Chapter Twenty One

The Doctor and Jack took Rose to the med bay. June and Addis were still there, lying in hospital beds and they watched while Jack put Rose on a padded examination table. The Doctor switched off the shimmer and looked at his friend.

"Jack, stand at the front door and make sure no one except our friends gets inside. I'll handle this," the Doctor said.

Jack nodded. He patted his friend on the shoulder.

"Not your fault," he said to the Doctor.

The Doctor nodded and waited until Jack left.

"He's right," Rose groaned. "Not your fault this happened."

The Doctor kissed her hand in response.

"Perhaps not but I still feel bad," he said to her. "TARDIS, start a scan and see if we can sort her out."

Rose held still while a wide laser beam came down from above and scanned her stomach. The Doctor held her hand while the TARDIS determined the extent of her injuries and the measures needed to fix her.

"He got away then," Rose said, looking at the Doctor while the scan was performed. "He knew who you were. He knew you were inside me. How can he know that?"

"He said he was trained by someone, apparently being consciousness, he can see into other's minds," the Doctor said.

"And he'll be long gone by now," Rose said bitterly. "We don't know where Mum is."

"Yes, but…I have a feeling he'll be back," the Doctor said. "He brags about how powerful he is, but I'm still a threat and as long as I'm alive, him and his brand new body aren't safe. Plus, I'm sure he'll want to use Jackie as leverage. This was just the first battle in the war. If he was serious about not finishing me off, he would have killed us both stone dead. This is a game, my hearts. And I'm afraid we have to play it in order to get Jackie and my body back."

Rose sighed and lowered her head to the table while the Doctor stroked her hair and let the TARDIS repair her body.


"So what happens now?" Jack said as everyone assembled in the med bay.

"Now, we have to find him again," the Doctor said while Rose lay on the table in the center of the group and let a healing ray repair the damage made by the blaster.

"If we can find him," Jack said.

"Oh, I'm sure he'll show up again. As I was telling Rose, this is now a game and the object of the game is my destruction. I was meant to be sold into slavery with Rose but that didn't happen and I'm free to harass him and track him down. He won't let us roam free, he'll be back. But at least I have Jarvik captive and I can take him to a prison planet."

"I'll tell the authorities what's been going on here," James said. "Get them to see reason and close down the slaving operations here and I'll take Lucy and the others with me and see if we can get them home or find homes for them."

"Thank you," the Doctor said. "And good luck, don't let that lot out there intimidate you into leaving."

"P'eh, not a chance, I'm a lot tougher than I look. You can count on me to sort things out while I'm here."

The Doctor thanked her and James came up to Rose.

"Sorry, you got caught up in this," he said to her. "I hope you find your mum."

Rose thanked him and James gently kissed her forehead.


(A few days later…)

The Doctor stepped outside the TARDIS doors and looked around. They'd landed near the edge of a cliff on a moonlit night. He nodded to Rose, Jack and Ianto and they came outside carrying a blanket, a wicker picnic basket and two thermoses filled with hot tea. They spread the blanket up and Jack sat down by Ianto while the Doctor sat by Rose. Rose's stomach was fully repaired and she was back to normal. When they left James and their friends behind, the Doctor had dropped Jarvik off at a prison planet before going into the vortex and landing at different areas, waiting for a message cube or some sign from Callisto that he was ready to continue the game. This was one of those times. They had landed on an alien planet for a bit of supper, giving the TARDIS a chance to rest in the hopes that a message cube would show up.

"Do you think Jackie's still alive?" Jack said after they passed out plates of chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli along with the tea and milk.

"Yes," the Doctor said. "She's a part of the game. He won't kill her if she has her uses and she can be used as leverage and to taunt us. She might not be in tip top condition but she's alive. He would be a fool to kill her now."

"Unless he does and just makes us think she's alive," Jack said.

"No, I think she's alive. He knows we're going to look for her so he needs to use her as bait," the Doctor said. "We're a part of the game, Rose and me, but you aren't. You can go back to Cardiff if you like, I won't hold it against you," he said to Jack.

"Hell no, I'm a part of this too," Jack said.

"And so am I," Ianto said. "We started this together and we'll finish it together."

"Thank you," the Doctor said.

They ate their picnic and chatted but no message cube showed up. They lingered for an hour after eating but nothing happened and it was getting cold so reluctantly, they packed up and headed back inside. The Doctor let everyone go inside while he lingered at the front door.

"You may have won the battle, Callisto, but I'll win the war," the Doctor muttered to himself before he went inside, closed the door and started the TARDIS up again.


(To be continued…)

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