"You're going to spoil her rotten," Rose said as the Doctor punctuated his steps with kisses to Treasure's head.

"Aren't you going to do the same with…"

He trailed off and mewed to the bazilla. The bazilla mewed back to him.

"It's a girl and she calls herself Carbolla. So are you going to spoil Carbolla rotten?"

"Yes but…I don't like Carbolla. I want to call her something else."

"Feel free to but she calls herself Carbolla."

"And what is Treasure's real name then since you can speak the language of animals?" Rose said.

"Dogs aren't particular. They will answer to whatever you call them because they're awesome that way. Bazilla, on the other hand, like their names. So you will call her Carbolla or she'll poo on your face."

"Yeah, right. Well, I'll take that chance then," Rose said.

"Whatever you decide. Just be warned about a face full of poo if you call her Fluffy instead of Carbolla," he said with a shrug.

They entered the console room and the Doctor put Treasure down when they reached the console. Treasure sniffed at the grate and explored the room while Rose stood by the Doctor's side. He asked the TARDIS to contact the Shadow Proclamation and Rose was startled when a rhinoceros head suddenly filled the screen.

"TO FRO JO MO JO RO KO?" the rhino barked at the Doctor.

"TO FRO MO RO KO SO TO BO KO!" the Doctor barked back at him.

The rhino glared at the Doctor for a moment before he walked out of camera range.

"What is that thing?" Rose said when the rhino was gone.

"Judoon. They're the hired enforcers of the Shadow Proclamation. They're also very brutish and crass and frankly if anyone deserved to be cramped in a cage…"

He shut up when an albino woman appeared on screen. The Judoon the Doctor talked to earlier was standing behind her.

"Who is this?" the woman said, her pink eyes blazing with anger.

"I am the Doctor and I have a crime to report," the Doctor said. "Now listen carefully because I won't repeat myself…"

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