Chapter Fourteen

"Find them!" Elisabeta screamed as Dorottya, Ilona and Zsuzsanna stood in front of her. "Find all of them. Kill the man if you like but leave the women alive so I can use them! Now go!"

"But what about Katalin?" Dorottya asked.

"We'll deal with her later," Elisabeta said. "For now, I want you and the guards to find the intruders and capture them. Now go before I kill all of you for disobedience!"

The three women turned and left the room while Elisabeta grumbled and cursed under her breath.


Katalin watched while the Doctor and Rose removed their wigs. She was momentarily startled when the Doctor pulled off the prosthetic on his face and Rose had to point out that she and Frida thought he was pulling his face off for real. The Doctor explained what he was doing while he took the mask off. Then when he was through he discarded the face and pointed to his pale white face.

"See, this is my actual face," he said to them.

"Now you look like nosferatu," Frida said.

"Yes, I do. But the people in the paintings around this castle still have paler skin than I do."

"But it's daytime," Katalin said. "Nosferatu can survive in sunlight?"

"Um…well, I have this…magic amulet that protects me from sunlight," the Doctor said, glancing at Rose.

They heard the guards outside the room. The Doctor could tell they were coming towards it and he told the women to stay calm and wait before he floated up to the ceiling. The guards entered the room two minutes later and froze when they saw the women. There were two of them, both of them young and inexperienced. The guards pulled out their swords and walked towards them.

"You will come with us," a blond headed guard said. "You will not resist."

"What if we do resist?" Rose said, folding her arms over her chest.

"Then…we will render you unconscious," his brown haired companion said in a high-pitched voice.

"Blimey, how young are you? Your voice hasn't even broken yet. Are you nine or something?" Rose mocked him while Frida laughed. "Shouldn't you put the sword down before you cut yourself?"

She could tell the man wasn't used to having a woman talk back to him by the mild shock on his face.

"You heard me, little boy. I've faced down more threatening things than you and your friend so you might as well put down your sword and go and play out in the garden like a good little tot."

"You will be silent!" the blonde said.

"You have a deeper voice so apparently puberty did reach you," Rose said. "But you're still young. I'm more than a match for you two ASBOs so put down your swords and surrender to us before I command my vampire to hurt you."

The two men stared at her in confusion.

"ASBOs" the dark haired man said. "What's an ASBO?"

"You, you're one," Rose said, pointing at him. "And that's a pity because it's always sad when a toddler becomes a menace to society. So go back to the nursery, Yobbo, before I call my vampire to me."

The two men stared at her in befuddlement and Rose snickered at the confused looks on their faces.

"Didn't you hear me, chavs? I said go away or my vampire will bite your necks."

"What is a vampire?" the blonde said.

"Oh okay, nosferatu then since you don't know the other word. I have my own personal nostferatu and if you gits don't clear off, he's gonna get ya!"

The men now gave her withering looks while the Doctor slowly came down behind them. Rose glanced at Frida who was now giggling and the Doctor winked at her.

"Yeah, the big scary nosferatu is gonna get you," Frida taunted them.

"And where is this nosferatu guardian?" the blonde taunted back.


The guards jumped and spun around. Their mouths dropped open when they saw the Doctor floating a few feet off the ground.

"Howdy-do, ASBOs," he said. "And now, goodnight!"

He grabbed the guard's heads and rammed them together. The guards grunted and lost consciousness before the Doctor let go and watched them drop to the floor. He floated up and then floated over to Rose and floated down so his feet were inches above her head. Frida laughed while Rose rolled his eyes and the Doctor did a few dance steps.

"He's dancing on your head, Rose," Frida said.

"He better not kick my head while he dances or I'm taking off his manhood and putting it down his throat," Rose said.

The Doctor rotated his body until his head was directly above Rose's head. He put his hands behind his back and hovered there while Frida giggled harder.

"How do you do that?" Katalin asked after getting over her astonishment.

"Dunno. I just can," the Doctor said with a shrug before he raised himself up higher, righted himself and came down beside Rose. "I'm trying to become human again but in the meantime, I'm enjoying these little quirks of mine. They come in quite handy, isn't that right, chavs?" he said to the unconscious guards.

"Can you become a bat?" Katalin asked.

"For the zillionth time, no," the Doctor said while Rose laughed. "I do not shape shift in any way. The people who write the stupid lore books get many things wrong. But enough talk. Let's go find the countess and her cronies, shall we?"

He went up again and glided above them while the three women walked out of the dining hall. He tried to keep to the shadows, looking down and keeping watch over the three women. They encountered one more guard and Rose kept him busy by talking while he positioned himself over the guard, raised his fist and came down fast, slamming it onto the top of his head. The guard collapsed to the floor and the Doctor went up again. They walked on until Dorottya, Ilona and Zsuzsanna ran into them as they turned a corner up ahead. Everyone froze and the Doctor went into a horizontal position and positioned himself up against the ceiling while he watched. The three servants of the countess were looking at Katalin who returned the look with a look of defiance.

"Where is the man who took you?" Dorottya snarled at her and why are you with them?

"I don't know where the man is and I've switched sides," Katalin said haughtily, knowing that she had a secret weapon and new friends to give her support.

"I told you she was no good," Ilona said to her friends. "I told you she'd betray us one day!"

"Perhaps she's not a stupid, waste of space tart like the rest of ya," Rose said. "Perhaps she's not a sadistic donkey's arse who gets pleasure out of other people's pain."

"You've changed your hair. You're the one that prevented me from taking her," Dorottya said, pointing to Frida.

"Bang on, Brothel Bitch, I did," Rose said smugly. "I'm glad I did since Frida is a wonderful person, unlike you who belongs in a rubbish bin with your friends and your employer."

"How dare you talk to me like that!" Dorottya snarled at her.

"I'll talk to you any way I like, chav," Rose drawled while Frida giggled. "Stupid, inbred, loser, tart, donkey arse, bitch!"

Dorottya froze. She coulda sworn she heard laughter coming from above. But when she looked up, she didn't see anything. But she wasn't in time to see the Doctor fly quicker than lightning out of the room. When Dorottya looked down, he flew back and stuck his tongue out at her.

"What's wrong, tart, hearing things?" Rose said. "Perhaps it's the ghosts of all the people you helped kill, you wanker, git, whore, dog, cow!"

"Daughter of a whore!" Frida added gleefully.

"Cruel idiot!" Katalin said.

Dorottya screamed at her friends to get them. They started to run to them but they stopped short and gasped when the Doctor came down between them, hands in his trouser pockets.

"Howdy-do, donkey arse, bitch, whore, chav," he said gleefully. "Welcome to your worst nightmare!"

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