Chapter Twenty Two

After reluctantly putting Treasure back in her room, the Doctor went outside to wait for the Shadow Proclamation. Rose went to her room with the bazilla still clinging to her. While she walked she looked down at the bazilla and called it Carbolla. She smiled when Carbolla mewed in return.

"So you do like to be called that, eh? Well, I won't change that then," Rose said, petting her.

She walked along, listening while Carbolla purred contentedly. When she reached the room, she picked Carbolla up and held her close to her cheek. She could feel a very thin body through the puffy fur and she felt the vibration of Carbolla's purr on her cheek. She put Carbolla down on her bed and stroked her. Carbolla looked up at her and mewed.

"I have to go help the Doctor for a bit but I'll be back. Be good and don't mess things up, yeah?" she said to Carbolla.

Carbolla mewed and she stroked her fur a moment more before going out of the room. Carbolla watched her leave before it tucked her legs under her body and settled down on the bed.


By the time Rose got outside, there were several enormous tube-like ships parked around the perimeter of the breeding farm and the Doctor was speaking with the albino lady near the main building while hoards of Judoon soldiers patrolled the area. Rose saw Darius and most of his guards and staff standing near the front of the cages, their hands in front of their bodies, their wrists manacled with a blue forcefield. Rose walked up to Darius.

"See, not so cocky now, eh?" she said to him.

"I won't be held for long. I have money, influence. I'll be out of prison soon and when I do…"

"I wouldn't threaten us. The Doctor doesn't like threats," Rose said. "And he doesn't give second chances. So if you do walk free, I'd suggest staying far away from us."

Darius snorted and mumbled under his breath about revenge while Rose turned and walked away from him. She walked over to the Doctor who was talking to the albino woman. The albino woman had on a long black dress that looked like something Stevie Nicks would wear. Her white hair was piled up on her head and her skin was snow white. The Doctor smiled warmly at Rose when the albino woman looked her way.

"This is Rose Tyler, the one I was telling you about," he said to her. "This is Marcella, the head of the Shadow Proclamation. I've filled her in on what's going on here and what Darius has been doing."

"You are the one he planned to mate with the Doctor?" Marcella said.

"Yes," Rose said, rolling her eyes, embarrassed that now this would become common knowledge at the trial.

"I told Marcella about Darius breeding the Kar'Koch," the Doctor said. "Since the destruction of Gallifrey, the Kar'Koch are endangered species and unauthorized breeding is forbidden. The owners of the other Kar'Koch will have to give them up or face prosecution so as soon as we find the Kar'Koch a home. The others can be returned to it and Sela's people will have a future."

"Good," Rose said, thankful that Sela and her parents wouldn't be the last.

"We need to ask you a few questions as well," Marcella said. "Plus, you need to be present at the trial, both of you."

"Ugh," the Doctor said, making a face. "But if it puts Darius behind bars for good, I'll do it."

Rose was shocked he said that and told him so when Marcella moved away to talk to one of the Judoon but the Doctor shrugged away her shock.

"Wouldn't be the first time I've watched a trail of someone I've brought to justice. This man is dangerous and insane and I want to make sure he's sorted and in prison. He's being guarded now so let's go check on Danala, shall we?"

He called to Flek and told him where they were going and Flek followed him into the TARDIS. They walked back to the med bay and the Doctor smiled when he noticed Danala looked healthier than before. Sela walked over to the Doctor and nuzzled his hand. The Doctor returned the gesture and bent down to her.

"Is your mum feeling better?" he asked.

"Mum is better," Sela said. "Good doctor cured her."

"I love your med bay," Arjunk said. "It's far more sophisticated than mine. And with your ship's help, I was able to cure Danala."

"Good! Good! I'm glad!" the Doctor said.

He told them what was happening and what Marcella said about outlawing the sale and possession of the Kar'Koch. Flek bowed humbly to the Doctor when he was finished.

"The other Kar'Koch passed on the hatred of the Time Lords," he said. "The first ones who were captured told us stories of our homeworld and the hatred the Time Lords had for us. But you are different, Doctor. You are friend to Kar'Koch and I will make sure all Kar'Koch know that."

"Thank you," the Doctor said, bowing. "I am dead chuffed that the Kar'Koch count me as their friend now and I will keep you and your wife and especially your daughter in my hearts always."

"I wish that you had more of your kind, Doctor," Danala said, coming up to him. "It is sad that your kind cannot come back from extinction as ours can."

"Yes. But I have friends and that's just as good as family," the Doctor said.

"And Rose, you are my friend forever," Sela said.

"And you are mine," Rose replied.

Rose nuzzled her fingers and Sela pressed her snout against her cheek.


(One month later…)

The Doctor and Rose smiled when they saw Flek, Danala and Sela in the courtroom. They had come to testify at Darius's trial. The Kar'Koch were doing the same along with Arjunk and Gorsh and they saw them seated in the courtroom as well. The Kar'Koch were all wearing formal purple robes that were edge with silver and Flek walked up to the Doctor. They exchanged formal greetings while Sela rushed up to Rose and she embraced her tightly.

"I missed you," Rose said.

"I missed you too, Rose," Sela said.

The Doctor managed to find them a planet similar to Gallifrey called Benos Actua in the Callium Galaxy. While Rose was talking to Sela, she overheard Flek telling the Doctor that the ban on Kar'Koch were working and slowly but surely the Kar'Koch were coming home. Rose smiled at that, happy that the species was being rebuilt now.

After they left the breeding farm, the Shadow Proclamation took over, categorizing all the species and getting them back to their proper planets. Rose didn't know how successful they were at doing that but she hoped everyone was finding their way home.

She smiled when Gorsh and Arjunk walked up to her and she embraced them. She chatted with them briefly while Flek showed the Doctor where he and his family were sitting so he and Rose could sit with them. The courtroom was in a stainless steel room and the judge sat on a dais in the center of the room at a metal desk and chair. The accused was on his right in a metal dock that was used by witnesses testifying but was covered over with a force field dome when the prisoner was sitting in it and giving his testimony. To the left of the judge were two metal tables and chairs were the barristers sat, one for the defense and one for the prosecution and one for the defense. Around the room were metal chairs arranged in four rows and this was where the audience sat. Flek led the Doctor to a group of seats near the barrister's desks and Rose followed when she was through exchanging pleasantries with Arjunk and Gorsh. The two men were seated two rows up from them in the top row of chairs and the Doctor went to chat with them while Rose sat down between Danala and Sela and spoke with them.

An hour later, the trial began and Darius was led in by two guards clothed in silver outfits and helmets, his hands secured in front of him with the force field restraints. He glared at the Doctor as he was led to the dock and the Doctor waved cheerfully in return. Darius was forced into the dock and made to sit. When the force field dome was activated, the guard switched off the restraints on his wrists and the Doctor sniggered when Darius flipped him off.

"I hope this doesn't last long. I need some Treasure time again," the Doctor murmured to Rose as he came back to his seat.

"What is Treasure time?" Sela asked Rose.

Rose rolled her eyes.

"The Doctor has a puppy called Treasure and he calls the time he spends with her Treasure time. He spoils the poor thing rotten," Rose said. "The poor thing will end up being neurotic and needy by the time she reaches adulthood."


After two hours of testimony from Darius, Gorsh and Arjunk. It was time for the Doctor to take the stand. After giving his testimony, Darius was escorted to a seat beside the dock and secured into it with force field restraints while the guards sat on either side of him. Darius glowered at the Doctor and the Doctor smirked back as he sat down. Rose watched while he was interrogated by both the defense and prosecution. The Doctor calmly told the judge what happened to him and Rose and answered questions by both barristers. Rose took his cue from him and when her turn came after his, she was prepared and knew what to do and what questions the barristers might ask. After her, Flek took the stand and told everyone how he and his people were treated. Rose gave a disgusted look to Darius when Flek told everyone about the abuse and maltreatment they suffered but Darius smirked back at her and winked.

"You may be arrogant now but I bet you won't be when you get to prison," Rose muttered to herself.


After five hours, the judge was finally ready to rule and Darius was taken back to the dock to hear the verdict. He was sealed inside it and Darius turned his attention to the judge. The judge was a grey skinned alien with large black eyes but he was dressed as an English judge with robes and wig. Rose thought it looked odd seeing an alien dressed that way and she wondered if the alien's people had come into contract with Englishmen and studied them at some time in the past. The alien judge signaled for silence and the courtroom fell still.

"It is my opinion that the accused, Darius Xuithos the Forth is guilty of all charges brought against him."

"Yes!" Rose said while the Doctor pumped the air with glee.

"The accused not only bred animals without compassion or a thought for their health and wellbeing but he also allowed the abduction and forced rape of sentient higher beings who were then sold into slavery. The Shadow Proclamation made a count of all the animals and people present on this breeding farm and they have determined that approximately 125,000 animals were there in various sized cages. I therefore sentence Darius to imprisonment and the length will be 100 years for every animal and people present on the farm which means Darius, you shall be remanded to the custody of Volag Noc for the duration of twelve million, five hundred thousand years."

"You can't do this to me! I have influence and money! I will appeal!" Darius screamed as everyone in the courtroom applauded. "I will get you, Doctor! I swear I will! I will get free and then you'll be sorry!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," the Doctor said as he got up from his seat. "Come on, Rose. Treasure time awaits!"

"Will you leave that poor dog alone? I swear, it's gonna be a nervous, needy wreck when you get through with it."

"But…I like Treasure time," the Doctor said.

"My bazilla doesn't need to be cuddled and held all the time," Rose said, getting up with everyone else.

"Well, that's because bazilla are naff. I'd rather have my little treasure," the Doctor said.

Rose looked at her friends and rolled her eyes before everyone followed the Doctor out of the courtroom.


(One week later…)

Rose was lying on the sofa in the living room, Carbolla lying on her chest, purring softly while she slept.


Rose looked over when the Doctor entered the room, holding Treasure up against his body.

"Looky! Looky! Looky what my Treasure can do!" the Doctor said to her as he walked to the coffee table.

He put her down on the coffee table and commanded her to sit. He beamed when Treasure sat. Then he commanded her to beg and Treasure raised her front paws and sat upright. Rose looked at the Doctor who was beside himself with joy.

"And…" Rose said.

The Doctor's smile fell and he gave her an annoyed look.

"And I taught her that," the Doctor said, producing a Bonio dog biscuit from his pocket and feeding it to Treasure.

"Yeah. Most dogs are capable of doing that if you teach them," Rose said.

"Well, it's more than your manky bazilla can do. All it can do is be a ball of fuzz," the Doctor said as Treasure devoured the dog biscuit.

"Jealous?" Rose said.

"Of what? The dust bunny on your chest?" the Doctor said.

"Well, you keep razzing my pet every bloody chance you get. You must be jealous of it."

"Jealous of Fuzzy when I have Treasure the Spectacular Wonder Dog? Ha!" the Doctor said, picking up his pet and holding her against his body.

Rose looked at Treasure who was staring calmly at the room, the little earnest expression on her face that Rose felt was so cute. The Doctor kissed the top of her head and turned towards the doorway.

"Come along, my Treasure; let's find a planet where you can have fun. I know a few planets that have doggie amusement parks. Would you like that?" he said to his pet as he headed out of the room.

Rose watched him go.

"Yup, the dog will definitely be neurotic before she reaches adulthood," Rose muttered before turning her attention back to the television.


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