Chapter Four

While the Doctor and his friends were exploring the Military Compound, Callisto was observing them; hiding behind the hill the Doctor took shelter in so many years ago. With him was Jackie. Jackie was now completely brainwashed and was trained to kill the Doctor, her daughter and Jack and Ianto without mercy. She was crouched beside her master, calmly waiting for orders. At the moment, Callisto had a problem. He wanted his new slave to kill the Doctor but since he was inside the Doctor's body, Jackie would come after him. He needed a way to disable the Doctor's android body and force him to seek shelter back in Rose's mind or someone else before he could use his assassin. He had a plasma grenade, the kind that had been used to short-circuit the Daleks in the Time War. He was hoping he could use it on the Doctor, to disable his body so he would be forced to leave it. The other problem was getting close enough to the Doctor and his friends without him and Jackie getting captured. That was why he was waiting and watching.

"I will destroy you, Doctor, and your dear little friends if it's the last thing I do," he muttered as he watched the compound.


The Doctor shook his head when they finished their exploration of the compound. They hadn't found anything significant and there was no sign of Callisto or Jackie.

"Maybe he's not coming," Ianto said. "Maybe he lured you here but there's something deadly here that he hopes will finish us off."

"I don't know about that," Jack said, shaking his head. "I haven't known the bastard very long but it doesn't seem like his style. If he had an opportunity to kill us, he'd wanna do it in person. I think he's here somewhere, just waiting for us to let our guard down."

"Well, he's probably waiting for us somewhere else," the Doctor said with a sigh. "I'm sure we have to go through a gazillion deadly traps to get to him."

"So you want to move on and find the gazillion deadly traps?" Jack said.

"Might as well, he could trap us easily in here," Ianto said.

"I agree," the Doctor said. "Even though that would be too easy for him. I agree with Jack, I think not only is he here and wants to do us in personally but he's wanting us to follow clues or go through a deadly maze. It's a game, remember? We're not playing the game if we're staying in here. Might as well go out and see if we can find a clue that will lead us to the first task."

"Lovely," Jack said dryly as they headed for the stairs.


Callisto ducked his head down when he saw the Doctor step through the doorframe and come outside. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the plasma grenade. He looked down at the small black ball that would emit a plasma pulse when it went off. It wouldn't kill anyone but it would disable any electrical devices nearby. He slowly raised his head back up. Now all of them were outside and looking around. His eyes narrowed when the Doctor called his name and demanded he show himself. He looked at Rose and chuckled.

"Call your daughter's name, slave," he said to Jackie.



Rose's head jerked around when she heard her mother calling to her.

"Mum, she's over there!" Rose said, pointing to the hill.

"No, wait," the Doctor said, holding up his hand when she started to go towards the hill. "This is too easy and I'm sure he's back there with her, waiting for us to come to the hill."

"Rose, it's me, your mum!"

"Bastard," Jack growled when Jackie called again.

"He left me here and went somewhere else for the moment. I'm all alone but I'm tied up. Come get me!"

"You're right, this isn't right," Rose said, shaking her head.

"We're not fooled, Callisto, show yourself!" the Doctor said.

Callisto stood up and walked to the top of the hill. He stood there without Jackie.

"Jackie as well, let's see if she's really there," the Doctor yelled to him.

Callisto called down to Jackie and a moment later, she appeared on the hill beside him.

"Yeah, she's really tied up alright," Jack said, rolling his eyes. "Either that or she's the reincarnation of Houdini."

"Mum, are you alright?" Rose said, stepping up beside the Doctor.

Jackie was dressed in a black form fitting spandex outfit that covered her whole body except for her head and hands and she was wearing black leather books. The Doctor grimaced a bit when he realized he could see every curve and bump of her body, more than he ever wanted to see in his lifetimes. But her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, she looked healthy and she was her normal bodyweight. But the Doctor knew brainwashing left no visible scars and Jackie seemed a bit calm to his liking, especially since she hadn't seen her daughter in a few weeks.

"I'm fine, Rose. He treated me well," Jackie said.

Still no real emotion, at least not enough to convince the Doctor that something hadn't been done to her. Plus, the fact that she was just standing there without trying to go to Rose. It was true that Callisto could have threatened to kill her if she moved towards Rose but still, Jackie would have been a bit more emotional than this. She was talking to her daughter as if they were discussing the weather in London instead of being overjoyed to see her. He decided not to let on that he knew though and get down to business with Callisto.

"So, what happens now?" the Doctor said to Callisto. "I suppose there will be some sort of deal made before we get Jackie back?"

"Get her back? Why would I give her up?" Callisto said with a shrug.

Rose tensed and the Doctor sensed her fear and guessed Rose was thinking Callisto was going to pull out a blaster and kill her mother on the spot.

No, my hearts, he thought to himself. He would lose the advantage he has over us if he kills Jackie. There's more to this than meets the eye.

"So what happens now?" the Doctor repeated. "What do we have to do to get her back? You didn't lure us here just to talk, I'm pretty sure of that."

"I want you," Callisto said, pointing at the Doctor.

"Yes, I get that. If I surrender, Jackie is released. You don't get us both," the Doctor said.

Callisto looked at Jackie and the Doctor noticed Jackie wasn't looking back at him or even acknowledging his existence. He caught Jack's eye and Jack moved up to the Doctor's other side.

"Look at Jackie," the Doctor muttered in his ear. "She look brainwashed to you?"

"Yes," Jack muttered back. "I was going to suggest it but I figured it was obvious. She looks out of it and she's not even crying or overjoyed at seeing Rose."

The Doctor nodded.

"Keep alert," he muttered to Jack.

Jack nodded.

"Very well, I will exchange Jackie for you," Callisto said to the Doctor. "You come forward and Jackie will walk past you and go to Rose and your friends while you come to me."

"Very well," the Doctor said.

He glanced at Jack. Jack nodded and moved closer to Rose when the Doctor walked towards the hill.

"Go to them," Callisto ordered Jackie.

Jackie walked towards the Doctor and Callisto smirked, anticipating the surprise he had in store for the Doctor when Jackie reached him.

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