Chapter Twenty-two

Ka'ran'i was surprised by the vastness of the TARDIS' interior as she looked around and Gaz leaned against the console. Rose had gone out the door in the back of the control room and Ka'ran'i hopped up onto one of the corals and sat with her legs on either side of the coral.

"It so much bigger than the outside," she said softly then looked at Gaz. "Is this some sort of magic?"

"You can say that," Gaz said.

"Are you a sha'za?"

"If that is anything like a wizard, no, I'm not. But I did grow her," he said as he patted the console and the TARDIS hummed softly. "I was told it would take a long time, but it only took two years with a little tweaking and poking."

"Can you show me some of her magic?" she asked with wide eyes and swung her legs back and forth.

"Sure," he said as he walked around the console, turning switches, flicking levers and typing on the keyboard. The door opened as Rose led the twins and Donna inside and the little girl looked at Ka'ran'i.

"You're right, Mommy. She is a pretty cat lady," Donna said and Ka'ran'i smiled. She hopped off the coral as she landed on her haunches and titled her head to one side.

"It is alright, Little Cubs, I will not hurt you," she said and Donna walked closer. She half closed her eyes as Donna gently stroked the side of her head and smiled.

"Tooka kitty," Campbell said, pointing to Ka'ran'i.

"Ye-ha, tooka kitty," Alec said and Ka'ran'i gave Gaz a confused look.

"Sorry, they're doing twin speak,' Rose said then knelt down next to the twins. "Boys, speak English."

"Pretty kitty," Campbell said and Alec nodded.

"It is fine, Rose," Ka'ran'i said. "My sons were two born and would do that."

"Right," Gaz said after looking at the screen and walked to the inner doors. "Ka'ran'i, come here."

Ka'ran'i walked to him when he opened the doors and her eyes went wide. She looked at the stars she had only seen in the night sky spreading out before her and a large, blue and green sphere floated below.

"Is that…is that where I live?" she asked and he smiled.

"Yep, that is your world," he said and Donna, who was standing next to him, smiled up at him.

"Let her fly, Daddy," she said and Ka'ran'i frowned.

"It's easy. Just take hold of my hand and don't let go after you step outside," Gaz said and she titled her head to one side. Ka'ran'i took hold of his hand as she closed her eyes and took a step. She felt herself floating into the air as she opened her eyes and gasped. She held on tighter as she floated over her world and looked at Gaz. She smiled as he laughed then gently pulled her back in and the inner doors closed.

"You truly are a sha'za," she said then hugged him and he patted her back. She moved back as she looked at the children then at Rose and Gaz and blinked her eyes a few times. "Would you give me the honor of traveling with you?"

"You want to come with us?" Rose asked.

"Well, someone has to look after the kids while we're out exploring," Gaz said as he walked to Rose, stood behind her, placed his arms around her then placed his chin on her right shoulder. "Pwease, Rose, let her stay."

"Yeah, Mommy, let her stay," Donna said, jumping up and down.

"Stay!" the twins chanted and Rose laughed, rolling her eyes.

"Ok, she can stay!" Rose said and Ka'ran'i walked to her while Gaz let go and she hugged Rose.

"So let me give you a quick look around then we can go back for the Doctor and Clara," Gaz said while holding his hand out and wiggled his fingers. Nodding, she took his hand and they left the control room while the time rotor moved slowly up and down behind the green glass.


M'nan'do growled as they arrived at the village and the Doctor looked around. He had hoped that Rose and Gaz had returned, but he didn't see them and Clara held tightly onto his hand. Shi'tak'wa saw the worry in the Doctor's eyes as he sighed and held tightly onto the wooden staff.

"We will find them, Doctor," Shi'tak'wa said and the Doctor nodded his head. He still wondered why his tenth and eleventh lives pushed people away then he realized he had been doing it since he could remember. He pushed his granddaughter, Susan, away when she had fallen in love instead of bringing her boyfriend on board as a companion and wrote it off as her chance of having a better life then trailing after a grumpy old man.

He had let the Time Lords take Jamie and Zoe from him and erase their memories of him. He should have fought harder to keep them. Jamie was like one of his sons and he missed his banter and questions and Zoe was so much like Susan.

He pushed Sarah Jane away when he had to go back to Gallifrey in his fourth life. The hell with no humans allowed, he wanted to take her and he should have.

"Sarah," he whispered when he thought back to when he found out she had died suddenly. Her son, Luke, was taken in by his friend, Clyde's family and was in university now.

He thought about Martha, Jenny, Donna, Amy, Rory and River as he sighed and closed his eyes.

"I have lost so many," he thought as he squeezed Clara's hand, opened his eyes and smiled. "But I won't lose you, Rose or Gaz."

He nodded his head when Shi'tak'wa raised his arms and roared. The villagers stopped what they were doing as they gathered around them and the Doctor instinctively placed Clara behind him.

"Today a great injustice has been done. We have received new friends," Shi'tak'wa said with a smile to the Doctor and Clara. "Instead of treating them with celebration, two of them had been taken and were brought to Ka'ran'i!"

The villagers gasped and M'nan'do growled, his long tail scraping the ground.

"Before the sun vanishes in the sky, we will go to her lair and bringing our new friends back," Shi'tak'wa said when the bushes parted and Gaz, Rose, their children and Ka'ran'i walked in the village.

"Hello," Gaz said as Ka'ran'i held onto him and he smiled.

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