Chapter Nine

"Ah, alone at last," Jack said, shutting the door and walking over to Rose. "And you can't get away."

"Oh, shut up," Rose said with a grin.

"The Doctor should be worried about you and me because I will make you mine," Jack said, bending over. "Oh crap, you can move your body and repel my advances," he said when Rose reached up to push his face away.

He tried to grab her hand and sighed when his hand closed around the force field.

"This sucks," Jack said to her.

"Tell me about it."

She fell silent for a moment.

"He could still shock me while I'm in here, do you think he will?" she asked him.

Jack's face darkened.

"He does and I'll find him myself and rip him apart," he said, sitting on the bed beside her.

"What if this force field does more than shock me? What if he releases gas in here?" Rose said. "And what did he do to Mum?"

"We'll find her, Rose," Jack said. "I doubt he's killed her or harmed her too much. He seems to know the Doctor and if he does, he'll know that making him angry is a very bad idea."

"I just wish there was a way to get out of here," Rose said, lifting her arms up and staring at them.

"But if you get out of there I'll be waiting to snog you."

"Yeah, right," Rose said while Jack chuckled. "You just said the Doctor would be angry if something happens to me."

"But he's not here and you'd never tell."

"Wanna bet?"

"Yes, I would wanna bet," Jack said.

He chuckled when Rose giggled and repelled him with her force field covered hands.

"Love to hear ya laugh, Blondie. And hopefully you feel less afraid about all this," he said to her.

"I'm not afraid, I'm more worried about what will happen to me and Mum," Rose said. "And I know you're trying to comfort me and I love that but you can't reach me in here and that bloke can do whatever he wants at the moment. If he shocks me again, you can't pull me out of here."

"I know," Jack said sourly. "Surely there's a way to free you without having to find The Monk."

"I don't know what would free me apart from the sonic and the Doctor tried that."

"No, there's gotta be a weakness of some kind. Nothing is impregnable," Jack said. "We just have to find out what it is before something happens to you."


The Doctor and Ianto walked through the town searching for any sign of Rose's abductor. So far there was no sign of him but they were still being watched by various slavers. The Doctor figured it was because they weren't dressed like the others. Still, he was glad Rose was hidden away so they could concentrate on finding their adversary.

"So, how did you meet Jack?" the Doctor asked Ianto while they walked.

Ianto told him the story of their first meeting while they walked. As they walked through the town, the Doctor noticed one persistent slaver was following them. He was trying to follow at a distance but the Doctor could tell the man was shadowing them. Ianto hadn't noticed but then again, he was busy telling the Doctor about him and Jack. Finally, the Doctor held his hand up to stop Ianto and turned to face the man.

"I know you're following us," he said as Ianto turned around.

The man was tall and muscular with scars all over his body. He had on a long sleeved white shirt with a leather waistcoat and leather pants and boots. The man had stubble for a beard and a lean, angular face that also had scars on it. His hair was cut short in military style and he had a leather belt with several pouches hanging from it. He walked up to the Doctor and looked him and Ianto over.

"Where is the girl?" he asked with a gruff voice.

"Safely hidden," the Doctor said.

"Good. I want to purchase her before the auction."

"She's not for sale," the Doctor said smugly.

"I will pay a good price for her. I need a sex slave as beautiful as that."

Ianto saw the Doctor's fist clench at that.

"She's not for sale," he said through clenched teeth.

"I will pay top credit for her," the man said through clenched teeth.

"She is not for sale…at any price," the Doctor said, his eyes boring into the man's.

The man reached into a pouch on his left side and pulled out a tiny blaster.

"Give her to me," the man growled at him.

"Never!" the Doctor snarled back. "And if you shoot me, you better run because I guarantee you'll get a surprise."

"Give her to me or you die!" the man growled again.

He grunted and staggered back in a daze when Ianto suddenly slammed his fist into the side of the man's head. The Doctor took advantage of that to finish the job. He punched the man and rendered him unconscious.

"Thank you," the Doctor said to Ianto.

"No problem, I figured if I didn't do that, he would either shoot you or keep threatening you," Ianto said.

"See, this is why I'm glad Rose is off the street," the Doctor said. "I'm sure there are others who are following us like he is and waiting for an opportunity to make a bid."

"Perhaps they'll back off after seeing this," Ianto said, gesturing to the unconscious man at their feet.

"Or it'll make people more determined to get at her. Either way, we have to find Rose and Jackie's abductor before…"

His eyes widened when Ianto suddenly gasped and grabbed his stomach while he doubled up in pain.

"Ianto, what's wrong?" the Doctor said.

"Someone just punched me," Ianto grunted out as he held his stomach. "I could feel the fist going into my gut."

The Doctor helped him straighten up while he looked around. He didn't see anyone near them when Ianto was punched. But he knew cloaking devices were around and extremely affordable.

"Show yourself!" the Doctor yelled as he looked around.

A few men gave him odd looks as they passed by but the Doctor ignored them. He looked at the ground, checking to make sure a projectile wasn't fired into Ianto's stomach that could be mistaken for a fist but there was nothing there.

"Come on, let's keep moving," the Doctor said, noticing a few people were stopping and staring at them intently now.

Ianto nodded. They walked away while behind them a disembodied voice chuckled softly.

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