Chapter Twenty Eight

Rose chuckled to herself as she put on a slinky black teddy, nylon stockings and black high heels. It had been a slow day on the TARDIS. She wasn't sure what everyone else was doing but she decided to have a bit of a giggle and take the mick out of the Doctor before they started their day. She had tarted herself up to the point she looked like a streetwalker and she was going to see if she could get a reaction out of the Doctor. She checked herself in the full length mirror on her cupboard door before strutting out of her room.


"So, where should we go today?" the Doctor asked Martha and Donna.

They were in the console room. Donna and Martha were sitting on the jump seat while the Doctor faced them with his butt against the rim of the console.

"Any ideas?" he added.

"Yes, I have one," Donna said. "How about we go to the Happy Fun No Death Or Monsters At All Funfair?"

Martha giggled at the peeved look on the Doctor's face.

"And where exactly would that be, Noble?" he said to her.

"Well, I dunno, ask the magic machine to find it for ya," Donna said.

"Actually, that sounds nice. Let's go to the no death and monsters funfair," Martha said.

"Ew, that's boring. I'd be snoring before we passed the first entrance. Come on, something realistic, you lot."

"How about Kinkyworld?"

Everyone looked over at the back door when they heard Rose's voice and the Doctor's eyes bulged when Rose slinked into the room. Martha and Donna did a double take and jerked their heads around to see the Doctor's reaction. The Doctor was frozen, his eyes so wide Donna swore they would pop out of his skull any moment.

"I think Kinkyworld would be fun," Rose said innocently as she slowly walked towards the Doctor.

Donna bit her lip and glanced at Martha. Martha had her hand up to her mouth, trying to hide her smile while the Doctor continued to stare at Rose, transfixed by the sight before him. Rose walked up to him and put her hand over his right heart.

"Hello…Doctor," she said in a breathless voice.

Martha nudged Donna roughly and pointed to the Doctor's crotch which was now bulging. The Doctor finally came to himself and swallowed hard as Rose ran her hand up and down his chest.

"Yeah, um…" the Doctor said as he struggled to get a coherent thought out of his mouth. "Um…where did…you get that?" he said, gesturing to her teddy.

"I had it," Rose said breathlessly. "I was going to save it for a special occasion but you know what, we can make this occasion veeeeeery special, can't we…Doctor?"

The Doctor looked at his companions and gave them a "Could you help me here, please?" look as Rose ran her hand up to his neck and caressed the side of it.

Martha looked at Donna and Donna grinned and got up. She walked up to Rose.

"Now, Rose, you know that's not cricket," she said with a stern, motherly voice. "The Doctor is a fragile being and he just can't take this much titillation."

Martha nearly fell off the seat when she saw the Doctor's shocked expression as he jerked his head and looked at Donna.

"Perhaps we should test his limits then?" Rose purred as she moved her hand up to his cheek.

Donna pretended to think, loving the Doctor's obvious discomfort.

"Well, we do have a medical doctor here to monitor him," Donna said, gesturing to Martha. "Ah, what the hell! Throw the body down on a gurney, strap him in and have a tickle with his tackle!"

"Donna!" the Doctor said, scandalized while Martha roared with laughter.

"Tickle with his tackle, I like that," Rose said in a husky voice.

She started moving her hand down to his crotch and Donna bit his lip when she watched the Doctor try to swat it away.

"Doctor, don't fight me, you know you want this," Rose purred.

Suddenly, the Doctor sprinted around her and raced out of the room as the women giggled hysterically.

"Should we end the joke there?" Rose said to her friends.

"Nah, let's keep it going for a bit," Donna said. "I have an idea actually. Follow me, girls, this will be fun!"

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