Chapter Twenty-four

Ka'ran'i looked at Rose as she held onto Campbell and Alec stood next to her.

"Who was that scary man?" Donna asked through tears and Rose knelt down, hugging her.

"That was the Doctor," Rose said as she looked toward the bushes and hoped Gaz was alright.

"Nuh-unh, the Doctor's nice. Daddy said so," Donna said and Rose wiped her daughter's eyes.

"I think the Doctor's not feeling good, yeah?" Rose said and Donna nodded her head.

"I still think we should hunt him down," M'nan'do growled.

"No," Shi'tak'wa said when Clara and Gaz came back and Rose noticed the look in her husband's eyes.

"We lost him," Gaz said as Donna ran to him and he picked her up.

"Mommy says the Doctor's sick, Daddy. What's wrong with him?" Donna asked.

"Well, when he changed face, the change mad him sick. It happened, Jelly Bean," he said and she placed her head on his shoulder.

"What do we do now?" Rose asked as she walked closer and placed her hand on his arm.

"I'm not sure," Gaz said. "I do know he can't go anywhere. My TARDIS won't let him in."

"Then we should go," Ka'ran'i said.

"I agree," Clara said as Rose looked at him and frowned.

"I thought you said you had to protect him," Rose said and Clara sighed.

"He isn't the same man anymore," Clara said softly.

"I told her she could come with us," Gaz said.

"Ka'ran'i is coming with us, too," Rose said and Shi'tak'wa smiled.

"Yes, that would be for the best," he said then looked at Ka'ran'i. "Please forgive this old one for how we treated you."

"I do," Ka'ran'i said with a bow and he bowed back.

"Go in peace," M'nan'do said and she softly smiled at him.

"Let's go," Gaz said as he handed Donna to Rose and Ka'ran'i picked Alec up.

"Doctor blah blu," Alec said, folding his arms over his chest.

"What does that mean?" she asked, looking at Gaz.

"If it means what I think it means, someone is going to taste soap," Gaz said as Alec covered his mouth with his hands and Gaz smiled, shaking his head.

"Daddy will, too, for teaching him that word," Rose said as Gaz gave her a shocked look.

"I only said it once," he protested and she gently nudged him. They walked into the bushes, but didn't see the Doctor standing on the branches in a high tree and he growled. He waited until Gaz was under him then jumped and landed on him.

"No," Clara shouted as the Doctor reached for Gaz' throat, but Gaz grabbed his hands then bent his legs up and bucked the Doctor off him. Rose and Ka'ran'i held onto the children as Gaz got to his feet and stood in a battle stance.

"You are not taking what's mine," the Doctor growled and Gaz saw that his eyes were jet black.

"If you're talking about Rose, you gave her to me!" Gaz said as the Doctor ran toward him and Gaz swung his fist and punched the Doctor in the stomach. The Doctor gasped for air as Gaz slightly smiled and bounced on the balls of his feet. "I may be half-human, but I also have the strength as well as the speed of a Time Lord."

The Doctor roared when Gaz jumped up and grabbed hold of a branch then kicked the Doctor in the face. The sound of bones breaking filled the air as blood poured out of the Doctor's nose and Gaz swung up, crouching on the branch.

"I also had Torchwood battle training," he said when the Doctor grabbed hold of the tree and shook.

"Leave him alone, you bloody wanker," Rose shouted and the Doctor looked at her. "If you kill him, I will hate you forever. You will never have me nor will you ever have our children. We will leave you the first chance we get!"

"I could go back and make sure he was never born!" the Doctor roared.

"We all would have died because there would have never been a Doctor Donna to stop Davros!"

"I would have thought of something!"

"No, he would have thought of something! The Doctor doesn't kill!"

"I am the Doctor!"

"You blah blu," Alec shouted and the Doctor glared at him.

"Make one move toward the cub and I will gut you," Ka'ran'i growled.

"She means it," Gaz said when the Doctor took the sonic screwdriver out of his pocket and pointed the sonic screwdriver at him. The Doctor pushed the button as the high pitch whine filled the air and the sonic screwdriver flew out of his hand.

"What?" he growled then looked up and saw Gaz had his own sonic screwdriver in his hand.

"Surprise," he said then hopped out of the tree and landed in a crouch. He stood up as the Doctor looked at them and his hearts slammed in his chest. Roaring, the Doctor charged at Gaz, but Gaz got out of the way and the Doctor slammed into the tree. The Doctor fell unconscious on the ground as Clara went to check on him, but Rose grabbed hold of her, shaking her head.

"It could be a trick," she said when M'nan'do and Shi'tak'wa came out of the bushes and Gaz looked at them.

"Do you have any rope?" Gaz asked.

"Yes," Shi'tak'wa said while M'nan'do walked toward the Doctor and Clara's eyes went wide.

"Don't go near him" she said when the Doctor's eyes snapped open and he got up, grabbed M'nan'do's spear as he pushed M'nan'do to the ground and tossed the spear.

"No!" Rose shouted as Shi'tak'wa pushed Gaz down and the spear went through Shi'tak'wa's back then stuck out of his chest and blood poured out of the corners of his mouth. Shi'tak'wa staggered forward as Gaz got up and caught him before he fell to the ground. Shi'tak'wa looked up at Gaz as he smiled then lifted a shaky hand and Gaz took his hand.

"Hang on. We'll take you to my TARDIS and…," Gaz said and Shi'tak'wa shook his head.

"No," he said then coughed. "I'm going to see my ancestors. Just promise me you will help he remember…he is a good man."

"I promise," Gaz whispered then Shi'tak'wa closed his eyes and went still in his arms.

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