Chapter Eleven

"So, what did you think of the Doctor?" Jack asked as he and Ianto lay in one bed in their room.

"I like him, he's a nice bloke," Ianto said while Jack stroked his cheek.

"He's the reason I became a good guy," Jack said. "I was a con artist before I met him. He set me straight and I decided to follow his example and fight evil like he does."

"Then I like him even more since he's responsible for you coming to Torchwood and meeting me."

"Yeah, that's another perk of being a good guy," Jack purred before kissing his nose.

There was a knock on the door and he groaned as he got up.

"Guess the boss is ready to move out again," Jack said, standing up. "Wow, the sex between them didn't last very long."

"Maybe they didn't have sex," Ianto said.

"Puh-leeze, alone time with Rose translates to alien baloney pony inside the human, trust me. Stay here, I'll get it. I'm gonna volunteer to go out anyway."

He opened the door and grunted when the Possessed Doctor falcon punched him immediately, sending him to the floor. Rose, standing behind him, yelled in alarm while Ianto quickly got up from the bed.

"I didn't rape her!" Jack said, rubbing his jaw, "That was a joke, idiot. Geez, Doctor, jealous much?"

"It's not the Doctor, not really. The man who captured me took control of his mind," Rose said.

"Oh yeah? Well, get out of him and leave him alone," Jack growled at the Possessed Doctor.

The Possessed Doctor sniggered.

"No one can stop me," he said to Jack. "Not even the Doctor is strong enough to reclaim his mind."

That's because I'm in here, Rose heard the Doctor say inside her mind. Wait to tell Jack and Ianto about this, my Rose. Wait until we're alone with them.

I will, Rose thought back.

"So what happens now?" Jack said as Ianto came up beside him.

"Now, we go back to my ship. Rose wants to see her mum so badly after all."

Jack narrowed his eyes. The man was speaking with the Doctor's voice and if Rose hadn't said anything, he would have assumed it was the Doctor. But whatever remained of his friend was gone for the moment. The being inside him was sneering at him and Jack longed to smack the sneer off his face. He a feeling that he and everyone else would suffer if he did that.

"So this was your plan then? Get inside the Doctor and possess him?" Jack said to the Possessed Doctor.

"Part of the plan," the Possessed Doctor said.

"So, you're just a voice and a mind?" Ianto said.

"I had a physical body once but I learned to ascend from an old spiritual master and it's a good thing too since the Doctor destroyed my planet in the Time War."

Oh? Rose heard the Doctor say. Be a lamb and ask him which planet he came from, my hearts.

"Which planet was it?" Rose said to the Possessed Doctor.

"Arcadia," the Possessed Doctor said, turning to her.

Rose sensed the Doctor's anguish at that.

"So you're blaming the Doctor for your planet's destruction, am I right?" Jack said.

"Yes," the Possessed Doctor snarled as he turned back to him. "He did nothing to save my planet."

That's a lie, Rose heard the Doctor say. I did everything in my power to save it and it still wasn't enough.

"The Doctor tried to save your world and did everything he could to save it," Rose said to the Possessed Doctor.

"And how would you know that?" he said, turning back to her.

"Because I know the Doctor and I know he'd do everything he could to save a planet in trouble, especially from the Daleks."

"I agree," Jack said. "Sitting back and doing nothing is not the Doctor's style."

"Well, you obviously don't know him that well. Because he didn't save us. My body was in danger of dying so I ascended and I've been this way ever since, except now I own the Doctor's body. The perfect revenge."

"And what…" Jack said, folding his arms over his chest. "Now what are you gonna do now that you're inside the man who supposedly wronged you. Gonna do evil things and be nasty?"

"I'm going to cause him even more anguish by destroying your lives as well," the Possessed Doctor said.

"And this will solve everything?" Rose said. "This will bring back Arcadia?"

"No, but I will make the Doctor suffer which is just as good," the Possessed Doctor said.

"And how will you do that since you're in control of his mind and body now," Jack said.

The Possessed Doctor laughed and turned to Rose.

"I'm not a fool, Doctor, I know where you went," he spoke to Rose. "You went right inside your beloved and now you're hiding inside her like a coward."

Rose, let me have control for a moment so I can speak to him.

How do I do that?

Relax. Quiet your mind and let me take control.

Rose did as he said and felt the Doctor pushing her consciousness back. She felt him taking control and she realized she was now more of an observer inside her mind while the Doctor used her to speak to their captor.

"I'm the Doctor," they heard him say with Rose's voice. "I have taken control of Rose's mind and I speak through her. What this man said is a lie. I fought tooth and nail for Arcadia but my so-called allies deserted me and the Daleks overwhelmed our position. I was forced to retreat."

"You could have done more, you should have died with the Daleks," the Possessed Doctor snarled at the Doctor.

"Yes, I should have," the Doctor said.

The Doctor sensed Rose's anguish at that but he was speaking the truth to this man now inside his body.

"For years, I wanted to die," the Doctor said. "But then I found people who brightened my life and made me want to live again. I'm sorry that you've become a mere consciousness but Rose is right, possessing me will solve nothing. Perhaps I can help you. Build you an android body so you can have a body again…"

"I do have a body. I have yours," the Possessed Doctor said gleefully. "And you can lecture me all you want but I will never give up this body. You belong to me now and now you will suffer along with everyone else. You may be in this body but you can suffer just as much as Rose, doubly in fact since you will feel Rose's anguish while you feel the pain of her body."

"Don't do this," the Doctor said. "I'm capable of mercy but I will show you no quarter if you persist…"

Jack and Ianto cried out when the Possessed Doctor punched Rose as hard as he could. Rose's head snapped back and she fell to the floor unconscious.

"Now try to talk to me when your host is unconscious," the Possessed Doctor sneered.

"Likewise," Jack said.

He tried to punch the Possessed Doctor but the Possessed Doctor dodged him, grabbed his outstretched hand and wrenched it behind his back while he grabbed him.

"Don't try it or I'll break his arm," the Possessed Doctor said to Ianto after putting his head on Jack's shoulder. "Pick up the girl and let's go!"

"Do it, Yan," Jack said.

Ianto nodded. He walked over to Rose, gathered her in his arms and picked her up. Jack winced when the Possessed Doctor jerked his arm up before forcing him and Ianto to walk out of the room.

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