Chapter Fifteen

The Doctor stood in front of them as Gaz tilted his head to one side and saw the stern look in the Doctor's eyes.

"Follow me," the Doctor said softly as they headed toward the village and Gaz sighed, rolling his eyes. Rose walked next to her husband while Clara walked next to the Doctor and Gaz looked at the children playing near the trees or the large hut. The villagers watched them with suspicious looks when the curtain of the large hut parted and a large male villager walked out. His fur was so black that sunlight didn't shimmer on it and a large scar ran from his right cheek up to the top of his head. His pointy ears twitched as he tilted his head to one side and the tips of two fangs curled over his lower lip. He was wearing a dark brown loin cloth and a necklace with sharpened bones was around his neck.

"Who are you?" he growled and the Doctor slowly walked closer, locking eyes with him.

"I am the Doctor," the Doctor said and a low growl came from the large villager.

"I am M'nan'do," M'nan"do said with a small bow then looked at Clara, Rose and Gaz. "Who are they?"

"These are my companions, Rose and Clara and this is…Gaz," the Doctor said and Gaz glared at him. M'nan"do walked to Rose when he sniffed the air around her then walked to Clara and she shyly smiled at him. M'nan"do sniffed the air around her then walked to Gaz and Gaz nodded his head. M'nan"do sniffed the air around him when he looked deeply into Gaz' eyes and blinked his yellow eyes a few times. M'nan"do walked back to the Doctor when he frowned and crossed his arms over his broad chest.

"Excuse me," Clara said and M'nan"do looked at her. "What are your people called?"

"We are the Fe'na'li," M'nan"do said and Gaz softly smiled.

"And this planet is called?" he asked and M'nan"do looked at him.

"We call our world "Za'mar'ath"."

"It beautiful," Rose said and M'nan"do smiled.

"Why are you here?" he asked while looking at the Doctor.

"We are just traveling through," the Doctor said when two, large villagers walked closer and were wearing long red robes and carried wooden staffs with runes carved on the staffs and copper bells were tied to the staffs by leather straps. M'nan"do turned to look at them when one of the large villagers walked closer and whispered in low growls. M'nan"do nodded his head then looked at the Doctor then at Gaz and Rose.

"Go with them," M'nan"do said as the Doctor growled and balled his hands into fists.

"Rose isn't going anywhere," he said an Rose's eyes widened.

"What about Gaz?" she demanded and he looked at her.

"I'm sorry, Rose," he sighed and Rose grabbed hold of Gaz' hand, wrapping her fingers around his fingers. Glaring at the Doctor, Rose followed Gaz as they walked off with the two, large villagers and Clara looked at the Doctor.

"What do you think is going on?" she asked and the Doctor sighed, watching Rose and Gaz walk into the jungle.


The jungle surrounded them as Gaz looked around and Rose swung their hands back and forth. Her husband hadn't said a word since they left the Doctor and Clara and she knew by the look on his face tht he wasn't going to.

"Are you alright?" she asked and he nodded his head. "I'm sure he wasn't going to let anything happen to you."

"He wasn't going to do anything period," Gaz said softly and she had a feeling that he was right. They walked in silence when the two, large figures stopped at the entrance to a large cave and one of them turned to face them.

"Enter," the large figure growled and Gaz nodded his head. Rose took the stick with a sack of glowing bugs tied to the top of the stick by leather straps as they walked in the cave and Gaz looked around. The light from the glowing bugs cast a soft glow to the white stone walls of the cave and long stalactites and stalagmites rose from the cave ceiling and floor. Water dripped into limestone pools as they walked closer and a soft moss cause the water to glow in a variety of colors. Gaz reached into the pocket of the tan long coat then removed the sonic screwdriver and pushed the buttons. He scanned the water then placed the sonic screwdriver away and scooped some of the water into his hands.

"You sure this is a good idea?" she asked and he nodded his head, sipping on the water.

"Ah, that is so good," he said and she took a drink. They walked off as Gaz looked around then felt like they were being watched and looked around. "Someone is watching us."

"Do you think it was those two outside?" she asked while wrapping her arms around his left arm and he pressed his lips together.

"Not sure, Wife Mine, but I do wish I brought my fedora," he said and she smiled. He only wore his Indian Jones cosplay outfit when they went spelunking and she wish they had the stun gun he wore in a holster around his waist. Gaz had designed the stun gun and it was used by most of the members of their Torchwood. They kept walking when they came to a large cavern and a tattered rope bridge extended across to the other side. Animal skulls decorated the ropes and the wind from somewhere rocked the rope bridge back and forth.

"You have to be kidding," Rose sighed as he smiled then arched his eyebrows up. One by one, they walked onto the rope bridge as the wood softly moaned and the rope bridge moved side to side. Neither of them looked down as they moved along then came to the other side and Gaz gave her a smile. "Oh, knock it off."

"I wasn't going to say anything!" he said then took her hand and they walked deeper into the cave.


"What have you done with Rose?" the Doctor demanded and M'nan"do gave him a blank look.

"She has been sent for," M'nan"do said and the Doctor felt his hearts slamming in his chest.

"Who sent for her?"

"It was Ka'ran'i."

"Who is this Ka'ran'i?"

"That is none of your concern," he said and the Doctor's eyes went into tight slits.

"When it comes to Rose Tyler, it is my concern."

"What about Gaz?" Clara asked as he looked at her and Clara slowly backed away. The Doctor's eyes were jet black then changed to their usual color when he noticed the look of fear on her face.

"Yes, what about Gaz?" he asked, looking at M'nan"do.

"He was sent for as well," M'nan"do said.

"Will this Ka'ran'I harm them?" Clara asked.

"Only if she hadn't eaten yet," he said and the Doctor balled his hands into fists.

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