Chapter Ten

The Doctor and Ianto spent two hours searching but without any success. They decided to go back to the inn and rest awhile before going back out. They walked to the inn without any trouble from anyone else and said hello to James when they entered. They went upstairs and Jack leapt up from the bed when Ianto opened the door.

"I DIDN'T RAPE HER!" he yelled.

Rose laughed hysterically at the stunned look on the Doctor's face.

"Just joking," Jack said, sitting back down. "Just wanted to see your reaction to that."

"You're lucky I didn't react by putting my fist in your face," the Doctor said as they came inside and shut the door.

"So no luck?" Jack said.

"Something punched me in the stomach," Ianto said.

"Doctor, that was rude of you," Jack said.

Rose giggled at the Doctor's eye roll.

"So you didn't see the assailant?" Jack said to Ianto.

"No, no one was around us at the time," Ianto said.

"So he's invisible?" Jack said.

"Perhaps or he has some force field weapon that could punch Ianto," the Doctor said. "We didn't see anything else after that so we came back here to rest."

"SoI assume you want the room to yourselves," Jack said.

"Yes, I'd like a bit of alone time with Rose," the Doctor said.

"Okay, I'll do the same with Ianto then. Just let us know when you'll be ready to go. I'll take the next shift with whoever's going out," Jack said. "Come on, Yan, let's go to our room and leave them alone."

Ianto nodded. The Doctor sat down in Jack's place and watched while the two of them left the room. When the door shut, he turned his attention to Rose.

"He didn't try to rape you, did he?" he said to her.

Rose giggled.

"No, you git, he's more of a gentleman than that," she said.

She giggled again when the Doctor raised his eyebrow and said nothing.

"Anyway, on to my lie-down," he said as he got up.

He lay down on the empty bed, closed his eyes and let out a series of pretend snores that were so loud and so rapid, it sounded like a pig snort. His eyes shot open and he sat up.

"Aaah, nice kip," he said while Rose giggled. "And now that I've had my kip. What do you want?"

Rose stopped laughing and stared at him.

"Me?" she said.

"No, the person who followed us here, the one who's cloaking himself and hiding in here right now. What do you want?"

"I told you what I want."

Rose jerked her head up when she heard the voice by her bed. The Doctor looked at her and gave her a reassuring look when he saw the fear on her face.

"Will you let Rose go if I surrender?" the Doctor said.

"You care for her deeply, don't you?"

"I do as I care for all my friends."

"No, this one is different. She is special," the voice said.

"Whatever. Let her go and let her mother go," the Doctor said.


"Doctor, don't," Rose said.

"I have no choice, if I don't, he'll torture you."

"Doctor, no!"

But the Doctor ignored her as he knelt down.

"There, is this what you want?" he said, looking around for the source of the voice.

There was no answer and the Doctor looked around. Then he suddenly felt something trying to enter his mind and possess it. He started to put up mental blocks to fight the incursion.

Don't or your beloved dies, the man's voice echoed inside his head.

The Doctor glanced at Rose but he could tell she didn't hear that and knew the being was inside his mind.

It's not a cloaking device, it's some sort of consciousness," the Doctor said to Rose. "It's trying to take over my mind and if I don't let it, you die."

"Then don't, Doctor, fight them!" Rose said in a panicked voice.

If you fight me, she dies, the voice said inside the Doctor's head.

"I will do it but I ask for one thing," the Doctor said.

What, the voice said inside his head.

"Let me say goodbye to Rose, release her so I can hold her and say goodbye," the Doctor said. "If you let me do that, I will surrender myself to you."

There was no answer for a moment and then the Doctor heard the voice say that Rose was released.

"Rose, come to me, the force field is gone," the Doctor said.

Rose slowly sat up and sank down to the floor. She walked on her knees to the Doctor and swallowed hard when the Doctor touched her skin.

"Doctor, don't do this," Rose said as he held her in his arms.

"I have to do this or you'll die and Jackie will die as well. I have to give myself up to them to save you."

"It won't save us, it'll make things worse," Rose said.

"Do you trust me?" the Doctor said as he cupped her face with his hands.

"Always," Rose said.

Rose swallowed hard again when the Doctor nuzzled her cheek with his nose before kissing it.

"I will be a part of you," he murmured in her ear.

"And I will be a part of you, always," Rose murmured back.

"Kiss me then," the Doctor said, putting his hands on the side of her head.

Rose kissed him deeply but as they kissed, she felt something entering her mind. She started to pull away but she found she couldn't move.

Harbor me, the Doctor whispered inside her mind. Keep me safe until I can reclaim my body. Let me shelter inside you. I need your body while mine is possessed. Think to me, my hearts, will you let me come inside you.

Yes, my love, come inside me and be safe, Rose thought back.

She felt the Doctor's being inside her mind but she didn't resist as she kissed the man she loved.

I will leave enough residual consciousness to fool him, his voice said inside her mind. But I will share your mind with you and at times take control so I can help all of us. Trust me, my hearts.

I do trust you, do what you must, Rose thought back.

She felt the last of his consciousness enter her mind. What was left of the consciousness inside the Doctor pulled his body back and finished the kiss but Rose knew that the majority of the Doctor's being was now inside her. She could sense him inside her mind. Sensed his love for her and took comfort from it. The Doctor's body declared openly that he was ready before shutting his eyes. Rose backed away from him, in case his possessed body did something. It was an odd sensation, the Doctor observing events along with her, his mind inside hers. She could sense his more ancient mind and even got a flicker of some of his memories but unlike the man who was now possessing his body, she knew he would never harm her and she felt comforted knowing the bulk of his mind was free and safe inside her own.

When the Doctor's body opened its eyes and looked at her, she noticed his brown eyes were darker now, almost black and there was a hard, cold look to them. These eyes were devoid of any warmth and sympathy but she could sense the love from the Doctor within her own mind while the possessed Doctor stared at her. A twisted smile formed on the possessed Doctor's face and Rose gasped when the Possessed Doctor seized her wrist.

"Now he is mine and nothing can save you," the Possessed Doctor said as he brought his face inches from hers.

Even as the Possessed Doctor stared at her menacingly, the Doctor chuckled warmly inside Rose's mind.

That's what he thinks, he thought to her. I'm cleverer than he thinks, the stupid git.

Rose was calmed and comforted by that. The Possessed Doctor commanded her to stand up and when she did, the Possessed Doctor seized her hand again.

"Come on," he snarled at her. "Let's go get Jack and Ianto and go back home to your mum."

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