Chapter Eighteen

Jack sighed as he leaned against the steel wall of his cell. Ianto was sitting on the floor beside him and Pagos and Tiana were standing by the bars, looking out and watching for Callisto's return.

"Great, so now what do we do?" Ianto said, glancing up at Jack.

"I don't know but I'm sick of these stupid games," Jack said tersely. "Either kill us or let us go, quit toying with us."

"What of Kel'shak? Where is he?" Pagos said, turning to Jack.

"Who knows," Jack said, shrugging. "But if he's done something to him and Rose and Jackie…"

He looked over Pagos's shoulder when a metal door slid open and Callisto entered. Tiana and Pagos hissed at him. Jack noticed that Callisto had gotten rid of the Doctor's outfit and was now wearing something similar to Jackie's bodysuit. Jack had to control himself when he felt a boner coming on and remind himself that this was not his friend. Callisto stopped and stared at the hissing Anthrosis with amusement.

"You enjoy fraternizing with animals?" he said to Jack and Ianto as he gestured to the Anthrosis.

"They're more human than you are," Jack said as Ianto stood up. "At least they don't go around stealing people's bodies."

He noticed Callisto was eyeing him intently.

"I have his memories, you know," Callisto finally said to him.

"Yeah, I know," Jack said.

"I know you fancy him," Callisto said. "Don't you?"

Jack glanced at Ianto.

"I think he's handsome," he said nonchalantly. "And he is."

"But you want him," Callisto said, running his hand down the Doctor's chest.

"Yes, you're right. I want him," Jack said coming closer to the bars. "Him, as in his soul and personality, without that, he's just a body and I'd rather have all of him. Since you're not him, I'm not interested."

Callisto snickered.

"Oh really?" he said, pointing to Jack's crotch.

Jack grimaced. He was hoping his boner wasn't that obvious.

"I wore this just for you," Callisto said, running his hand down the chest again.

"Like I said, the Doctor is more than just a body. I fancied him in his previous body and that was because I admired him and fell in love with his soul as well as his body. You're not him, so you're wasting your time. And speaking of wasting time. Quit playing this stupid cat and mouse game. Kill us and get it over with if you're going to."

Callisto smirked.

"You, come with me," he said, pointing to Jack. "And only you. If I open this door and someone else tries to escape, I'll shoot them," he said, pulling a tiny blaster out of a hidden pocket.

"Everyone step back," Jack said to his friends.

Pagos and Tiana hesitated. They both looked at Callisto.

"You heard him," Callisto growled at them. "All animals, human or otherwise, step back and get against the wall."

"Do it," Jack said to the Anthrosis.

Pagos and Tiana hissed at Callisto before going to back wall.

"Fucking reptiles," Callisto muttered as he watched the Anthrosis join Ianto.

When they were up against the back wall, Callisto pulled a small key out of the pocket. He kept his eyes on Ianto and the Anthrosis as he unlocked the door. Jack went through the open door quickly before his friends decided to gang up and try to escape. He stood near the door while Callisto quickly closed it and locked it. He turned and pointed the blaster at Jack while he put the key back in his pocket.

"Follow me," he said to Jack.


The Doctor and Rose were able to find a stronger sonic probe, one that had settings on it so they had Jackie sit in a metal chair while they tried different settings on the bodysuit. They'd tried three different settings without success.

"Is there a very strong setting then?" Rose said after the third try.

"If that bastard glued this on me and it's permanent…" Jackie growled.

I'd get out of the way then, the Doctor thought to Rose.

Rose chuckled as she adjusted the probe to a higher setting.

"Yeah, she'll tear him limb from limb then," Rose said.

Just make sure he's out of my body before you do the limb tearing though, Jackie, the Doctor thought to her. I do like that body and would like it back in one piece.

"I'll try this one," Rose said, stopping on a setting. "But if I go to high, will that hurt Mum? I mean I don't want to cook her."

I don't think it would affect her in that way, the Doctor thought.

"I'll take it slow, just to be safe," Rose said.

She tried the sonic probe on Jackie's back, just at the collar. She held it on for several seconds and then tried to get her fingers under the bodysuit.

"Doctor!" she said when she found she could slip her fingers a bit under the collar.

The Doctor came around the back and Rose looked at him as she kept her fingers under the collar.

"I can't move my fingers any further than that though," she said to the Doctor.

Try a slightly higher setting then, that should do it, the Doctor thought.

Rose nodded and adjusted the sonic up a couple more settings. She tried it again and was thrilled when she got her whole hand under the bodysuit.

That's it, keep it there, the Doctor thought. Jackie, stand up so she can run it all over the bodysuit.

Jackie stood up and stepped away from the chair so Rose could work without any obstructions. Rose ran the sonic up and down the back of the bodysuit while the Doctor watched from the side. Jackie sighed when she felt the lycra loosening and leaving her bare back.

"Thank God," she said as Rose tested it and was able to put her whole arm down her mother's back. "What will I wear though?"

I suggest keeping that on for the moment, the Doctor thought to her. I know you hate it, Jackie, but we don't have any clothes here except lab coats and I doubt you wanna wear that. The material isn't bonded to your skin now and I think you might be more comfortable now.

"Yeah, you're right, I can feel a difference," Jackie said.

"If you don't mind though, please take it off long enough to take the homing beacon off. That way, we'll have it away from you and he can't enslave your mind as well."

Jackie nodded. Rose moved around to the front and Jackie smiled lovingly at her while she finished loosening the bodysuit. The Doctor told them he'd be waiting outside while they took it off and got the mind control band off her leg. Rose and Jackie watched him go out the door before Rose turned her attention back to her mother and the task at hand.

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