Chapter Eleven

The Doctor, Rose and Frida walked up the dirt path towards the castle. While they walked, the Doctor took the front while he kept his senses alert for any soldiers. Frida walked with Rose.

"How long have you known him?" she asked Rose while she pointed to the Doctor.

"Several years now. I met him before he became nosferatu though," Rose said.

"Did the countess change him?" Frida asked.

"No. He was in England when it happened," Rose said. "This bloke called Ian made it happen and controlled him for awhile unti l he broke free of it."

"Where is England?"

"It's west of here. It's an island beside Europe," Rose said.

"I've never heard of it but I don't know many things beyond the village," Frida said.

The Doctor stopped them near a tall tree. He told Rose to watch over Frida and Frida watched in amazement as he drifted upwards, keeping close to the tree trunk while he flew up. The Doctor stopped near the top and turned towards the castle, putting his hands in his pockets while he scanned the castle and the surrounding grounds. Frida shielded her eyes with her hand and craned her neck up to look at him.

"He is amazing," Frida said to Rose.

"Yes, he is," Rose said.

"I have never known there were good nosferatu," Frida said. "I thought all of them were monsters."

"Nah, not him. He fights monsters," Rose said.

The Doctor floated back down after several minutes.

"No guards outside the grounds," he said to them. "I couldn't see any in the forest either. I didn't go higher for fear someone would see me so I don't know about the courtyard but at the moment we just have to worry about getting up to the front door."

"Frida thinks you're amazing," Rose said.

The Doctor grinned and bowed at that. He had a thought and whispered something in Frida's ear. Frida's eyes widened and she nodded. The Doctor picked her up and Rose thought he was going to fly with her. But suddenly he vanished from sight and Rose blinked in shock.

"Hullo there!"

She heard the Doctor behind her and turned to see him five feet behind her holding a giggling Frida in his arms. Then he vanished again and Rose heard him calling to her again behind her while Frida laughed. She turned.

"I'm not over there, I'm over here," he said to her. "Or…"

He vanished again and Rose turned around to see the Doctor was back in the same place he was before.

"Finally, you twigged to what I was doing," the Doctor said, setting Frida's feet down on the ground.

"Yes, I finally realized you were using your super speed to run around me," Rose said.

"She's rather slow but lovable," the Doctor said to Frida.

"Can you take us up to the castle like that?" Frida asked.

"Rose? Fancy the quick way?" the Doctor said.

"Beats walking there," Rose said.

The Doctor picked Frida up in his right arm and put his arm around Rose, lifting slightly off the ground so her feet were out of the way. He turned towards the castle and Rose gasped when suddenly the world became a blur for her. The wind whipped her hair around as the Doctor flew quickly towards the gates. It was over in thirty seconds and when Rose's mind caught up with her body, she noticed they were standing behind a large tree near the gates of the castle. The Doctor peeked around it and nodded.

"Just making sure there were no guards there," he said to them. "Didn't want to just suddenly appear in front of someone. Okay…so, is everyone ready then?"

Frida and Rose nodded and the Doctor beckoned for them to follow him. He walked up to the high wall surrounding the castle. There was a wooden door with an iron gate down in front of it. The Doctor scratched his head, trying to find a way to alert someone of their presence.

"Is there a doorbell?" the Doctor said, walking to the side of the gate. "Bellpull?Butleryou can kick in the arse? What?"

"Maybe everyone's out looking for us," Rose said.

"Yes. But…they left this unguarded?" the Doctor said.

"People don't come up here," Frida said. "They're too afraid."

"So she doesn't post guards anywhere? That's confidence," the Doctor said. "Okay, plan B then. HEY!" he bellowed up at the castle. "LET US IN, WE WANT TO SPEAK WITH SOMEONE! HEEEEEY!"

He waited and listened and then reached through the iron bars of the gate and pounded on the door as loudly as he could. Which wasn't very loud since the wood was very thick. He yelled up at the castle again and then he heard the sound of scraping wood on the other side of the door and he stepped back to stand with Rose and Frida. The door slowly opened until it was halfway open and then a man peeked out. He was slightly overweight with short black hair and a full black beard. His piercing blue eyes narrowed when he saw the three strangers.

"Yes?" he said to them.

"I want to speak to someone," the Doctor said, coming forward. "My daughter was nearly abducted today in the village and I have reason to believe the countess's servants are responsible. My wife and me want to speak to the countess so we can find the woman and hold her responsible!"

The guard looked nonplussed and the Doctor figured this was the first time anyone, anywhere ever came up to the front door and demanded to see the countess. The guard stared at the Doctor for a moment and he could tell he was unsure what he should do.

"Damn it, man, I want satisfaction!" the Doctor said, trying to take advantage of his confusion. "Are we going to see the countess or not?"

The Doctor noticed the guard was now looking directly at Frida and he noticed a slight smirk on his face. The Doctor couldn't read his mind but he guessed that the guard was noticing just how young Frida was and thinking that the countess might be interested in her since he wasn't sure what to do about the angry parents.

"Wait here," the guard said gruffly before he closed the door back.

"So…I think I just blew his mind," the Doctor said, turning to Rose. "I don't think anyone has come here demanding to hold anyone accountable for anyone's deeds here and he wasn't sure how to respond to me. He seemed interested in Frida though and I'm betting he'll tell the countess we have a young girl with us."

"So what do we do?" Rose asked.

"Just stick together if possible," the Doctor said. "At least try to stay with Frida. I don't want her being separated because I have a feeling we'll never see her again except as part of Her Royal Vampness's bath."

Rose nodded. She put her arm around Frida and the Doctor paced back and forth in front of the door while they waited. Twenty minutes later, they heard the door opening and the Doctor stopped his pacing and turned towards the door. The guard opened it fully this time and turned a crank on his side of the wall. The gate raised upwards and when it was completely up, the guard told them to follow him while he took them to the countess.

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