Chapter Twelve

Gaz nodded as they started heading back when he turned his head and looked back and the Doctor and Clara. He was glad that Donna was alive and well and wondered if he should go see her.

"No, that would kill her," he thought with a shake of his head. "Maybe I could drop by and see Wilf."

"Penny for them," Rose said with a little nudge and he looked at her. She somehow knew when he was upset and he smiled, arching his eyebrows up and down.

"He told me that he had to mind wipe Donna's mind because she had absorb too much Time Lord knowledge," he said and Rose gasped, looking at the Doctor.

"But she's ok, yeah?" Rose asked, looking back at Gaz.

"Yeah, she's fine," Gaz said with a smile. "Nothing can keep her down for long."

"I remember the time I caught you buffing your nails," she teased and he gave her a hurt look.

"What is wrong with a little grooming? It's hard looking this good, you know," he said. She liked when he got defensive because his Scottish accent, though barely noticeable, grew thicker.

"Yeah, but that didn't explain the clear nail polish," she said then yelped when he growled and chased after her, threatening to tickle the life out of her.

Clara smiled while watched Gaz and Rose running around as Rose laughed and Gaz ran faster. She thought back to how funny and silly the Doctor was and looked at him. He was glaring at Gaz when Clara gently nudged him and he looked at her.

"They're a cute couple," she said and he nodded. "Is that how it was when you were with her? I mean, were you that playful?"

"Um, yes, there were times we were," the Doctor said then sighed. "Then she left."

"But she's here now," Clara said as he watched Rose running toward him then moved to hide behind him. Gaz came to a stop when he started panting and placed his hands on his thighs.

"Have you…," Gaz said as he tried to catch his breath and held up his right index finger. "Have you by chance seen my wife?"

"Nope, can't say that I have," Clara said when Rose giggled and Gaz' eyes widened.

"Ah, I know that giggle," he said as he moved around the Doctor and Rose moved the other way. They circled around the Doctor while Clara laughed then the Doctor rolled his eyes and grabbed hold of Rose.

"Hey, let go," Rose said as she tried to get away and the Doctor looked at Gaz.

"Here she is," the Doctor said and Gaz rubbed his hands together.

"Hold her steady, Brother, I'm going to tickle her silly," he said and the Doctor's hearts jumped in his chest and thumped widely against his sternum.

"Did he just…?" the Doctor thought then nodded his head and Gaz moved closer, wiggling his fingers toward Rose.

"I'm not afraid of you!" Rose shouted when Gaz laughed then yelped when Clara came up behind him and tickled him under his armpits.

"Hey!" he laughed, but Clara kept tickling him and Gaz collapsed onto the ground, laughing. The Doctor watched while Clara sat on top of Gaz and tickled him. "No! Stop! I'm going to piss myself!"

"No retreat! No surrender!" Clara said when Gaz gently grabbed her wrists and arched his eyebrows up.

"Gotcha!" he said when he let go and Clara screech when he started tickling her.

The Doctor didn't notice Rose had gotten loose as she tickled him in a spot only she knew and he gave her a shocked look.

"Oh, so it's like that, is it, Rose Tyler?" he asked then started tickling her and laughter echoed through the air.

It didn't take long before they found the all-terrain bike when Gaz climbed onto the seat and placed the helmet on. Rose climbed onto the seat behind Gaz as he handed her the helmet and smiled at the Doctor and Clara. With a push of a button, the all-terrain bike shimmered as two sidecars appeared and Clara saw the pink helmet on the seat. Picking up the pink helmet, she placed the helmet on and got into the sidecar. Gaz titled his head as he gently nudged Rose in the ribs and she got off the seat and went to sit in the other sidecar. She handed the Doctor the helmet as he smiled and placed the helmet on. He saw that Gaz had moved back so the Doctor could drive and the Doctor smiled, nodding his head. The all-terrain bike soared over the landscape as he smiled and Gaz cheered while holding his arms up in the air.

"So how do you want to do this?" Gaz asked after they arrived where they had left their TARDISes and the Doctor thought for a few seconds.

"Well, your TARDIS can ride in one of the storage rooms," the Doctor said and Rose and Clara frowned.

"How is that possible?" Clara asked.

"Like this," Gaz said when he walked to his TARDIS and snapped his fingers. The doors opened as he walked to the all-terrain bike, got on and rode the all-terrain bike inside then the doors closed behind him. Clara looked at the Doctor as he shrugged then Gaz' TARDIS slowly dematerialized.

"Hey, why didn't it make that wheezing and grinding sound?"

"He doesn't ride with the parking brake on. Unlike a certain Time Lord," Rose teased and the Doctor shivered. River Song teased him about doing that and he sighed. A few seconds later, the door to the TARDIS opened and Gaz walked out, leaning on the doorframe.

"You redecorated," Gaz said, looking back over his shoulder. "I don't like it."

"Shut it, you," Rose said as he stood back and she walked by him. Clara smiled as she rolled her eyes while walking by him and he stuck his tongue out. The Doctor walked to him when Gaz made a little bow and the Doctor walked by him. Gaz closed the door while the Doctor walked to the console and Rose stood next to him. "Need any help?"

"All I can get," the Doctor said with a little smile and Gaz titled his head to one side. Having the Doctor's memories and feelings, he knew the Doctor was jealous of what they had, but he knew that Rose was the only one who could keep the Doctor from becoming the Valeyard and swore he would make sure that his…

"Like it or not, Gaz, he is your brother," he thought then walked closer and stood next to the Doctor.

"So, where shall we go? We could go somewhere exotic and see if we can find a lost temple filled with treasure or we could go somewhere tropical and sip cold cocktails while trying not get sunburned or we could…," Gaz said when Rose walked to him and cover his mouth with her hand.

"You could let him answer, yeah?" she said then lowered her hand and Gaz pouted, going around to the other side of the Doctor.

"See how she treats me? She's mean," Gaz said as he stuck his tongue out and the Doctor looked at Rose then back at him.

"How old are you?" he asked.

"Well, if you want to be picky. On my identification, I am forty-two. If you go by how long I've been alive, I've five," Gaz said and held up five fingers."

"Then you shouldn't be driving that bike," Clara said and his eyes widened.

"I will have you know I only crashed once on that bike," he said with a smug look on his face and Clara laughed.

The Doctor looked at them as the darkness inside his mind started to fade and he shook his head.

"Right," he said as he looked at the console and started pushing buttons, turning switches and flicked levers. They watched him moving around the console when he placed his hand on the handbrake then looked at Gaz. With a nod, Gaz walked to him and placed his hand on top of the Doctor's hand. They pulled on the handbrake as the low wheezing and grinding sound filled the air and the TARDIS dematerialized.

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