Chapter Sixteen

The Doctor breathed a sigh of relief when they neared the TARDIS and it was still there.

"Here I am, old girl, just in a different body," he said as he took the force field device out of his pocket.

He felt for the force field and found it was still in place. He pushed the button on the device, tried again and grinned when he encountered no resistance. He beckoned to his friends and they walked up to the front door of the TARDIS.

"What is this?" James asked Ianto.

"His ship," Ianto said.

The Doctor asked the TARDIS to open the door. The TARDIS did a scan of his mind and once she confirmed the Doctor was inside Jarvik, she opened the door.

"Thanks, girl," the Doctor said as he walked inside.

Ianto walked inside with James and smiled when the old man did a double take at the interior.

"Yeah, I had that reaction as well," Ianto said.

"Ianto, shut the door. I'm going to move the TARDIS to the slave stables," the Doctor said to him.


Rose was eating with Jack and her new friends when they suddenly heard a wheezing behind them.

"He found the TARDIS," Jack said.

"No, no, it's alright!" Rose said to the former captives when they began panicking. "It's the Doctor's ship, he's bringing it here."

They watched while the TARDIS materialized and powered down. The Doctor opened the door and smiled at his friends as he, Ianto and James came outside.

"Oh my gods, we moved," James said, looking around.

"Yup, it does that," Ianto said.

"My gods, what happened here?" James said, moving to the camp beds.

"They've been like that since we came here," Jack said, getting up.

"And we're moving them to my med bay so they can get proper treatment," the Doctor said. "Jack, can you help me move them?"

Jack nodded. James watched while they gently picked the women up in their arms and the Doctor and Jack went inside the TARDIS. James knelt down by the others.

"Are you all slaves as well?" he asked them.

"We were but they saved us," Lucy said while the others nodded. "We're going to help them stop these people from hurting anymore people."

"Let me help as well," James said to Rose and Ianto. "I hate these people. They're riffraff and they've cheapened this city and stained its reputation. I want them gone."

"Welcome aboard then," Rose said before hugging him.


"Okay, I think they'll be alright," the Doctor said when he and Jack came out of the TARDIS. "They're both critical, internal injuries, dehydration and starvation but the TARDIS is mending them. Actually, my ship offered to make an android duplicate of my body for me to inhabit but I need to be in Jarvik's body for the moment. I have a shimmer for Ianto, it's a holographic disguise that will surround his body. It's completely realistic so hopefully The Dementor won't suspect him if he shows up."

"Doctor, James wants to help," Rose said.

The Doctor nodded.

"He asked and I accepted, nice to know that someone in this city wants the slave trade gone," he said.

He stared at the chain dangling from Rose's collar and he grabbed it and tugged it playfully.

"Kneel," he said to her.

"Nope," Rose said.

"Belligerent, nothing ever changes," the Doctor said to Jack while Rose giggled. "Still, she'll fetch a pretty price at auction tomorrow," he said before letting out a cheesy laugh.

"Yes, sell her, she called me a gigolo," Jack said.

The Doctor stared at him.

"And?" he finally said while Rose giggled.

"She called me a gigolo," Jack said.

"And?" the Doctor said.

"I'm not a gigolo."

Rose laughed harder when the Doctor stared at him.

"Sure about that?" he finally said.

"Yes, Doctor, I'm sure about that," Jack said dryly while Rose snorted out laughter.

"I'd check again if I were you. Now come, Rose, I have need of you," the Doctor said, tugging on the chain playfully.

"Oh no, what will I do now?" Rose said melodramatically, throwing the back of her hand against her forehead while she followed the Doctor to the desk. "How shall I escape?"

"Now," the Doctor said, sitting down in the chair and putting the end of the chain on the table. "I need to look through the paperwork. You stand there and look pretty."

"Okay," Rose said while the others came up to the desk.

"Um…how come the paperwork has dirt and shoeprints on them?" the Doctor said to Rose.

"Jack sat there and put his feet up on the table," Rose said, pointing to him.

"I needed to see this," the Doctor said, holding up a piece of paper with Jack's shoeprint on it. "I didn't need to see the bottom of your shoes."

"Sorry, I was relaxing," Jack said, shrugging.

"Rose, sic him," the Doctor said, waggling the chain before setting it back down on the table.

Rose came up to the chair while the Doctor quickly scanned the paperwork.

"James, how long have you been here?" the Doctor said, glancing up at him.

"About eight years, why?"

"The slave auction has been here for much longer so as long as you've been here, you've seen what they've done," the Doctor said.

"Yes. I tried to help some of the people but I received a lot of death threats from the slavers and was beaten up once or twice to keep me from interfering. Actually, Veronica was one of the slaves, I finally saved up enough credits to buy her and I gave her a job and pay her. She was sold into slavery as a toddler so she doesn't remember where she came from or who her parents were. I tried to help others but I can only do so much."

The Doctor nodded.

"You did what you could and I thank you for that," he said. "You rescued Veronica."

"I just wish I could have done the same for others," James said while Lucy put her hand on his shoulder.

"You risked your life to free someone, that's more than most people have probably done around here," Lucy said.

When they carried Rose out, I suspected they were being abducted. I heard yelling in your rooms and was going to investigate but then it got quiet again so I didn't bother. I should have done."

"No, you might have been killed," the Doctor said. "You're here now, my friend, and you can help us bring these people down once and for all."

"Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it," James said.

The Doctor smiled when the former captives echoed his sentiment. He looked at Rose and she laughed when he rattled her chain.

"Tea and lots of it, missy, now!"

"Nope, I'm rebelling," Rose said while James patted her shoulder.

"Blast, I felt like having a cuppa and now I can't get my slave to get it for me. Woe is me, I am thirsty and no one cares," the Doctor said melodramatically.

"I could get you some," Lucy said.

"Could you? You'd be my new best friend if you did," the Doctor said.

"If that is what you want, master."

The Doctor flinched at that. He was about to tell Lucy he was joking but she winked and he relaxed, knowing she realized he was only kidding. He told her he would get it instead but before he did, he rattled Rose's chain again and gave her a stern look while Rose stuck her tongue out at him. He smiled, let the chain dangle and got up to fix him and everyone else some tea.

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