Chapter Six

The Doctor stood at the console, his jaw tight and his eyes steely. Jack and Ianto were holding on to the rim of the console while it sped towards Chimara. Jack looked at the Doctor and noticed his tense expression.

"Don't look so angry, we'll get her back," Jack said to him.

"That's not why I'm angry," the Doctor said.

"Why are you angry then?" Ianto said.

"Because I know Chimara and I know what goes on there," the Doctor said tersely.

"What goes on there?" Ianto said.

"Slave trading, especially in Telara where Rose said to go. I don't know how much her captor's told her but if they're going to the slave trading hub of the Silfrax Galaxy."

"They better not put her up for auction," Jack said angrily.

"You said it could be a trap so we could land up on the auction block as well," Ianto said.

"If they do, I demand top dollar," Jack said. "Just joking," Jack said to the Doctor when he glowered at him.

The TARDIS landed and powered down.

"Look, why don't I go? I'll tell them I'm you," Jack said. "They act like they don't know Yan and I are here."

The Doctor thought that over.

"And if they kill me, I come back to life. I'm immortal now, in case you don't know."

"I do know," the Doctor said. "You can try but this lot might know my incarnations so it could be risky."

"Just let me try. You and Yan can follow me but if he's gonna torture you, I'd rather take the brunt of it."

"I can't let you do that," the Doctor said. "Bad enough they might torture Rose and Jackie, I can't let them torture you as well."

"I'll accept the consequences. If they don't buy that I'm you, I'll tell them that I'm making sure they're keeping their part of the bargain and you and Yan can make an appearance."

The Doctor thought that over.

"Just be careful, don't do anything…"

"To jeopardize Rose," Jack finished for him. "I won't. I care about Rose just as much as you do and I don't want to put her in further danger."

"Alright, off you go then and be careful."

Jack nodded. The Doctor handed him his sonic and told him to show it if the captors needed proof of his identity. Jack nodded, took it from him and put it in his pocket. The Doctor and Ianto watched while he walked down the ramp to the door. He hesitated a moment, calming himself before he opened the door and stepped outside. He shut the door behind him and looked around. They were near a large concrete area with a concrete stage. There was a concrete post in the center of it and tied to it was Rose. Rose was looking at Jack with a shocked expression but Jack grinned and ran over to her.

"Rose! Thank God!"

"No, wait, there's some sort of force field around me," Rose said. "It's around me and the post and the man said that you can't touch me or get at the ropes."

Jack looked around as he mounted some concrete steps on the side of the stage. There were a few people walking by the square but the square itself was empty, except for them and the TARDIS. Jack walked up to Rose and put his hand out. About three inches from her body, he felt resistance and he cursed softly.

"Don't worry; we'll get you out of this. Just act like I'm the Doctor, it's part of our plan," Jack muttered to her when he put his hands down.

"What if he doesn't believe you're the Doctor?" Rose muttered back.

"Then we bring the real Doctor out and I say I was just checking to make sure we were in the right place."

"I don't know if that'll work. It might make them angry," Rose said softly.

"They better not hurt you or I'll get angry," Jack said with a steely look on his face.

Rose nodded to something behind him and Jack turned to see a hooded, black robed figure coming up the stairs toward him. He looked at Rose.

"Him?" he mouthed to her.

Rose nodded and Jack turned his attention back to the man who was now stopping and looking him over.

"Hello, I'm the Doctor," Jack said to the man.

"You are not the Doctor, you are Captain Jack Harkness."

"Damn. Okay, I'm not but he's here inside the TARDIS so let Rose go."

The man laughed.

"It's not that easy, Jack Harkness," he said to him.

The man turned when the TARDIS door opened and the Doctor and Ianto emerged from the time ship. The Doctor quickly closed the door behind them. He glanced at Rose and smiled at the relieved look on her face. He looked at the man and the smile fell off his face as he and Ianto walked up the steps onto the stage.

"You have made a mistake by targeting my friends," the Doctor said to the man when he came up to him while Ianto stood behind him.

"You have made a mistake by interfering in the affairs of other planets," the man said.

"And who are you exactly and what business is it of yours?" the Doctor said.

"You have brought this on yourself," the man said, ignoring his question.

"And you have brought this on yourself by kidnapping my friends. So who are you and what do you want?"

"I want your destruction."

The Doctor snorted.

"Take a number and get in the queue, mate," he said to him.

"You will kneel before me or your friends will suffer."

"If you hurt them, you will feel my wrath and believe me, you don't want that," the Doctor growled at him.

The man stared at him for a moment. Then suddenly the inside of the force field sent out electricity and Rose screamed at it went through her body again.

"ROSE!" Jack screamed as he hit the force field with the palm of his hands, trying to break through.

The Doctor and Ianto tried to charge the man but he immediately transmatted away, leaving Rose to scream in agony.

"Jack, my sonic!" the Doctor yelled as he and Ianto dashed over.

Jack fumbled in his pocket and pulled out the sonic. The Doctor quickly adjusted the setting and aimed it at the force field. The electricity shut up and Rose's legs gave way and she slumped down, half alive, while her arms hung from the ropes. Jack tried to touch her and cursed when the force field prevented him from breaking through. The Doctor tried another setting but nothing worked. The force field held and the Doctor gave up after five different settings and tried to determine the extent of Rose's injuries.

"That fucking bastard, I'll kill him for this!" Jack snarled as he felt the force field with his fingertips.

Then suddenly the ropes snapped and Rose groaned as her arms fell along with her body as she fell to the side. The Doctor tried again but there was still a force field around her. He knelt by her side, calling her name while Rose's eyes fluttered. He could tell she was on the verge of unconsciousness. He tried to move her and his face brightened momentarily when they pulled her away from the post but now the force field stayed with her and covered her whole body. Jack helped the Doctor gather Rose into his arms. For the moment, he was thankful for the force field since there was no pressure being exerted on her body. He wasn't sure of the extent of her injuries and he told Jack and Ianto to follow him while he took her to med bay. By now, Rose was unconscious and the Doctor held her as close to his body as he could while he carried her.

They walked towards the TARDIS but when they got to within a foot of it, they suddenly ran into another force field.

"No, no, no, no!" the Doctor growled as Jack and Ianto held out their hands to touch.

They went around the TARDIS, feeling it while the Doctor watched them and held Rose. He gritted his teeth when Jack and Ianto met behind it.

"It's completely surrounds it," Jack said grimly. "Whoever that bastard was, he doesn't want us leaving here anytime soon."

"He probably has the device that will turn off both force fields," the Doctor said. "So even if we have Rose, we can't free her and…he can torture her with electricity as long as she's inside here."

"Lovely," Jack said dryly. "So we get to find him."

"Like a game," Ianto said.

"Yes, my friends, I have a feeling that's exactly what this is. A game. A very deadly game with Rose and Jackie's lives at stake," the Doctor said.

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