Chapter Nineteen

"Aaah, Oklahoma City," the Doctor said as they stepped out of the TARDIS. "Ooooklahoooma, where the wind goes whipping down the plains."

The other three stepped out behind him and looked around. They were next to a large white building that stretched out for about two blocks. A closer look and they realized it was the Oklahoma Art Museum.

"So, why are we here?" Rose asked him.

"Today is November 25th, 2010, Thanksgiving Day in America," the Doctor said.

"So…you celebrate Thanksgiving?" Martha said.

"Well, I believe in the idea of brotherhood and being thankful for what you have, but mostly I feel a bit peckish and I want a big turkey dinner. Shall we go find somewhere that's serving a nice buffet?"

The women looked at each other and big smiles spread over their faces as they nodded eagerly. The Doctor stopped a woman and made inquiries. The woman thought for a moment.

"Well, there's probably several Thanksgiving buffets going on over in Bricktown," she finally said.

"And where is that?" the Doctor asked.

She pointed off to their right and explained how to get there. The Doctor thanked her and they walked through the city center till they reached the Cox Convention Center. To the left was a bridge with Bricktown on it in large letters. They used the walkway that went through the bridge and when they came out, they saw that Bricktown had a baseball stadium as well as numerous restaurants. The Doctor made another inquiry of a passerby and was directed to Mickey Mantle's restaurant. When they reached the large brick building, they went up the steps and went inside. Immediately, the smell of fresh roasted turkey hit their nostrils and everyone's stomach began to growl. In the center of a crowded restaurant was a huge buffet with all sorts of food. The interior was well lighted with baseball memoriabilia on the walls and wooden tables and chairs all over the large room. The Doctor pulled out some money and paid for four all you can eat buffet dinners. The waitress showed them to their table and gave them empty plates, glasses and cutlery before wishing them a happy Thanksgiving. They returned the good wishes and took their plates while they went over to the buffet.

"I thought you didn't carry money with ya," Martha said as they walked over to the first buffet cart.

"I don't. But every once in awhile, I go back in time, look at the lottery numbers and buy a winning lottery ticket to cover special occasions like this," he said to her. "I have my ways of getting money when I need to."

They loaded their plates up with turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and all the trimmings. Everything smelled delicious and they were eager to dig in and eat everything. After they filled up their plates, they went back, got their glasses and went to a beverage center. They got four iced teas and grabbed some packets of sugar before they walked back to their table.

"Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. I am thankful to have all of you in my life," the Doctor said, raising his glass.

The others echoed the sentiment while they raised their glasses and clinked them together. Then they began to eat.

"Oh God, that is delicious," Rose said. "The turkey's so tender. I'm glad you thought of this."

"Yes, roast turkey always hits the spot," the Doctor said as they ate.

While they ate, Rose grinned and used her fork to try to take a hunk of turkey off the Doctor's plate. The Doctor slammed his fork down into the turkey.

"Oi, get away from my meat!" he said to her.

He gave Rose a puzzled look when she suddenly snickered at that.

"You mean I can't touch your meat?" Rose said while Donna and Martha exchanged glances.

"No, you can't touch my meat. Get your hands off my meat!" the Doctor said.

He gave the women an odd look when they all laughed at that.

"What's so funny about touching my meat?" he said while they laughed harder.

"Tell us, Doctor, how is your meat?" Martha said. "Is it big and juicy?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, it melts in your mouth."

He gave them a confused look when the three women laughed at that.

"What's so funny? I'm telling you the truth," he said. "What's so funny about juicy meat that melts in your mouth?"

"Nothing, nothing, Doctor, just being silly," Rose said.

The three women shared a knowing look while the Doctor shook his head and went back to eating his meal. While they were eating, a young waitress came around with a tray filled with orange bags that were tied with yellow ribbon. She put one down beside each plate, told them Happy Thanksgiving, and then went on to the next table. Everyone stopped eating and stared at them.

"Wonder what these are?" Martha said.

"Probably a bomb," Donna said.

The women laughed while the Doctor rolled his eyes.

"Well, with you, it's always a bomb or something sinister like that," Donna said to him.

The Doctor picked up his bag, untied the ribbon and looked inside.

"Ooo…" he said.

"What is it?" Rose said.

The Doctor turned the bag over his open palm and a bunch of candy corn and candy pumpkins fell out. He plucked a candy corn from the palm, put it in his mouth and chewed happily, savoring the sugary taste.

"Probably poisoned," Donna said.

The other women laughed when he flipped her off. The Doctor carefully put the rest of the sweets back in the bag, set it by his plate and they finished eating.

After they ate, they took a stroll around Bricktown, the Doctor popping the candy corn in his mouth while they looked around. When they got to the baseball stadium, they noticed an advertisement for the Oklahoma City Zoo. The banner had different animal appendages. You stood up against the banner and made it look like the animal appendages were yours. The four animals were the wings of a rainbow lorikeet, the tail of a peacock, the tail of a spider monkey and the legs and feelers of a centipede. Rose ran over the banner and stood up against the peacock one. The women laughed and Donna pulled out her digital camera when Rose suddenly had a pretty peacock tail. After they took her photo, Martha walked over to the lorikeet and stood up against the banner, giving her rainbow wings. Donna took a photo of her and Rose took the camera while she also chose the lorikeet.

"Okay, Doctor, your turn," Rose said.

"Choose the spider monkey," Martha said.

"No thanks, I'm not a monkey," the Doctor said, walking up to it.

"Well, I'm not a lorikeet but that didn't stop me," Donna said.

The Doctor looked at the four appendages. With a grin, he pressed himself up against the centipede and the women laughed when he suddenly had many legs and feelers. The Doctor gave them a menacing look as he made his own hands into claws.

"I'm a mutant centipede! Fear me!" he said while they laughed and took his photo. After they were done, they took turns looking at the photos on the screen and laughing at them before heading on further into Bricktown.

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