Chapter Four

After telling his team where they were going, Jack and Ianto decided to take the train to London. On the way to their destination, Jack filled Ianto in on who the Doctor was so by the time they arrived, Ianto had a basic knowledge of the Doctor.

They took a taxi over to Trafalgar Square. By that time it was nearly eleven at night and the air was a bit chilly. Jack and Ianto got something to eat since they had an hour to wait before heading to Nelson's Column to wait for the TARDIS.

"So, do either of you have a plan?" Ianto asked him.

"Not yet," Jack said. "But I'm gonna pull Heaven and Earth apart to find Rose."

"Former girlfriend?"

Jack chuckled.

"Nah, tried that route but her heart is with the Doctor. Nah, she's a very dear friend that I traveled with when I traveled with the Doctor. She's more like a little sister to me since she can't be a girlfriend. We had some great times traveling in the TARDIS. I didn't know her mother that well. I only met her a few times but I know Rose loves her deeply and I'm going to try to find her too because of that."

They heard a wheezing and Jack groaned when he realized it was coming from the other side of the column.

"Yup, just my luck that we're standing on the wrong side. Come on, Yan," he said, beckoning to his lover.

They walked around the statue. When they reached the other side, the TARDIS was there and the Doctor was leaning against the open door, arms folded over his chest while he scanned his surroundings. Jack stopped when he saw the Doctor and whistled.

"Well now, this is certainly an improvement over the last body," he said to himself as he eyed the Doctor's body.

The Doctor caught sight of him and waved him over. He shot a curious look towards Ianto when he noticed Ianto was walking with him. Jack introduced him and the Doctor shook his hand.

"Welcome. I could use the extra help so you're certainly welcome here," he said to Ianto.

"Thank you, sir," Ianto said.

"No sirs, please. The Doctor will do," he said, holding up his hand.

"Any word?" Jack said to him.

The Doctor shook his head.

"No. And no clue where to start looking either. Come inside, both of you," he said, beckoning to them.

The Doctor observed Ianto as he walked inside. But Jack prepared Ianto for the TARDIS so he wasn't fazed by the interior. Jack told the Doctor that when he noticed Ianto wasn't commenting on the bigger on the inside interior.

"Good, I hate long explanations about myself," the Doctor said. "Besides, we have work to do."

"So where do we start looking?" Ianto said.

The Doctor sighed.

"No clue. Whoever this is must be playing a long game," he said to them. "I have a feeling they'll torture Rose and Jackie a bit before contacting me again. Whoever this is apparently wants to punish me for interfering in the universe."

"So who want to punish you for interfering in the universe?" Jack said.

The Doctor raised his eyebrow.

"Do you have several hours because the list is quite long," he said.

"Have you pissed off anyone recently?" Ianto asked him.

Jack chuckled at another raised eyebrow.

"The Doctor is extremely good at pissing people off, trust me," he said.

"Did the person speak when they sent the message to you?" Ianto asked.

"Well, at one point Rose asked him why there was no mention of where I should surrender to because I'm assuming they forced her to read something. I heard a very faint voice telling her to read what was written or something to that effect. But if you're asking me if I recognized the voice, no, I didn't."

Jack flopped down on the jump seat and sighed.

"So, we're at the mercy of these maniacs or maniac," Jack said to them.

The Doctor leaned back against the rim of his console and thought while Ianto sat down beside Jack.

"Do you have the cube?" the Doctor asked Jack after a couple minutes of thought.

"Yes. I figured you'd want it back," Jack said, standing up and pulling it out of the pocket of his coat.

He handed it to the Doctor and the Doctor examined it for a moment before putting it on the console.

"TARDIS, can you run an analysis and find out where this cube has been?" he asked his ship.

There was an affirmative grunt and then Jack and Ianto heard a humming while a spotlight shown down on the cube. The Doctor stood nearby, arms folded while he waited for the analysis to be complete. The analysis lasted five minutes before Gallifreyan writing appeared on the monitor. The Doctor bent over to look at the results and Jack raised his eyebrow when he got a good look at the Time Lord's ass.

"Been working out, Doc?" Jack said.

The Doctor looked over his shoulder and eyed Jack when he realized where Jack was looking. Jack giggled when the Doctor put his hands over his buttcheeks while he turned his attention back to the monitor.

"Torchwood?" the Doctor said, glancing over his shoulder at Jack.

"Yes, that's where I work," Jack said with a shrug. "I head up a team in Cardiff that's based near the rift. We investigate aliens and weird phenomena. Why?"

"Rose and I visited this house in Scotland a few months ago. It was called Torchwood. We met Queen Victoria there and dispatched a werewolf."

"And Queen Victoria was so pissed off at you that she set up the Torchwood Institute in order to monitor alien activity in general and you in particular."

The Doctor raised his eyebrow.

"And you work for them?" he said, folding his arms over his chest again.

"No, my team and me distance ourselves from them. We just use the name," Jack said. "Some of the Torchwood Institutes aren't on the up and up so we don't associate with them."

"Some? How many are there?"

"Four, that I know of. We're Torchwood Three," Jack said.

"Just don't make me your enemy, you don't want that," the Doctor said as he turned back around to the monitor.

"Believe me, I know well the consequences of being your enemy," Jack said.

"The cube was sent to me and it was sent from an unpublished destination," the Doctor said, looking at the monitor.

"So we can't track it," Jack said.

"No, but I can send a message back," the Doctor said, leaning up and turning back around. "It means that I can't see where it came from but the destination is still encoded inside the cube. I can send a message back. Perhaps that will get results."

"Do it," Jack said.

The Doctor showed him how to activate the cube and Jack held it for him while he recorded his message.

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