Chapter Thirteen

Rose was led down the corridor towards a door at the end of it. She looked around while the man led her and the Doctor saw several more people sitting and resting in semi dirty cells. Most of the people who were awake were ragged and abused and had empty looks on their faces. He hated people like this, people like this old man who made money off the suffering of others and he was determined to find a way to stop it.

While they walked, he suddenly had an idea.

Rose, he thought to her, try to touch the sides of this bloke's head. If you can get your fingers on his temples, I can force my consciousness into his and take him over. Then we can find a way to get out of this.

Now? Rose thought.

No, wait till he gets inside the room where you can have privacy. Then do it, the Doctor thought.

Rose nodded, happy that the Doctor had thought of a solution. They reached the end of the corridor and Rose stared at the man, psyching herself up and seeing herself grabbing the man and seizing his hand. She would have to hold on tightly, long enough for the Doctor to jump from her mind to his. But she would do it if it meant they would get out of here.

They entered the room and Rose wrinkled her nose at the smell of dried urine. The room was also concrete with a desk, chair and a makeshift office at the far end of it. To Rose's distress, there was another concrete pole in the center of the room with iron chains and manacles hanging from it. Rose knew the time was short since she was sure she was about to be chained to that pole. But before he could act, the old man whipped out a small silver box and pushed a button.

"What was that?" Rose said when nothing happened.

"That was your force field prison. The man who brought you in gave it to me, told me that he kept you docile with it."

So I can't touch him now, Rose thought to the Doctor as she looked at her hands.

No. Bollocks, the Doctor thought back. Damn that bloke, I'm gonna strangle him myself when I see him again.

If we see him again, Rose thought as the man jerked her chain and compelled her to go towards the pole. Doctor, what do I do now?

Just comply with his demands, the Doctor thought. You can't touch him so fighting him is useless and if you resist, he might hurt you. So just go along with this for the moment while I think.

Rose followed the Doctor's advice. The man brought her to the pole and for a moment Rose wondered how he was going to chain her wrists to the pole when he turned a dial on the small box and informed her that the force field had been widened to include the pole and she was now encased in a tiny prison surrounding it. Rose watched while the man walked over to his desk and sat down. He opened a drawer and pulled out a few forms and picked up a pen while Rose watched.

"So…what is your name then?" the man said to Rose.

"Um…Rose Tyler," she said, thinking there was no harm in revealing her true name.

"Rose. Pretty name, pretty names attract buyers," the man muttered while he wrote that down. "Age?"


"Youth attracts buyers as well," the man said.

"You know, I do have family and friends that would miss me if I was sold into slavery," Rose said.

"You're not the first one, dearie," the man said with a shrug. "Loads of people that come through here have family and friends."

"This is wrong, you can't sell people into slavery," Rose said. "How can you even do this? Are you really that cruel and heartless?"

"No, my dear. This is a business, like any other," the man said, glancing at her.

"No, this isn't like most businesses. Most businesses do not enslave people and sell them to other people," Rose said. "Especially ones that have been kidnapped, like me and my friends. We aren't escaped slaves, that man just said that to get you to take us. He hates us and wants to get rid of us so let us go."

"You're here now so why does it matter whether or not I let you go," the man said. "So he lied about you being escaped slaves. You're slaves now, aren't you?"

"But it's wrong," Rose said.

He doesn't care, Rose, the Doctor thought to her. As he said earlier in the conversation, this is a business to him. He won't be convinced by one little girl, not after auctioning off hundreds and maybe thousands.

So what do we do? Rose thought to him.

"Date of birth?" the man said to her.

I need to touch him somehow, the Doctor thought to her. If I can get into his mind, I can control him.

"Date of birth, Rose," the man repeated. "You can think about your family and friends later."

"Do you want these?" Rose said suddenly as she cupped her breasts.

Rose, what are you doing, the Doctor thought to her.

I'm getting him to touch me so I can touch him, Rose thought back.

"Rose, I'm trying to get your information," the man said. "The quicker we can do this, the quicker you can go back to your cell."

"But I have a nice, young body. Wouldn't you like it?" Rose purred as she cupped her breasts.

The man sighed.

"You do realize you aren't the first person to trade sex for their freedom, right?" he said.

"But why would you want to give me up to someone else when you could have me all to yourself?" Rose said. "I don't want to go with some manky git who'll abuse me. I could stay with you, help you, be your lover. Wouldn't you like that?"

The Doctor did see a flicker of interest on the old man's face. Rose pulled up her shirt and her bra and showed him the goods and the Doctor saw the interest increase.

"I am only a slave dealer, I don't own slaves," the man said.

"But I need to be broken in," Rose purred as she fondled her right breast. "I need to be conditioned to be a good sex slave, yeah? Perhaps you'd like a go at me?"

The Doctor could tell he was suspicious of her sudden interest in him but he also saw lust battling with the suspicion. He thought to Rose and told her to keep going since he was sure lust would win out in the end. Then to his shock, Rose pulled down her jeans and underpants and showed him that. Now the old man's interest was definitely peaked and he got up from his desk and slowly walked towards her.

Be careful, Rose, don't go too far and end up raped, the Doctor cautioned her.

"Come to me and have a go," Rose purred as she stroked her pubic hair. "Break me in and teach me how to be a proper slave."

The Doctor could see the hesitation on the man's face. He knew the man wasn't completely buying Rose's act but the lust he had for her was slowly winning out.

All we need to do is get him to drop the force field, the Doctor thought to Rose. Do that and put your hands on his face and lean in to kiss him like I did with you. I can force myself into his mind then.

The man was still hesitating but Rose kept up the moaning and fondling of her breasts and pubic hair and he finally was won over.

"You better not try to kill me or I'll make you scream," the man said to her. "That collar and chain are still around your neck and I can use them."

"I understand," Rose said.

Then the man reached into his pocket and turned off the force field. Rose put her hands up to his face, letting her trousers and pants fall around her ankles as she focused her attention on getting her hands on him. She put her hands in the same place the Doctor did and forced herself to kiss him. As she did, she felt the Doctor leaving her mind and the man stiffened as the Doctor entered him. Rose clamped her hands onto his head as the man tried to get away and the Doctor streamed out of Rose quickly and went into the man's mind. Then Rose felt the last of him go and she broke off the kiss. The man's eyes were wide with shock and then Rose gasped when the man fell back to the floor and began to convulse.

"Doctor?" Rose said, reaching down to pull her pants and trousers up.

"AAAAAH, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" the man screamed as he convulsed.

Rose was unsure what to do. The man was yelling for the Doctor to leave his mind while his body shook and convulsed. Then suddenly, the man fell silent and his body stilled.

"Doctor?" Rose said.

"Rose?" the man said, turning his head towards her.

"Are you there?" Rose said.

"Yes. It was a struggle, forcing his mind away and blocking it," the Doctor said, sitting up. "That's why his body was convulsing, we were fighting for control but I won out."

He looked down at the man's face and made a face.

"Ugh, I'm old now," he said while Rose breathed a sigh of relief.

"Who cares, I'm just glad you're in there," Rose said, hugging him when he got to his feet.

"Rose, that was very impressive and extremely foolhardy of you but it did the job," the Doctor said, hugging her tightly.

Rose kissed his cheek before stepping back and adjusting her bra and shirt. She noticed the Doctor was staring at her breast when she pulled up her shirt to pull her bra down and she giggled and fondled her breast.

"Now, now, no time for that, dearie," he said while Rose giggled and finished pulling her bra down over her breasts. "I do have a plan though."

"And that plan is?"

"I'm thinking we should pretend to go on with the auction," the Doctor said.

"Why?" Rose said.

"Because I have a feeling my body will show up. I have a feeling our friend won't resist coming to the auction to see you, Jack and Ianto sold off. If he does, I can try to get back in my body and reclaim it."

"But can you?" Rose said. "I mean, he forced you out."

"No, I let him come in while I went into your body. I thought it was the safest course at the time but I'm pretty sure I'm far stronger than he is."

"And if you're aren't?" Rose said.

"Then we take him to the TARDIS. The TARDIS will force him out of my body and I know there's no one stronger than her in the universe."

"But you want me and Jack and Ianto to act as bait. What if he doesn't show up though? What if we get sold off?"

"Rose, I'm the one in charge now, am I not?" the Doctor said, putting his hand on his chest. "I'm the owner of the auction which means I have the final say in who gets you or if they get you."

"Okay but…here's my thought," Rose said. "Have Ianto pose as a bidder, just in case. You can always sell us to him if your body doesn't show up."

"Good idea. We'll have to disguise him though, just in case your kidnappers show up as well. But yes, we can put Ianto in the crowd as a safety measure. But I'm willing to bet, my poppet, that our friend will show and when he does, we're going to get my body back and find your mum."

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