Chapter Nineteen

Rose spent the rest of the night assisting the Doctor, Jack and Ianto in taking care of their guests. The two females finally regained consciousness and after talking to them, the Doctor found out they were sisters, runaways that were living on the streets and had been abducted by slavers. The Doctor offered to take them back home but the sisters told him they'd been abused and molested at home and they were scared to go back. The Doctor asked their ages and found out they were fourteen and sixteen. The fourteen year old was named June and her sister was named Addis. The Doctor allowed them a bit of food and let them heal. He finally told his friends to rest because they needed their energy for the slave auction tomorrow. He kissed Rose goodnight and told her he'd wake her early the next morning. Rose kissed Jack and Ianto goodnight before retiring to her bedroom.


It was a few hours since Rose fell asleep. She was dreaming of the Doctor saving her mother from enslavement when she suddenly sensed someone was near her. She gasped and opened her eyes and the Doctor put his hand up on her face.

"It's alright, it's me," the Doctor said as he lay in bed with her. "I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's alright, I'm just glad it was you," Rose said.

"I finished my work and just wanted to rest with you for a bit," the Doctor said. "Is that okay?"

"Of course," Rose said, snuggling against him.

The Doctor put his arm around her, loving the feel of her body against him. He stroked her back, staring into her face. She looked at him with complete love and the Doctor was amazed that after all he did, she still loved him deeply. He felt a bit guilty for waking her up but he needed to be with her, to hold her close and savor the fact that she was with him again. Rose relaxed in his arms and closed her eyes and the Doctor watched over her while she slept. While he held her, he felt glad to be back in some sort of body but at the same time, he wondered what she was dreaming about and wanted to see inside her mind again, to see those fantasies of their lovemaking that he had to admit he enjoyed.

After a few hours, Rose stirred again and the Doctor frowned, wondering what was wrong.

"Have to use the toilet," she muttered when she noticed the concerned look on the Doctor's face.

The Doctor hopped up and let her go by.

"Need help?" he teased as she slowly walked to the bathroom.

"No, I think I can manage the toilet, thanks," Rose said with a grin while she looked over her shoulder.

She went in and closed the door while the Doctor lay back down on the far side of the bed so he wouldn't block her way. She came out five minutes later and smiled as she headed for her bed.

"You must be really lonely," she said as she sat down on the side of the bed.

"I'm bored and to be honest, I need a bit of contact between us right now," the Doctor said as Rose got under the covers and lay back down. "I don't like the thought of putting you in a slave auction, even if it is fake."

"I don't mind. I know it's you," Rose said, touching his face.

"Yes, but I don't like the thought of putting you up for display in front of all those people. The auction will be fake but the reactions of the buyers won't be and I don't like the thought of a bunch of bastards leering at you and bidding on your body. It disgusts me. I love humans but this is one facet of humanity that I despise."

"Then why do you bother with us at all?"

The Doctor grinned.

"Because there are people like James out there who are the best of humanity and that's why I keep rooting for ya," he said. "James and Lucy and the others who are willing to stand up to the slavers and stop them. And then there's Jack. When we met him, he was a con artist and now look at him. So people can change, if given the chance."

"What about Jarvik?" Rose said.

"I offered him the same chance during the interrogation. I tried to make him see the error of his ways but he sees all this as just a business. He won't change, Rose, he's set in his ways so the only recourse is to contain him. It won't stop the slave trade, maybe not even the slave auction but there's one more slaver out of commission. Not to mention we got his latest acquisitions away from him now."

He sighed and stroked her cheek.

"I'm keeping you awake though, get some rest, yeah? I'll stay here."

Rose nodded and kissed his lips. The Doctor put his arm around her and kissed her head when she snuggled close to him and fell back to sleep.


The next morning, Rose and the Doctor got up and Rose took a shower while the Doctor went to check on June and Addis and the others. While Rose took her shower, she psyched herself up for the day ahead. The Doctor was right about the men not being aware of the ruse and she knew she'd have to endure standing up on the concrete stage while men drooled over her and taunted and said crude remarks about her. It made her realize how well the Doctor treated her. She'd had several boyfriends over the years, some more gentlemanly than others but all of them treated her like a piece of meat sometimes. Even Mickey sometimes made crude remarks about him to his friends when she was around him. But the Doctor was always respectful and always made her feel like a person, which she guessed why he was so upset about pretending to be Jarvik. Because he'd have to treat her like a piece of meat in order to sell the ruse. It made Rose love him more that he was so worried about her feelings in the midst of all this.


When she was ready, she and everyone else went out to the stables and met in the office. The Doctor assembled them together in front of him.

"Right, I had a look at Jarvik's memories so I know how they usually do this," he said to them.

He gave Rose an apologetic look.

"I'm afraid the slaves must be naked," he said to everyone while looking directly at her. "I could alter it and allow you to wear bikinis."

"No, you have to do it the way it's been done or people will suspect something," Rose said.

"I agree, we'll survive going out there naked in front of everyone," Lucy said. "Just as long as it brings down the slave trade around here."

"Well, I was just giving you fair warning," he said to everyone. "Also, you need to be oiled up. They shine up the slaves to make them look appealing."

"So we're gonna be slicker than a greased pig out there," Jack said.

"Yes, men and women are naked and oiled for this, so don't get too excited," he said to Jack.

"You mean I can't roll around and strike provocative poses for the buyers?"

"Not unless you want me to kill you in a bizarre and grotesque way and watch while you come back to life. You're a frightened man being sold into slavery, not a Chippendale dancer showing off the goods."

"Okay, I get it," Jack said while Rose chuckled.

The Doctor took the women aside and did the oiling while Jack and Ianto did the same for the men. At first the former captive women were hesitant about disrobing in front of the Doctor but Rose reassured them that the Doctor would treat them with respect so they followed her lead and took their clothes off. The Doctor went to the desk and picked up three large bottles of oil. He handed one to Jack, one to Ianto and kept one for himself. He carefully oiled the women, keeping Rose for last. Rose noticed the women were a bit skittish at first but they realized that Rose was right about the Doctor being respectful, especially since he didn't dwell on the private parts. She also noticed he was keeping his eye on Jack while he was oiling the men but she noticed Jack was also being respectful and discrete.

Then the Doctor got to Rose and they locked eyes for a moment before the Doctor began oiling her up. He was discrete with her too, although Rose noticed he lingered a moment on her private parts before oiling them. Once they were finished, Ianto oiled up Jack and Rose laughed when Jack exaggerated the heavy breathing and eye rolls.

"Oh, Yan, you have magic fingers," he moaned while Rose giggled.

Rose patted the Doctor and the shoulder when he rolled his eyes at that. Then the Doctor walked back to the desk and picked up some more of the collars and chains. Rose groaned when he put a fresh collar back on her neck after doing the same to the other women.

"I would give you blankets to cover yourselves but you're all oiled up and it would ruin that. I'm sorry," the Doctor said to the women.

After everyone was finished, the Doctor called Ianto over and showed him a little black box.

"This is a shimmer," he said to him. "I programmed yours so that you'd look like one of the rough types who would be involved in the slave trade. There's a little black button here," he said pointing to the top of it. "Put it in your trouser pocket and push the button."

Ianto did as he told him and pushed the button once it was inside his pocket. There was a huge flash and everyone gasped when Ianto was replaced by a rough looking pirate type with scars all over his body and an eye patch over his right eye. He had a shaved head and a chiseled look to his face. He wore black leather pants and a black leather waistcoat over his chiseled bare chest.

"Ooo, I approve," Jack said, coming up beside him. "Take me, take me!"

"Jack, behave," the Doctor said while Jack patted Ianto on the shoulder.

The Doctor put a second box in his pocket, turned it on and his form was replaced by Jarvik's.

"Okay, everyone come with me," the Doctor said to them in his own voice. "You need to line up in a queue at the door and I need to affix the chains together so everyone is chained. Then I'll march you to the auction. Ianto, go ahead and mingle with the crowd."

"Yes, Doctor," Ianto said.

"I'll see you when I'm up on stage," Jack said as Ianto hurried out of the room.

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