Chapter Eight

"We come in peace," the Doctor said, holding up a hand. "We just want to talk so please hear us out."

Jack stepped up beside the Doctor and Ianto followed his lead, coming up on the other side, protecting both the Doctor and Rose. Both adult and child stopped a few feet shy of them and the child looked at the adult for a sign about what to do next. The adult held out his hand as a signal for the child not to attack and the child nodded and watched them intently. When the adult came closer, Jack noticed faint blue markings all over his face and snout, intricate swirls that looked like tribal tattoos. The man and child were naked but Jack couldn't see any genitalia but the man had a very muscular, broad build that was unmistakably male.

"Who are you? You are not Arcadian," the man said in a deep voice. "And why does a female address me. Do these males have no voice of their own?" he said, gesturing to Jack and Ianto.

"I am a male spirit residing inside this female body," the Doctor said. "I am using her body and her voice because at the moment I have none."

The adult stepped back a few paces.

"You are possessed?" he said, narrowing his eyes. "Are you a demon inside this woman?"

"No, I was a man but someone stole my body and I have the ability to transfer my consciousness into another living being so I did it until my body can be returned to me."

"Then why did you choose a woman? Why not either of these men?" the adult said.

"Hey, Rose is worth twenty men," Jack said to him.

The adult snorted.

"In our world, females bear our young and run the household; they are neither warriors nor anyone of importance."

"Ah, but what about Tiana?" the Doctor said.

Jack frowned when the adult hissed at that and he and Ianto shared a look.

"That name is not spoken of among our people, how do you know it?" he snarled at the Doctor.

"Because I am Kel'shak."

"Don't you hate when you don't know what the hell is going on?" Jack muttered to Ianto when the adult reacted to that with alarm.

"You are not him, he is dead. His whole race is dead," the adult said.

"I survived. I am the only survivor," the Doctor said. "Tiana fought by my side during the Time War and did a very capable job. So apparently there are female warriors among you."

"She was an abomination and now she is an outcast."

"She's alive? Show me where she is then," the Doctor said eagerly.

The adult Anthrosis narrowed his eyes.

"You claim to be Kel'shak but how do I know for sure?" the adult said. "You could be a demon pretending to be him."

"I give you my word that I am him. If you want me to give you further proof, I can tell you about the Battle of Antioch where I and Tiana fought with others against the Daleks near Shadow Mountain in the east."

The adult studied him. He looked at Jack and Jack waved amicably. He looked at Ianto and Ianto also waved.

"Why are you here? You came in search of The Outcast?" the adult said to the Doctor.

"No, I didn't know she was alive. We were told that you hold a human woman captive among your people. We would like her returned to us because she is this human woman's mother," he said, pointing to Rose's body with her hand.

"We have no such captive among our people."

"Figures," Jack said with an angry sigh.

"Do you know of any human female that has been here besides this one?" the Doctor said, pointing to Rose's body.

"No, Kel'shak, you are the first humans to step foot here in recent memory," the adult said.

"What is your name then?" the Doctor said.

"I am Pagos, this is my son, Tek. I was taking him hunting and showing him how to do it when we found you here."

"Pagos, we need your help. We need the help of your people. The person who stole my body is Arcadian."

Both Pagos and Tek hissed in anger.

"Kel'shak was braver than a hundred men, he could fight the metal beasts singlehandedly if he chose to and yet, a filthy Arcadian has took his body?"

"I had no choice, this woman is…my mate," he said after a moment's pause. "The woman we seek is her mother, I care for them both."

"You care for Jackie?" Jack said in disbelief.

Jack fought to keep from laughing when the Doctor rolled his eyes at that.

"Let me rephrase that," the Doctor said while Jack covered his mouth his hand and held his laughter in. "My mate loves her mother and since she cares for her mother, her mother is important to me and I want her back unharmed."

"I told you, Kel'shek, we don't have a human female as our captive."

"Then the Arcadian lied and tired to trick us to get us to come here. He wants to kill me and my mate and my friends. I need the help of you and your people, Pagos. I ask it humbly. Please."

Pagos considered that silently for a moment while Tek watched his father.

"Very well, Kel'shek. Because you helped us in the past, I will lead you to the elders and let you plead your case with them. I will also lead you to…The Outcast."

"Thank you," the Doctor said.

"Come, son," Pagos said, turning towards the hill.

"Father, what about the Helick?" Tek said, pointing to the dead bird.

"We will retrieve it later. This is far more important. Come, Kel'shek, I will take you to the elders."

The Doctor nodded and everyone followed Pagos while he led them back towards the hill

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