It was the end of another long day and Aris was exhausted. She had managed to touch three people and collected enough potential energy to last for three days. Despite that, she was angry and couldn’t wait to get back to their headquarters, so she could relax, unwind and vent.

She glided down a narrow alleyway. She almost reached the abandoned building they were using as their Earth lair when a metal door opened and a drunken man staggered out into the alley in front of her. She cursed inwardly and threw her hands over her eyes when she felt her body solidify. She listened while the man stumbled into the rubbish bins and grumbled to himself. She heard his heavy breathing and knew he was right in front of her. Then, to Aris’s horror, she heard the sickening sound of urine hitting stone and cursed again when she realized the drunk was peeing on her dress.

Right, that’s it. No one urinates on me and gets away with it. She thought.

The man turned away and her body became flesh. With a gleeful smile, she quickly touched the man and let out a contented sigh when he disappeared from sight. Looking down, she stared at her urine stained dress with distaste. After everything that happened today, this was just one more thing. Moving faster than light, she zoomed across the street and into the building before another human came by.

Inside, everything was completely dark. The windows were boarded up and no lights were on, allowing the Angels to move around without fear of petrifaction. She zoomed through the darkness towards the inner room that served as their break room. Opening the door, she came inside.

“Evening, everyone!” she called out.

Several voices greeted her. It was the time of day when the Angels returned and rested for the evening. She glided forward to the sofa, happy to have a chance to rest her tired body.



“Alright!” Aris cried out. “Who put the footstool out in the middle of the room again?”

“Um, I did, sorry,” she heard Dantria say.

Aris grumbled while she picked herself up off the floor. Dantria was young, just starting out and she still had a lot to learn about living with others.

“For the last time, do not put the bleedin’ footstool out where we can trip on it!” Aris said. “I’m not made of stone all the time, you know!”

“Sorry, Aris,” Dantria said.

Aris let out an angry sigh and glided the rest of the way to the sofa . She slumped down into it and felt someone sit beside her.

“Who’s that?” she called out.

“It’s Barloc,” a man said.

“Oh, how are you this evening?”



Barloc snorted.

“A pigeon crapped on my head while I was frozen.”

“Oh yeah? A man just peed on me, and a stupid git spray-painted graffiti all over my dress. Now I have to throw this thing in the wash.”

“Did you get em?”

“Yeah,” Aris said, smugly. “I got em both. Four in total. I’ve had a good day.”

“I was only able to get two today. I went to a crowded section of town, which was a very bad move.”

“Keep telling you, Barloc, don’t go where the people are. You gotta pick some little out of the way place and wait until people pass by, you get more of them that way. Why don’t you try the cemetery like I suggested? You usually get a couple of people coming inside every day, plus you wouldn’t look so out of place.”

“Why? Is that what you do?”

“Yes, that or I go to the park. I go where people wouldn’t think twice about a statue being there. These humans are a suspicious lot, you gotta be clever and outwit them if you’re gonna get close enough to touch them.”

They heard the door open.

“Whoopie!” an Angel screamed. “Guys! I have hit the jackpot!”

Aris frowned.

“Why? What happened, Hystria?” she asked.

“I just touched a man and a woman at the same time. I don’t know who the man was, but his lifespan is long, longer than any human. He had enough potential energy for at least four lifetimes! With one touch, I am now set for life! Sorry everyone, I guess while you’re out feeding, I’ll be sitting on the sofa laughing at you, because I’ll never have to work again!”

“That’s what you think,” a male voice said.

“And what is that supposed to mean, Julius?” Hystria said.

“It means that your job is to collect life energy from humans and you will do just that. You won’t be sitting here slacking off while the rest of us work!”

“But, I don’t need to work! I told you, I just got enough potential energy to keep me going for years.”

“I don’t care. If we have to go out, then you do too. This break room is off limits during the day. All of us have to earn a living.”

“But…this man…I’m serious. He was gonna live for centuries! I don’t need to go out and--“

“NO! I am your supervisor and that’s an order! We were sent to Earth to collect life energy and that’s what we’re going to do. I don’t care how much potential energy the man had, you need to get more. So when we go out tomorrow morning, you are coming with us!”

“Aw, get bent, you winged prig”

“What was that?”

“I said, yes sir!”

“Good. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going up to bed. I’ll see all of you in the morning.”

The door opened, Julius glided out and shut the door behind him. The other Angels rolled their eyes, bid each other goodnight, and followed Julius up to bed.

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