Chapter Fifteen

Donna and Martha were so excited. After agreeing to the ‘80’s dance party, the three of them went into the rec room where they had held the Doctor’s birthday party and began to fix things up. Rose helped for awhile until the Doctor called for her to come to him. Since then, Martha and Donna had been working alone.

“Wonder where Rose went?” Donna asked.

Martha rolled her eyes.

“Probably went off for a make out session with the Doctor,” she said.

“No, actually, we were doing a makeover, not a make out.”

They looked over when Rose came into the room. Their eyes bulged out of their heads when they saw her hair. It was teased, crimped and bright purple.

“Like it? It’s for the party tonight,” Rose said.

“Wait, you actually got your hair dyed purple?” Donna said.

“No, the Doctor has a machine that can change the color of your hair to any color you want. I’ll change it back to blonde when the party’s over. But, guys, you should see what the Doctor looks like. He’s gone for the whole ‘80’s look. It’s hilarious.”

She walked over to Martha.

“He told me to tell you that if you want your hair altered, then meet him in the beauty salon.”

Martha frowned.

“Where’s that at?”

“I’ll show ya. But, Donna, if you want to do it too…”

“No, thanks, I’ll keep my hair the same. I’ve already lived through the bad ‘80’s fashions once without subjecting myself to it again.”

“Just askin’. But, come on, Martha, I’ll take you down to the beauty salon and then I’ll be back to help Donna finish up for the party.”

“Is he going to get Jack and Ianto and Gwen?” Donna said.

“Yeah, after he finishes with us, he’ll go up to the console room and land the TARDIS. He just wants our looks to be a surprise for them. He’s already asked the TARDIS to do what we did before and just land right on them, so they’ll be in here for the party. But, I’ll be right back, promise. Come on, Martha, you’ve gotta see the Doctor.”

They ran out the door while Donna finished putting chairs in place in front of the tables. She grinned when the TARDIS teleported huge bowls of crisps, dip, sodas and sandwiches onto the tables. Grinning, she reached in, grabbed a crisp and munched on it while she sat plastic cups in front of the bottles of sodas.

Her head jerked up when she heard Martha’s howling laughter coming from somewhere in the TARDIS.

“Oh blimey, now I wonder what the Doctor looks like,” she muttered.

Rose came back in a few minutes later carrying a stereo in her arms and giggling hysterically.

“Did you hear Martha?” she asked.

“Yeah, I did,” Donna said. “What’s he done to himself?”

“You’ll see.”

She helped her set up the stereo on another table and plugged it in.

“Doctor’s got a bunch of CD’s he’ll bring in before the party starts,” Rose told him.

Suddenly, Martha burst into the room.

“Ta-da!” she said.

They turned and laughed. Martha’s hair was teased up with red highlights.

“Oh my God, I love your hair like that, Martha, it’s so cute,” Rose said.

Martha smiled.

“Thanks,” she said. “I do too, actually. I always wanted to get my hair colored, but I never had the guts to do it. I kinda like it.”

She walked over to Donna and put her hands on her shoulders.

“Go in there and get your hair done,” she said. “It’s worth it just to see the Doctor.”

“Yeah, do it, Donna. Martha and I will finish up. Just go look at him.”

“Okay, you guys talked me into it. I’m going,” Donna said.

She followed Rose out of the room while Martha finished setting up. They went through several corridors before coming to an open door.

“Doctor?” Rose called out.

“Yes?” they heard him say.

“We convinced Donna to get her hair fixed too.”

“Bring her in then.”

Rose and Donna stepped into the room and Donna’s mouth flew open while she stared silently at the Doctor.

“Something wrong, Noble?”

Donna was completely in shock. The Doctor had colored his hair bright pink, had on eyeliner and was wearing a Michael Jackson Thriller jacket, sequined glove, parachute pants, sequined socks and Reeboks. He giggled at Donna’s expression.

“Why, Donna, you seem surprised to see me like this,” he said as Rose bent over laughing.

“Too right I am. What have you done to yourself? You look like someone put you in a blender, threw in a bunch of bad ‘80’s fashions and hit the mix button. God, you look incredibly bizarre right now and I’m so glad this isn’t your normal look.”

The Doctor shrugged.

“Hey, if it’s the ‘80’s, I gotta look the part,” he said.

“Well, you most certainly do, trust me.”

“Well, come on then and get your vintage ‘80’s look,” the Doctor said, patting a salon chair. “How about we go with a bright blue Mohawk?”

“How about not?” he said as Rose laughed. “How about you just color my hair something and have done with it?”

“You don’t want a Mister T Mohawk?”

“No, I don’t want a Mister T Mohawk. Changing my hair color will be enough for tonight.”

“Ah, you’re no fun, Donna. But, if that’s all you want, hop in the chair.”

Donna glanced at Rose and walked over to the chair. She sat down in it while the Doctor lowered a metal dome over her head.

“What color?” he asked.

“Not shocking pink, that’s for bloody sure,” she said, glancing at the Doctor’s hair.

“I think you should turn it blue and white,” Rose said.

“What, like half and half?” the Doctor said.

Rose giggled.

“Yeah, half blue and half white, right down the middle.”

The Doctor looked down at Donna.

“Your thoughts?” he said to her.

“I think you’re off your rocker, but I guess that’s not what you meant,” Donna said.

She sighed.

“Okay, blue and white then,” she said.

“How about blue and silver?” the Doctor said.

“Yeah, fine, just change it.”

The Doctor grinned.

“How about every color in the universe?”

“No, blue and silver will do just fine, thanks,” Donna said as the Doctor and Rose laughed.

The Doctor used a little keypad on the side of the dome and programmed the instructions in. Once he was finished, he pushed a button, there was a flash and he raised the dome up. Both he and Rose giggled at her blue and silver hair. The Doctor gave her a hand mirror.

“Oh…my…God,” she said as they laughed harder. “I can’t believe you guys talked me into this. I look hideous!”

“No, you look great,” the Doctor said. “Very ‘80’s. Now, if you want to go even further, I believe I have a Jennifer Beals Flashdance outfit you can wear. Just let me go to the Wardrobe Room and…”

“No, this will do for tonight,” Donna said, jumping up. “If I let you have your way, I’ll be looking like Adam Ant for the rest of my life. Just let me and Rose get back and finish helping Martha fix the room.”

Have fun, I’ll be fetching team Torchwood then and then we can get the shindig under way!”

“Man, pizza again?” Jack asked, when Ianto entered the Hub control room with two pizza boxes in his hands. “We’ve gotta find somewhere else to get our food. I’ve eaten so much pizza working here; I’m surprised I’m not pooping pepperoni now.”

Ianto set the boxes down on a desk, opened them and the three of them reached in for a slice. They stood together, eating and talking when suddenly all three of them heard the familiar sound of the TARDIS.

“The Doctor’s coming here?” Jack said, looking around. “Oh my God, I wonder what’s up? I…”

He sighed when he realized the TARDIS was landing around them again.

“I wish he wouldn’t do this,” Jack said to his friends. “It’s very annoying.”

The TARDIS finished materializing around them and they noticed they were back in the rec room. Their eyes widened when they saw Rose, Martha and Donna standing in front of them.

“What the hell happened to you three?” Jack said. “Were you chasing a monster in a paint factory and got electrocuted at some point?”

“We’re having a 1980’s dance party and the Doctor decided to invite you guys,” Martha said.

The Torchwood members looked at each other.

“Yup, this idea has the Doctor’s name written all over it,” Jack said. “So, I take it the freaky looks are a part of it.”

“Yup and if you want to look just as bizarre, the Doctor can fix that for ya,” Rose said.

“No, thanks, I’m not a fan of LSD-induced dye jobs,” Jack replied.

“Oh, this isn’t permanent. The Doctor has a machine that changes you hair into any color you want and then change it back again.”

“Are you sure it’ll change back?” Ianto asked.

“Yeah,” Jack said, “you sure the Doctor didn’t say that just so he could change your hair permanently and have a big laugh about it?”

“He better not or I’ll shove his eyeliner pencil in his eyes,” Donna replied.

Jack paused.

“Wait, did I just hear you say eyeliner pencil in reference to the Doctor?” he asked.

The three women giggled and nodded.

“Oh, Jesus, where is he? This I gotta see,” Jack said, looking around.

“I’m right here, Jack.”

They turned when the Doctor came in the door. Jack, Gwen and Ianto’s mouths dropped open when they saw him.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Gwen said.

“PINK? You colored your hair pink?” Jack said.

The Doctor shrugged.

“I don’t mind pink. It’s a pretty color.”

He grinned when Jack put his head in his hands.

“Oh God, you have done some idiotic, strange things since I’ve met you, but this takes the cake right here,” Jack said.

“You can get your hair done too; just say the word and I’ll take you all to the hair coloring machine.”

“Not me, I like my hair the way it is, thanks,” Gwen said, holding up her hand.

“Ah, come on, Cooper. Where’s your sense of adventure?” the Doctor said. “It’s not permanent. Come on, live a little.”

Gwen looked at Jack.

“I double, triple, quadruple dare ya,” he said to her.

“Why? So you can take a picture of it?”

Jack shrugged.

“I’m getting it done and so is Ianto.”

“Excuse me? When was that decided?” Ianto said.

He grinned at his lover.

“The moment I thought you would look cute with blue and silver hair like Donna has.”

Ianto looked at Donna.

“Not in a million years, Jack,” he said to him.

“Come on, Jones. Like the Doctor said, live a little. I’m getting mine colored green, after all.”

Ianto stared at his hair.

“Green?” he said to him.

“Yup, day-glo green.”

“Okay, then I will be on the other side of whichever side you’re on the entire party,” Ianto replied.

“No, you’re not. You both are going with me to get your hair colored and that’s an order!”

“What if we don’t want to?” Gwen said.

“Tough, I’m the boss and what I say goes. This is a chance to have fun and let loose for a change and if everyone else was brave enough to change their hair, we’re gonna do it too. So, follow the Doctor, so we can get the party started!”

The Doctor snickered when Gwen and Ianto sighed and followed Jack.

“Green, nice choice, Harkness, “the Doctor said as he led them out of the room.

“Hey, if you can go pink, I can go green and Ianto can go silver and blue.”

The three companions laughed when they heard Ianto say, I’m not coloring my hair silver and blue, Jack! Looking at each other, they began to eat some of the food while they waited for everyone else to return.

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