A/N: Inspired by a conversation on a DW Facebook group about the Doctor possibly switching sexes after one of his regenerations. This chapter also features Doctor/Master slash.

Chapter Twenty Two

"No! Leave him alone!" Donna yelled.

She, Martha and Rose were in a large cage in the corner of the laboratory on board the Valiant. Across the room, the Master had the Doctor strapped into a chair and was standing over him, gloating about his latest victory.

"So…" the Master said, running a finger down his arm while the Doctor glared at him, "s'pose this is where you make your choice. Will you give yourself to me and let me do whatever I want or…shall we pick door number two!" he said, making a sweeping gesture to the cage.

"No, leave them alone, do what you want with me, but let them go!" the Doctor said, ignoring his companion's pleas not to give in.

"Good answer!" the Master said.

Rose, Martha and Donna watched while he turned the chair and wheeled it over to a large glass tube. He turned the chair and wheeled it in so the Doctor would be facing front. Then with an evil laugh, he closed the door and pranced towards a nearby control panel.

"Whatever you're doing, the Doctor will stop you!" Martha yelled.

"Or we will!" Donna added.

The Master ignored them and whistled a cheerful tune as he punched buttons on the console. The Doctor gave his girls a brave smile while they watched him with worried looks on their faces. The Doctor gritted his teeth when electricity suddenly climbed up and down the inside of the tube, crackling when it hit his body. The Master continued to hit buttons while the three women begged him for mercy. Then there was a burst of black smoke and the tube was filled with it. They could see the electricity on occasion but they could no longer see the Doctor and they yelled at the Master to stop. The Master finished hitting buttons and strolled over to the tube, waiting patiently for the process to end. After five minutes, the machine stopped and the smoke was sucked into a vent underneath the Doctor. The Doctor was unconscious and the three women were thankful since he was now a female.

His short tousled hair was now long, thick and full and it flowed off the end of the chair and reached halfway to the floor. He had a feminine delicate face with pouty lips and a slender shapely body. But what was really astonishing was he now had tits that Dolly Parton would be envious of. His headlights were so big they split his clothing open and they lay there on his chest like two flesh pumpkins. The women were rendered speechless but the Master gave a little giggle of delight, opened the door and wheeled him out.

"At last, I have finally succeeded beyond my wildest dreams," the Master said. "I have turned the Doctor into a woman!"

The women watched while the Master put his hands on the top of Mount Boobies and fondled them.

"Change him back!" Rose yelled at him.

"Beg pardon?" the Master said, turning slightly so he could see her while still fingering the goods.

"You heard me," Rose said. "Change him back."

"But…he has breasts now," the Master said and with that, he turned back around and squeezed those melons like no one's business.

"I'm so glad the Doctor is unconscious right now because he'd be horrified beyond belief," Martha said.

"Um…is it me or is the Master getting a huge erection right now?" Donna said.

The Master had turned to put his lips on the Doctor's mouth and they could see a huge bulge poking through his trousers. The three women shared a look.

"He did say he's been waiting to do this for ages," Martha said while the Master licked the Doctor's face like a cat grooming her kitten.

"Ew, is he drooling on him?" Donna said, making a face.

Then to their horror, the Doctor began to wake up. The Master stepped back, hands behind his back while he waited for the Doctor's reaction to his new form. The Doctor opened his eyes and focused in on the Master who had an amused grin on his face.

"What have you done to me?"

The Master shook with silent laughter when the Doctor did a double take the moment he realized his voice was now several octaves higher than normal. He looked away from the Master and his eyes nearly fell from his sockets when he noticed his breasts were now gargantuan.

"Like what you see, Doctor?" the Master purred.

"Um, those aren't what I think they are, are they?" the Doctor said. "And what the hell happened to my voice? Did you put helium in the tube."

The Master walked away, grumbling about how thick his adversary could be at times. He returned with a hand mirror and held it in front of the Doctor's face. The Doctor's eyes opened further when he saw the feminine looking face staring back at him. Then he took a look at his enormous gazungas and back at the face in the mirror.

"No," he said in his girly voice. "You didn't. You didn't do this."

"Do what?" the Master purred as he came closer to his face.

The Doctor sighed.

"Turned me into some sort of freakish, Barbie Doll, big tits, she-male," he said.

"In that case, yes, I did," the Master said, laying his hand on his right breast. "So…what are you going to do about it, my lovey dovey?'

The Doctor stared at his archenemy's eyes and saw the burning lust there. He suddenly realized that he might be seconds away from a raping the way he was staring at him.

"Leave him alone!" Donna yelled.

The Master sighed.

"Did anyone ever tell you the Ginge over there is a bucket of cold water on the groin," he said to the Doctor. "Tell you what though, you cooperate with me and I don't kill them. Sound good?"

"Leave them alone!"

The Master snickered at the Doctor's female voice. He unstrapped him and helped him to stand up, admiring his body while he did. The Doctor swayed a bit with the extra weight of his tee-tas before he got his balance. His long flowing Fabio hair cascaded down to his butt and the Master eyed him hungrily as he grabbed hold of his hair and studied it.

"Overdo it on the long, flowing locks?" he said to the Master as he pointed to his hair.

"Not at all, I've always fancied hair I could run my fingers through and yours, my little Rapunzel, is just perfect."

The Doctor felt his fingers in his hair and zoomed over to the cage. The women stepped back when the Kajungas got to the cage before he did. The Doctor sighed in annoyance and turned slightly so he could actually go up to the cage without pressing his boobs against the bars. Meanwhile, the Master strolled up to him and admired him while the Doctor kept his attention focused on his girls. The Doctor slapped his hand and the Master withdrew it when he tried to put his hand on his right tit again.

"Leave him alone and change him back!" Rose growled at the Master.

"Change him back? After achieving perfection? Why would I want to do that?" the Master said while the Doctor kept slapping his hand away from his breast. "Say…aren't you his sweetums? What do you think of my improvements?"

"I hate them. Change him back," Rose said.

"Aw, come on, surely you have lesbian tendancies. Don't you want to experiment and find the inner lesbian. I'll let you have a go. After I have, of course."

"Didn't you hear what she said?" Donna said, coming up behind Rose. "Change him back!"

"But…breasts…" the Master said, laying his hands upon the wonderment.

He glared at the Doctor when he gave his hands a hard slap and reached into his trouser pocket.

"You see this?" he said, showing him a bulky screwdriver. "This laser screwdriver has a bit of your DNA in it and with that I can age you. You keep on and you'll find yourself a hundred year old man with saggy, baggy boobs that go down to your knees. Want that?"

The Doctor sighed and acquiesced to him. The Master smiled, put the screwdriver in his pocket and the Doctor steeled himself for a fondling. But to his surprise, the Master went past him back to the control panel. He hummed as he pushed a few buttons and the Doctor gasped when his companions were enveloped in a bright light and vanished from the cage.

"There! Now that we got rid of the three hussies, it's time for some fun!" the Master said, skipping towards his prey.

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