Chapter Eighteen

The Doctor opened the door to the interrogation room and put his hand on Rose's back while he ushered her inside. Rose looked around. She'd never been in this room before; never had a reason to but the interior was a bit unsettling to her. The majority of the TARDIS was organic, made of coral and more welcoming than this. This room was made of steel with roundels in the walls. In the center of the room, Jarvik was strapped to a metal table with surgical lights hanging above him. There was a metal counter on the left side with metal drawers above and below it. At the back was a steel cell with a steel cage doors. Unlike the cell in the slave stables, this one was clean but clinical looking with a steel slab built into the left side of the wall and a metal sink and toilet at the back. The whole thing was so unlike the Doctor it frightened her a bit. She figured the Doctor must have sensed that because he was looking at her with a concerned look on his face.

"You don't have to do this if you don't want to," he said softly as he laid his hand on her cheek.

"No, I'm fine. It's just…different from the other rooms," Rose said. "When I'm with you, you've always been so warm and kind, this room isn't like you at all."

"That's because I keep some aspects my personality hidden from you, my hearts," he said, stroking her cheek. "What I show you most of the time is the Doctor side of me, this…this is the Oncoming Storm, the part that's not warm and kind."

Rose shivered a bit at that. The Doctor asked her again if she wanted to be here and Rose nodded.

"I want to hear what he says," Rose said to him. "I want to know if he knows that man and if he knows where Mum might be. I'll be alright, promise."

The Doctor nodded. Rose noticed Jarvik was still unconscious as the Doctor beckoned to her and she followed him to the counter. He opened a drawer and Rose saw several syringes in vacuum packed sheaths along with tiny bottles filled with different colored liquid. Rose picked up one filled with purple liquid and examined it.

"That wipes a person's memory," the Doctor said to her. "I'm not using that though, at least not now."

"What are you using?" Rose said, putting the bottle back.

"Truth serum, at least I'm gonna have it on standby in case he won't talk," the Doctor said, taking out a bottle filled with a pale amber liquid.

"Are some of these…poison?" Rose asked.

She noticed the Doctor stiffen and she put her hand on his back to reassure him that she wasn't judging him.

"Some," the Doctor said, glancing at her. "Some are designed for torture. Giving someone a pounding headache, making them sick to their stomach, that sort of thing. And some are designed to kill. Most of these have never been used, mind. I just keep them in here, just in case. I do use the truth serum from time to time though. And I will use it if he's not being helpful."

As he pulled it out and a syringe, Rose glanced at all the other cabinets and wondered what else the Doctor was storing in this room. She had a feeling the other cabinets contained things designed to torture and kill. But the Doctor didn't open any others. He laid the syringe and bottle on the counter and walked back to Jarvik. Rose followed him and stood at his side while the Doctor put his fingers on Jarvik's temples. She watched him close his eyes and several seconds later, Jarvik's eyes slowly opened. The Doctor took his hands away and waited with Rose until he was fully awake. He waited while Jarvik got his bearings, saw him standing there and then waited for him to realize he was strapped down and helpless.

"What is this?" Jarvik said to the Doctor.

"This is interrogation," the Doctor said. "This is you providing me with information so I can bring down your little slaving operation. This is me making your life a living hell if you don't cooperate. And this is Rose, the girl you accepted into your stable along with our friends. She's here because she wants to hear the truth from your lips about what you do and how long you've been doing it. So talk!"

"That bloke that turned us over to you, do you know him?" Rose said to Jarvik.

"You mean the man that looked like him?" Jarvik spat out as he nodded his chin at the Doctor. "That's what he looked like, dearie."

"Do you know where my Mum is? Jackie Tyler," Rose said.

"Not a clue," Jarvik said. "Why don't you ask your pimp here where she went."

He grunted when the Doctor slapped him across the face.

"Do you know where the man who looked like me went?" the Doctor said to him.

"He went away, him and the little group that brought them in," Jarvik said, nodding to Rose. "If I'd seen him before, I wouldn't know him because he looked like you and I've never seen you before in my life."

The Doctor asked the TARDIS to scan his mind and show him a hologram of the man in his true form. The TARDIS did it and projected a three dimensional hologram of the hooded, cloaked man in front of the table.

"Has anyone ever come to you dressed like this," the Doctor said, pointing to the image while he kept his eyes focused on Jarvik.

"No," Jarvik said.

But the Doctor detected a flicker of recognition on his face seconds before he said that. His eyes narrowed and he bent over to him.

"You're lying," he growled at Jarvik. "You recognized him just then. You've seen him before. So who is he?"

Jarvik tried to remain silent but he grunted when the Doctor grabbed a hold of his collar and jerked his head up to his. Jarvik felt a shiver of fear run down his spine when he saw the rage smoldering in the Doctor's eyes.

"Who…is…he?" the Doctor said, emphasizing each word. "Tell me or I'll use truth serum on you and get the truth out of you that way."

"He says his name is Callisto," Jarvik said. "That's all I know about him. He always dresses like that; I've never seen his face or body."

"That's because he doesn't have a face or body," Rose said. "He ascended."

"And he's only a consciousness which is how he was able to enter my body," the Doctor said. "He hates me and he wants me to suffer. He tried to sell my friends into slavery and he swanned off with my body. But I have a feeling he'll return if we stage a slave auction tomorrow. As for you…you'll be sent to a prison planet where you'll pay for your crimes and there are many, I've seen some of your memories when I was inside your body. You treated people like cattle, to be sold to the highest bidder. You abused and degraded them and for that, I'm going to take you to the nastiest prison planet I can find and you can live out the rest of your life there."

"No, please, don't," Jarvik said, shuddering with fear. "Have mercy on me, it was just a business."

"No, it wasn't," the Doctor snarled at him, his face inches from Jarvik. "You took advantage of some of the women that came through your so-called stables. You raped some of the women in your care; I saw that in your mind. That's why you finally gave in to Rose's offer. Because you fancied her as well. Too bad Rose is a cut above some of the people you've dealt with. And consider yourself lucky you didn't rape her because I would have made it far worse for you if you had. As for mercy? Why should I show you any when you showed none to the people in your stable?"

"Look, I'm sorry I took your…girlfriend?" Jarvik said, looking at Rose briefly before looking at him.

The Doctor didn't say anything to that.

"She's not your whore, I'm assuming, since you slapped me for calling you her pimp."

What she is to me is none of your business," the Doctor growled at him. "And asking for mercy will get you nothing. I have none for the likes of you."

"Then I hope Callisto kills you and sends that bitch of yours into sexual slavery for the rest of her…"

He grunted when the Doctor slapped his face harder before jerking his head back up to his. At first Jarvik was afraid the Doctor would do much worse but then he let his head drop to the table and before he could say anything, the Doctor put his fingertips against his temples and Jarvik felt his world go black as he passed out.

The Doctor turned to Rose once he was through and gave her an apologetic look.

"I think he's telling you the truth about your mum," he said to her.

"So we need Callisto, we need to talk to him then," Rose said.

"Yes. So we have to wait till morning," the Doctor said.

"And what about Jarvik, what happens to him," Rose said.

"Well, I meant what I said about taking him to the nastiest prison planet I know. An honor I will be reserving for Callisto as well," the Doctor said. "For now, let's let him rest. I knocked him out so deeply, he won't wake up until I bring him out of it."

He took Rose's hand and Rose gave Jarvik a look of disdain before she followed the Doctor out of the room.

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