Chapter Five

Rose lay on the bed in her simulated bedroom. It'd been several hours and no sign of anyone apart from a robed and hooded man who brought her a tray of food. It was mainly soup and sandwiches but she didn't touch it in case it was poisoned or drugged. She was hungry but she resisted the urge to eat. She needed to be alert and aware of her surroundings. Besides, she was more concerned about her mother. She hadn't heard from her since she was taken from the lab and she was terrified they were doing something to her.

The door slid open and she sat up when the man entered the room.

"You didn't eat," he said, gesturing to the tray on her bedside table.

"Not in the mood, thanks," Rose said tersely.

"It's not poisoned, Rose. I don't intend to get rid of you that quickly," he said.

"Going to make our torment last then?"

"That depends on your behavior and the behavior of your mother."

"Where is she?" Rose said, standing up.

"She's in a room much like this one. I haven't visited her lately but she was demanding to know what we did to you."

"Did you tell her?"

"I told her you were comfortable and safe in your room, which is the truth. As I said, how safe you are depends on your level of cooperation."

"Like reading your messages to the Doctor?"

"Funny you should mention that. He sent my cube back with a message of his own."

"Yeah? Did he threaten to rip your heart from your chest?"

The man chuckled.

"No, he demanded to know where to go in order to surrender. So touching that he's giving up so quickly to save you and your mother. Which is exactly what we were counting on."

"So what do you plan to do to him?" Rose said.

"Destroy him from the inside out. First, we destroy him mentally and emotionally before we destroy him physically."

"But who are you?" Rose said.

"You will find out in time. For now, you will accompany me."

"No. Not till I see me mum," Rose said.

The man raised his hand and Rose screamed when the electricity shot from his hand and coursed through her body.

"You are in no position to demand anything of us," he said, stopping the assault after thirty seconds. "You will obey or you will suffer and your mother will suffer with you."

Rose tried not to cry but pain was wracking her body. She gasped when the man seized her body under her arms and jerked her upright.

"Come with me or suffer some more, Rose Tyler."

"Alright, alright, I'm going," Rose said, holding up her hands.

She gasped when the man shoved her hard from behind, propelling her into the wall beside the door. She cried out in pain when he slammed his fist into her back.

"I'm obeying, I'm obeying!" Rose yelled.

Then move and don't resist or give me any backchat again," the man growled.

Rose nodded, trying to ignore the pain in her back while she walked out the door.


The Doctor, Jack and Ianto were waiting for a reply. They'd sent the message out but it'd been a couple of hours now. Ianto was playing a game on his mobile and Jack watched him do it while the Doctor paced around, frustrated.

"May I make a suggestion or will that invite your wrath like it used to do," Jack said after watching him for a few minutes.

"What is your suggestion?" the Doctor said, stopping.

"When we get Rose back and I'm saying "When" on purpose. Do something to her so you can track her remotely so we aren't stuck like this."

"I thought about it but I was always too busy to do it and I kept putting it off," the Doctor said, leaning back against the rim of the console. "Now I will definitely do it WHEN we find her."

"Thank you. And thank you for not biting my head off for making a suggestion."

"I'm not like I used to be. I've calmed down a lot since then."

"Good to know," Jack said. "Then can I ask this question? Why did you leave me behind?"

The Doctor hesitated in telling him. To his relief, there was a knocking on the door and he ran over to answer it. He opened the door and ducked when the cube zoomed at him.

"That happened to me too. It hit me in the head," Jack said as he and Ianto came around the console.

"That's because it homes in on you. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any way to tell what part it's homing in on," the Doctor said as the cube stopped and hovered in front of him.

He took it in his hands and the inner cube began glowing.


The Doctor's eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched when he heard the strain in Rose's voice.

"He got your message," Rose continued. "He wishes you to meet us inů"

Jack and Ianto came up behind the Doctor. They heard Rose conversing with someone in the background and the Doctor brought the cube up to his ear, trying to hear the other person.

"Chimara," he heard a deep male voice say.

"Chimara," Rose repeated. "He says to come to Chimara."

There was another exchange between her and the man and the Doctor listened again to the male's voice.

"Recognize the voice?" Jack said.

"No," the Doctor said.

"He says to come to Telara and a guide will be there to take you to the meeting place," Rose said.

"So it could be anyone or no one in particular," Jack said to the Doctor as the inner cube's light faded.

"It could be someone from my future as well, coming back in time to kill me. All I know is I don't recognize the voice. The voice is very faint though and the man could be disguising it."

"So we're still at square one," Jack said.

"No, we have a destination now," the Doctor said.

"But it could be a trap," Ianto said.

"Yes, most likely it is but I have to go. Rose and Jackie are in danger and I have to take that risk in order to save them. You can stay here but I'm going."

"I'm going too," Jack said.

"And me," Ianto said.

"Good. Let's head for Chimara then," the Doctor said before going to the console and inputting the destination.

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