Chapter One

"Master, you wanted to see me?"

"What news of the Time Lord?"

"He has just left Earth, my master. He left the Earth child behind with her mother."

"Excellent. Now is the time to strike. We must begin weakening the Doctor so he won't carry on with his mission of defending the universe. And one of the ways we'll do that is by destroying his emotional link to the Earth female."

"Shall I do it, master?"

"Yes, but I will go with you. We will need our combined efforts."

"Yes, master."

"Come, there is work to be done."


"Nice to have you home for a change, Rose," Jackie said while she came into the lounge with two cups of tea.

"Yeah, I asked to come home," Rose said, taking the cup from her. "I missed ya."

"Really? I'm surprised since you're always on about how fabulous the Doctor is and how much you love traveling with him," Jackie said, sitting down in the chair beside the sofa.

"Yeah but I still miss you," Rose said before taking a sip of hot tea.

"Is that it or do you just want me to do your laundry?"

Rose chuckled.

"Well, that might be a part of it," she said while Jackie chuckled. "Besides, you make the best tea in the universe and I have to come home for that."

"So, when's the wedding then?" Jackie asked her.

Rose nearly choked on her tea. She lowered the cup and gave her an odd look.

"What wedding?" Rose said.

"Your wedding. The Doctor and you," Jackie said.

"There is no wedding. We're not getting married, Mum."

"Coulda fooled me. Every time you're with him, you're practically joined at his hip or he's joined at yours. You and him are lovers and don't say you're not because I'm not that thick."

Rose started to tell her they weren't lovers but her mother's raised eyebrow stopped her and she sighed.

"We have a relationship but it's not gonna lead to marriage."

"Why not?"

"Why not? Because he's not the marrying type. He already told me that he could never truly love anyone because he outlives them all."

"I thought it was because he's an alien," Jackie said.

"That as well."

Rose frowned when Jackie scoffed at that.

"What?" Rose said.

"Come off it. That doesn't matter to ya," Jackie said.

"No, it doesn't but it doesn't mean that he's gonna marry me. He doesn't want to."

"Do you?"

"Mum, why are we even having this conversation?"

"Because I'm curious. You hate being without him and you dash into the TARDIS every time he comes back for ya. You sit there and give each other lustful looks, don't think I haven't noticed that as well. You both are smitten with each other. So I wanna know if you'd like to marry him if he asked you."

"I wouldn't refuse," Rose said. "But that's never gonna happen."

"So you're just gonna grow old at his side while you pine for him."

"No, I'm not gonna pine for him. He and I…"

Rose trailed off while she considered her next words.

"We have a bond that goes deeper than marriage," she said.

"That's what everybody says, Rose. I thought the same about Pete. It's how lovers think, they think that their significant other is their soulmate and their relationship goes deeper than lust."

"Well, it does in our case," Rose said. "We've come to an understanding, him and me. We love one another much deeper than…well, much deeper than I ever have with anyone else I ever dated. He's different."

"Yeah, he has two hearts but he's still a bloke," Jackie said.

"Whatever, Mum," Rose muttered, wishing Jackie would just change the subject.

To her relief, there was a knock on the door and Jackie got up to answer the door. Rose continued to drink her now lukewarm tea while she thought about the conversation. She was jerked back to reality when Jackie cried out and she leapt up and turned to see two figures standing at the door. Both of them wore long black robes, black gloves and boots and a black cowl over a black mask that obscured their faces. Rose moved slightly and noticed the taller one was pointing a laser blaster at Jackie's chest.

"Who are you, what do you want?" Rose said, hurrying around the sofa.

"You will come with us, Rose Tyler. You and your mother and you will not resist or you will both die," the taller man said.

"Why?" Jackie said.

"Mum, no, just don't say anything," Rose said, coming up beside her mother.

"Very wise advice, Rose Tyler. You will come with us now or you will both suffer. What will it be?"

Rose glanced at her mother and Jackie nodded.

"We'll come with you," Rose said.

"Very well, follow us and don't make trouble or you'll both die," the taller man said.

Rose squeezed her mother's hand before the two of them walked out of the flat. The taller man shut the door and he and the other robed man walked behind them while they headed towards an unknown destination.

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