Chapter Twenty

The three women were in good spirits as they walked the pavement of Bricktown. The Doctor followed behind them, hands in pockets, while he enjoyed his surroundings. The three women kept glancing back at him and giggling. They rarely had days like this where nothing sinister or evil was happening and they were in a silly mood and wanted to tease their beloved Doctor a bit more. Rose nudged Donna and winked at her and Martha as she suddenly stopped, let them go ahead and resumed walking when the Doctor caught up to her.

"Wotcha," Rose said to him.

"Howdy doody, my Rose, delightful day. A bit brisk, weather wise, but the fresh air is bracing."

"Yes, and I'm sure your meat is getting cold now, yeah?"

The Doctor frowned and gave her a confused look while Donna and Martha sniggered softly.

"Are we still talking about the turkey?" the Doctor asked.

"Yeah, I'm just saying that if your meat was out here in the cold, it'd freeze pretty quickly," Rose said innocently.

"Oh, you mean like making a turkey sandwich for on the go," the Doctor said.

"Yeah, I mean, if you prefer putting your meat between two slices of bread but if you did that, you'd have to let me eat it first," Rose said while Donna and Martha shook with silent laughter.

"Then what would be the point of me having the sandwich?" the Doctor said to her. "I can't enjoy my sandwich if you eat it."

"Oooh, Doctor," Rose said in a throaty voice as she suddenly stopped him, "I think there's a way for you to enjoy having me eat your meat."

The Doctor gave her a confused look while Martha and Donna giggled.

"Okay, I sense perhaps a double entendre being bandied about and I'm the unwitting recipient of said entendre."

"Perhaps, perhaps not, I just like eating your meat!"

The Doctor blinked in shock when she stole a quick kiss from his cheek and sprinted away, running across a car park towards a large rectangular brick building that had a huge Coca Cola logo sign above the front door. Donna and Martha laughed as Rose let out an, "Ahhhhh!" as she ran towards the front door of the building. The Doctor watched her for a moment and then walked up to Donna and Martha.

"Okay, what's going on here? What's the joke?" he said to them. "Because I sense I'm the butt of one and I don't like it."

"Alright, before you throw a conniption fit, it's just fun and games," Donna said angrily. "She was meaning meat as in the meat between your legs, ya alien git!"

The Doctor turned beet red while Martha and Donna shared a look. He looked over when Rose called his name and was shocked when Rose raised her top and flashed him for a second while she stood under the front door. Donna and Martha watched her do that and then looked at the Doctor.

"You do know she fancies you, right?" Donna said.

"Well, yes, but…"

"She's just having a laugh and having a playful tease with ya, don't take it so seriously," Martha said. "It's a beautiful day and we're having fun being silly. Lighten up for a change and take a break from the world weary, universe on his shoulders Doctor, yeah?"

The Doctor looked at Rose who was waving at him from the door. A grin spread over his face and with another aaaah, he took off running across the car park after her. Donna and Martha laughed when Rose waited till he was nearly to the door before she ran away. The two of them chased each other around the car park, laughing and ignoring the shocked looks of people passing by the car park.

"That's more like it," Martha said to Donna.

"Yeah, sometimes he gets too dour and sour and he needs a bit of fun to get his spirits back up," Donna said to her.

They watched while he chased Rose across the length of the building. Rose stuck her tongue between her teeth and gave the Doctor an impish grin when she ran around the side.

Rose panted and gasped when she ran around the corner. She looked back over her shoulder and ran again when the Doctor came around the corner.

"Rose, wait!" the Doctor said to her. "Wait, I wanna tell you something. Seriously!"

Rose slowed her pace and stopped halfway to the end of the building. She pretended to tense her muscles and run again when the Doctor came up to her. To her surprise, the Doctor took her into her arms and held her close. Rose closed her eyes and sighed when the Doctor lowered his face to the top of her head and held her protectively.

"I wanted to have a moment away from the other two, a private moment," he murmured to her.

"Yeah?" Rose said, loving the feel of the jacket material on her skin.

"Yeah. I admit I didn't get the whole eat my meat thing but I will tell you one thing, on this day of Thanksgiving, I'm thankful to have you back at my side again."

"Same here," Rose murmured.

The Doctor rested his head on the top of hers while he stared out at the people going to and fro, going to restaurants and the cinema, having a good time. Rose snuggled against him, feeling safe and protected while the Doctor rubbed her back. She glanced up at him and saw him looking around and it touched her heart as she thought that it seemed as though he was looking around for danger while keeping her safe from it.

"Donna and Martha told me to quit being a wet blanket and have some fun which is why I gave chase," he finally said to her.

"Oh, yeah?" Rose said, looking up at him.

She smiled when he kissed the tip of her nose.

"Yeah," he said.

"And you left them standing there in the cold while you came back here for a snog?"

"Um…weeeeell…" he said while Rose giggled. "I just wanted a private moment with you. Bit harder when there are two other gossipy women about, you know."

"Oh, and it was easy when Jack and Mickey were with us?"

"Good point," the Doctor said while she laughed.

He kissed her cheek.

"Better get back to the others then," he said to her.

"Fine, you're it!" she said, slapping his arm.

The Doctor gave her a maniacal grin as she wriggled out of his arms and sprinted back to the front of the building. He gave chase, feeling invigorated and happy that Rose was back with him instead of being in the other universe. He rounded the corner and nearly had twenty heart attacks when Martha and Donna, who had been hiding right around the corner, jumped at him and screamed. Rose bent over laughing while the Doctor gave them an incensed look. Then he grinned and the three women took off running while he gave chase back to the pavement. Once they reached the pavement, they stopped for a breather and the Doctor pointed to a sign across the street that said Land Run Monument with an arrow pointing off to the right across a car park. They hurried across the street and followed the arrow across the car park, over a scenic wooden bridge that was over a small manmade stream and under an overpass where they saw a bunch of bronze statues on a rise above another car park. They followed a path up to it and read a plaque describing the statues as honoring the people who first participated in the land run that led to the founding of Oklahoma City.

"Oh, they're honoring the people who kicked the Indians off the land and then took it. I see," Martha said while the other women giggled.

The Doctor followed them while they walked a small path beside the statues. There were over fifty of them, horses and riders, people in stagecoaches and wagons and people running on foot, all depicting the day of the Oklahoma Land Run.

"Where are the pissed off Indians who came back to scalp them?" Rose asked as they walked.

"I think they locked them on the reservations," Donna replied.

Martha spied a bronze statue of a horse and cowboy up ahead of them. She looked back at the Doctor who was strolling leisurely behind them, looking at the statues.

"Quick, hide!" Martha said to Rose and Donna.

The Doctor stopped and watched as they ran behind the horse statue and peered at him over the top of it.

"Okay," Martha said in a whisper loud enough for the Doctor to hear, "we wait till he passes by and we ambush him. He'll never know we're back here till it's too late."

The Doctor sniggered as the three pairs of eyes watched him quietly. The Doctor stood and watched them.

"What's taking him so long?" Donna said in a loud whisper, "I wanna pounce!"

"Maybe his foot's stuck," Rose said in a loud whisper.

"Yeah, his foot's stuck in a big wad of chewing gum and he can't move," Martha said in a loud whisper. "Just be patient, he'll sort it out with the sonic screwdriver, then…we attack!"

They stood and watched him while the Doctor shook with silent laughter. The Doctor walked around the horse towards them.

"Hey, where's he goin'?" Rose said. "He's…coming back here?"

"No, we'll be found out!" Donna said dramatically. "Our ambush will be all for naught!"

The Doctor stopped and leaned against the neck of the horse, gazing at his girls fondly while they stared at them.

"Do you think he sees us?" Rose asked while the Doctor's eyes twinkled with mirth.

"No, we're fine. We have on perception filters," Martha said.

"You forget, my Martha. The Master said that perception filters don't work on Time Lords."

"Bollocks, we're screwed then," Martha said.

The Doctor chuckled and embraced them.

"Don't worry, I'll be merciful to ya," he said fondly while he hugged them.

The three women hugged him back and clustered around him as they walked back to the path and went on with their tour of the statues.

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