Chapter Fourteen

Rose was relieved that the Doctor was now in control of the old man. At least now there was a way to escape their fate and find her mother. She wanted to take the collar off but the Doctor told her to leave it on for the moment.

"Keeping up appearances," he said to her. "Unless you can't bear it? Is it too tight because I can adjust it."

"No, I can bear it," Rose said. "I'm just glad you were able to go inside this guy's body for the moment."

"Yes, I'm inside…Jarvik's body," the Doctor said. "I can access his memories. The bastard's been doing this work for about fifty years now. Time for him to stop it, I think."

"I agree," Rose said.

"Let's go get Jack and Ianto and assess the condition of the others, see if they need medical attention and find out where they're originally from."

"Doctor, you have the force field controls now, you can get at the TARDIS again," Rose said gleefully.

"Yes. But I still need my body obviously. Still, at least some of this mess has been sorted. Now come with me, let's go see Jack and Ianto."

She started to follow him when the Doctor stopped and chuckled.

"Indulge me, dearest, in a little prank," he said as he grabbed the chain hanging from her collar.


Jack and Ianto got to their feet when they saw Rose come up to the cell door with the old man. Rose's head was lowered and she was staring at the floor while the old man gave them a gleeful look.

"What have you done to her?" Jack growled as he and Ianto came to the cage door.

"I have made her mine," the Doctor said. "She is now my slave in every way."

"Not if I can help it," Jack growled.

"Oh but that's just it, you can't help it or help her. She's going to give me plenty of nookie from now on."

Rose turned her head so Jack didn't see the smile on her face and she bit her lip to keep from laughing.

"Give her to me, I'll take her place," Jack said.

"No, you're manky and you smell like cabbage. Rose smells like roses, I want her," the man said.

"You're an asshole and I'm gonna put my fist through your face if you don't release her," Jack said.

"Is that a threat, Cabbage Arse?"

Jack noticed Rose was now shaking. He was confused because he didn't realize it was silent laughter since her head was still turned away from him.

"What are you looking at, Cabbage Arse?" the Doctor said, pressing on his nose to get his attention.

"I'm looking at a dead man if you don't release her and set us free," Jack said.

"NEVER! SHE IS MINE, UTTERLY!" the Doctor yelled out dramatically.

Jack was shocked when Rose finally couldn't contain her laughter any longer.

"Aw, Rose, you ruined it," the Doctor said to her.

"Sorry, I can't help laughing at your cheesy acting," Rose said to him.

"Cheesy? I was brilliant just then."

"Okay, what the hell is going on?" Jack said.

"The Doctor is in here now, he forced his way into Jarvik's mind and took control," Rose said.

"So he thought he'd be an asshole to us then?" Jack said while Ianto cracked a smile.

"Just a harmless prank. Getting back at you for the whole I didn't rape her thing when you opened the door," the Doctor said.

"Cabbage Arse?" Jack said. "Seriously?"

"Would you rather I called you Manky Shoes or Rotorooter the Big Fat Tooter?" he said while Rose giggled.

"Whatever, just set us free, Chuckles," Jack said.

The Doctor unlocked the door and told them his plan while they checked on the other captives. The women in the cage near Jack's were unconscious and there was evidence of extreme physical abuse. The others were in a daze or their minds were nearly gone. Jack and Ianto coxed them out while the Doctor carried the two unconscious women back to Jarvik's office. They found a couple of camp beds in a cupboard along with some blankets and made the women comfortable for the moment while Jack and Ianto coaxed the others inside the room. The conscious captives blanched and shrank back when they saw the Doctor but he told them that everything was okay and they were free now. The four men and two women were still scared but Jack eased their fears and when they saw they weren't going to be chained up and beaten, they relaxed. Ianto and Jack went to find them some food and supplies when they were calmed down enough to stay in the same room with the Doctor and Rose spread some blankets down for them and eased their fears while they sat on them. The Doctor walked over to the desk, sat down and looked through the paperwork while Rose sat with the former slaves and asked them their names and where they came from.

"There's an auction in the morning," the Doctor said to Rose.

"Please, sir, don't sell us off," a young woman begged him.

The Doctor smiled gently and put the paper down on the desk.

"I won't sell any of you," he said, getting up and walking towards them. "My name is the Doctor. I'm inside this man, controlling him and I won't hurt any of you or sell you off. But my friends and me are going to pretend to have an auction because I need to find someone that brought us here. He has my original body and I need it back."

He crouched down beside the woman. She was in her teens with bruises all over her body. She had long brown hair that was dirty and matted and she was emaciated.

"What is your name?" he asked her while the other captives watched and listened.

"Lucy," the woman said.

"Lucy, nice to meet you. I'm trapped in this man's body and using his mind. I'm not evil like he is."

"And you're hoping the man in your body will be at the auction?" Lucy said.

"Yes. I have a way to enter my body and take it back but I need to make physical contact with him. So we're going to pretend to hold an auction because we're hoping to lure him to it."

"And then you'll kill him?" a young man said, pointing to Jarvik's body.

"No, I take him to a prison planet and leave him there and I'm going to convince the authorities to shut down the auctions and make slavery illegal."

"Let me help then," Lucy said. "Let me be part of this and help you."

"Are you sure? You aren't in the best of health, Lucy," the Doctor said.

"I know but it needs to look convincing, right? And you can't do that with three people."

"I want to help as well," the young man said.

The Doctor smiled when the other conscious captives echoed him and told them their willingness to help out.

"Thank you," he said. "Thank you all for your bravery. I promise I won't hurt any of you but we do have to make it look convincing so no one will suspect anything."

"Do what you need to do," Lucy said. "I want revenge on those bastards and I want this slave auction to end."

"Well, we have until tomorrow. Let's get you something to eat and clean you up and make you comfortable, yeah?"

The captives nodded. The Doctor was pleased that they were willing to help pull off the fake slave auction and once again, he was in awe of human bravery. When Jack and Ianto came back with boxes of food, he let them eat and then they led them to the showers and let them get cleaned up so they could relax and feel safe for the rest of the night.

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