Chapter Fifteen

"What is this?" Dorottya said.

"This…bitch, whore, chav, is a representative of the local Hungarian Nosferatu Union. I have come to complain about all the women you are taking. It is depriving me and my fellow creatures of the night of our meals and brides. We wish you to stop doing this and surrender yourself forthwith."

Dorottya looked at Ilona and Zsuzsanna but the women were both struck silent by the Doctor hovering in the air in front of them. She looked at Rose and saw the smug look on her face.

"This is my bride," the Doctor said, pointing to Rose when he noticed Dorottya staring at her. "She submits to my every desire. KNEEL, SLAVE!" he bellowed.

Rose folded her arms over her chest while Frida snickered. The Doctor feigned annoyance while he looked at her and then shrugged.

"Of course, her hypnotic suggestion isn't that strong. I have to refine it," he said. "But anyway, I have come to order you and your mistress to stop the kidnapping and killing or you'll answer to me."

"You are nothing," Ilona said haughtily as she stepped forward. "You're not a fearsome nosferatu, you're an idiot."

"AM I?" the Doctor bellowed in a deep voice as his face shifted to demonic mode.

Dorottya, Ilona and Zsuzsanna screamed while Rose and Frida laughed hysterically. The three women turned and ran out of the room.

"Excuuuuse me!" the Doctor said to his friends before he flew out after them.

"He…he looked like a demon just then," Katalin said.

"Eh, it's just his face," Rose said, waving her hand dismissively. "He tries to scare me with it from time to time but I just laugh at him. But now that he's gone off after them. Let's go see to the people in the dungeon, eh?"

"Follow me," Katalin said before they turned and followed her out of the room.


"I HUNGER FOR BLOOD!" the Doctor bellowed in a deep voice as he flew after the panicky women. "THERE MUST BE BLOOD! I MUST HAVE SATISFACTION!"

"Mistress!" Zsuzsanna screamed as they ran, "help us!"

The Doctor roared at them and snickered when they ran full tilt towards the front of the castle. On the way, the women ran past an old guard and screamed at them to stop the Doctor. The Doctor showed the guard his demon face and roared at him and laughed when the guard spun around and sprinted away from him.

"I WILL HAVE BLOOOOOD!" the Doctor yelled as he slowed his pursuit so he could enjoy the sight of everyone running from him. "GET IN MA BELLY!" he added, imitating Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers films.

Then the women and guard ran into the room where Elisabeta was waiting and she got up from a gold ornate chair, intending to ask them what was going on but then the Doctor flew into the room, stopped and righted himself so he was standing in the air above them.

"Nosferatu!" Dorottya yelled, pointing to him.

The Doctor noticed the shock on Elisabeta's face.

"So…you're not a fellow nosferatu then?" the Doctor said, gliding over to her while the women and guard cowered behind her.

"Of course not, I'm not a demon like you," Elisabeta said.

The Doctor raised his eyebrow.

"Wow, you managed to say that with a straight face, I'm impressed," he said. "But I'm afraid County Countess, that you're far more a demon than I am."

"What do you mean?" the countess said.

"What do I mean? I mean…Thickety Thick, that I know about the murders and the bathing in the blood. You've killed hundreds of women and girls out of spite and vanity and you call me a demon?"

"And what do you do? You kill as well?" Elisabeta said.

"Not anymore and when I did, I wasn't in my right mind," the Doctor said. "You, however, know exactly what you're doing and now…it's going to stop," he said, coming down to the ground.

"How are you going to stop me?" Elisabeta said.

The Doctor cocked his eyebrow again and smirked.

"Are you serious? Is that a serious question?" he said, amused. "You're a human and I'm a nosferatu with unearthly abilities. Work it out, your worship, how I might be able to stop you!"

"Don't just stand there, get him!" Elisabeta said to the guard who was still cowering with the women.

"Yes. Come and get me, if you dare," the Doctor said mockingly to them.

He opened his mouth and showed them his fangs, pointing to them for emphasis. He came towards Elisabeta and smirked when she backed up.

"What's wrong? You haven't the guts to face someone stronger than you are?" he said to her. "I'm not tied down so I'm a threat now, unlike the innocent lives you destroyed over the years."

"Where is Katalin?" Elisabeta said.

"Katalin switched sides. I offered her a better life than this one and amnesty since you lot abused and bullied her into helping carry out your depravity."

"I am nobility," Elisabeta said, raising her chin.

The Doctor sniggered at that.

"You think I care?" he said. "I don't care if you're the queen of the universe, lady. You're gonna be brought to justice. Even a noble can be executed for her crimes. And her accomplices," he added, pointed looking at the women and the guard.

The Doctor enjoyed the fear he was instilling in everyone. He knew now there was no contest. Elisabeta was a mere mortal and couldn't touch him. This was just a bit of cat and mouse play before he finished with her and her friends. He took a step and reveled in the sight of everyone backing away from him. Then he heard Rose calling to him and he called back while he kept his eyes on his prey.

"My friends," he said to them. "And my new friend, Katalin. Guess she wasn't as loyal as you thought but people who are abused tend not to be."

"Doctor, one of the women in the dungeons are dead and the other is near death," Rose said when she, Katalin and Frida came into the room.

"So, one more women to add to the body count, eh countess? You seem to be piling up the bodies at an amazing rate. I'm sure the court will be interested to hear exactly how many you've killed over the years," the Doctor said. "What about the one near death?"

"We made her comfortable but we thought it best if you saw her first," Rose said, coming up beside him.

"Perhaps I can mend her in the TARDIS med bay. I hope so. There's been enough killing here as it is. So…countess…let's make this simple. Gather everyone into this room and march to the dungeons and stay there until the authorities can come and collect all of you or suffer the pain of me rending you all limb from limb while I feast on your blood. Your choice."

"I surrender!" the old guard said, raising his arms.

"Coward!" Elisabeta yelled at him.

She grabbed the sword from his scabbard and tried to attack the Doctor with it but the Doctor sped around her, grabbed her wrist and wrenched her arm around her, forcing her to drop the sword. The countess gasped as the Doctor kicked the sword away from her and opened his mouth over her jugular vein, hissing as his canines lengthened.

"No, please have mercy!" Elisabeta said.

"Why should I?" the Doctor said in his demon voice. "You never showed mercy to anyone else!"

Elisabeta began to sob and plead for her life. The Doctor let out a snort of contempt and shoved her to the floor.

"Get up and order everyone into this room," he said in his demon voice. "And once everyone is in here, you and your idiotic bunch of murderers will march to the dungeon and you will do it quietly or my feeding frenzy starts. Is that clear?"

"Go! Find the other guards!" Elisabeta screamed at her guard and accomplices. "Hurry!"

The women and guards sped out of the room while the Doctor forced Elisabeta to her feet.

"Pardon my pun but it must suck to find someone you can't bully into submission," the Doctor said in his normal voice.

"What will become of me?" Elisabeta said.

"I don't know and I don't care. If it were me, I'd chain your carcass to the wall and feed on you slowly, letting you slowly die. But I want your crimes to be known so your name will be known throughout history. I want history to remember you as the demonic bitch you truly are. Katalin…"

Katalin stepped forward when the Doctor called to her. He forced Elisabeta to the floor in front of her.

"Look at her now. The big bad wolf has been defanged," he said to Katalin. "She's nothing but a cowardly, cruel git who now fears for her life now that she's been caught."

Elisabeta grunted when Katalin slapped her face as hard as she could. Elisabeta glared at her but she smirked in return.

"He's right, you really are a pathetic coward and you're gonna get just what you deserve now."

Elisabeta started to lunge at her but the Doctor grabbed her shoulder and shoved her down while he used his demon voice to command her to sit.

"And I have a nosferatu for a friend now," Katalin said, "which is more than you ever had."

Frida walked up beside Katalin.

"And this is for Giselle, you killed her!" she yelled before she slapped her across the face.

"And this is just because you're a donkey arse bitch!" Rose said, slapping her after them.

"You know you could just say Ass Arse," the Doctor said to Rose. "Ass Arse has a nice ring to it."

"Nah, I prefer donkey. Besides I'm a lady," Rose said.

The Doctor laughed when Rose slapped Elisabeta again.

"Sometimes," Rose added with a twinkle in her eye.


The guards slowly trickled into the room, including the ones the Doctor injured. The Doctor intimidated all of them with his demon face and voice, ordering them to stand in one corner. When everyone had been rounded up, he commanded everyone to march to the dungeon and he roared at them when they didn't move fast enough. He laughed when everyone practically stepped on each other to get out of the room and he flew above them, keeping his eyes on them while Rose, Frida and Katalin followed behind. They went down to the dungeon and the Doctor pinched his nose when the dried blood smell flooded his nostrils. Katalin opened one cell and half of them were crammed into it. Then she opened the one across the way and the rest were herded into it. Both doors were slammed shut and locked and the Doctor came down to the ground. Katalin showed him where the dead girl and the women near death were being held. Both were in cells near the back of the dungeon. The Doctor examined the one who was still alive. She had light brown hair that was in a loose braid. It was dirty and matted and filled with dirty straw. She was a child and she was breathing shallowly, her face pale and her body skeletal. The Doctor spoke to her gently, telling her that they would take her somewhere and heal her. He asked her name and she rasped out Ana. He asked Katalin and Frida to stay with her and Katalin gave him the keys. The Doctor and Rose went across the narrow passageway to the other cell. Inside was a little girl lying on her back, her sightless eyes staring blankly up the ceiling. The girl was about Frida's age and she was just as thin as Ana. Her jet black hair was lying like a dirty halo around her head and her arms were up by her head. She had olive colored skin and the Doctor could see how beautiful she was. The Doctor knelt down next to her and Rose put her hand on his shoulder. He called to Frida and when she came into the cell, he asked if she knew who the girl was.

"No, I've never seen her before," Frida said, shaking her head.

"D'ya think we might be able to find her family?" Rose asked.

The Doctor gently picked up the little girl and asked Rose and Frida to follow her. He walked down to the cell containing the countess and stopped in front of it.

"Who is this? Where did you find her? The village?" he demanded.

"Dorottya?" the countess said, looking over at her while the Doctor shifted his gaze towards her.

"She was stolen from a gypsy campsite in the middle of the night. I don't know who she is. We never bothered to learn her name."

The Doctor growled at her and Dorottya shrank back in fear. But the Doctor stomped away with Rose and Frida before he did anything to her.

"Gypsy. So we may never find her family," he said to Rose and Frida while they walked back to the empty cell. "I want to give her a funeral then. She deserves that much after all she's been through. For now though, I want to take Ana out of here and get her to the TARDIS. Frida, can you go get the authorities and tell them to come here? Make them follow you, yeah?"

Frida nodded. He looked at Katalin.

"Can you go with her and add your testimony?" he asked.

"But what if they arrest me as well?" Katalin said, panicking.

"Tell them you were held hostage here, which is the truth," the Doctor said. "Frida, tell them that's the truth. Katalin has redeemed herself and I promised her clemency so convince them that she's just as much a victim as the others. And then we'll meet you both by that bench near the plaza. Yeah?"

They nodded and the Doctor asked his friends to carry the dead girl's body while he looked after Ana.

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