A/N: I wasn't going to go on with this story but I had another idea. I loved Angels Take Manhattan but there was a teeny inconsistency, namely that the Angel in the Graveyard was able to take Amy when the Doctor was looking right at it. So…I decided to think up an explanation for why the Angel could do that.

Chapter Two

The Weeping Angels were resting in their dark break room, sipping tea while they relaxed. They heard the door open and close and heard a whoop of joy.

"Oh yeah, I did it!" the Angel bellowed.

"Hystria, is that you?" one of the Angels asked.

"Damn straight it's me! I did it!" Hystria said before letting out another whoop.

"Did what?" Julius said, gliding up to him.

"I invented a device that lets me look people straight in the face without turning to stone!" Hystria said.

"You did what?" Aris said.

"You heard me! I just tried it out in an graveyard and I managed to zap two of the Doctor's companions back in time even while the Doctor was looking straight at me! I am supreme!"

"When did you do this?" Julius said.

"I just invented it, been working on the device for ages. It slips around my leg like a black band and it allows me to look anyone straight in the face. Here, I'll show you!"

He went over to the wall and flipped on the light switch. Everyone except him was a statue. He looked around and let out a gleeful giggle before flipping off the light switch again.

"See, I did it," Hystria said smugly.

"Did what?" Aris said.

"I was the only one who could move just then, didn't you see me?"

"No, you git, because the rest of us were turned to stone when the light came on. We didn't see a thing."

"So, how do we know you're telling the truth?" Aris said.

"I…suppose you'll just have to trust me," Hystria said.

The other Angels muttered amongst themselves and Hystria scowled when he heard the phrase "Full of shit" being bandied about.

"Look, I don't care if you believe me or not! I took away two of the Doctor's friends and I looked him full in the face. I stared down the Oncoming Storm!" Hystria said.

"And did you take him out as well?" Julius said.

There was a heavy silence in the room for a moment.

"Um…no," Hystria said.

"WHAT?" the other Angels said. "YOU DIDN'T STOP THE DOCTOR?"

"Why?" Julius demanded. "If you're so superior now, why did you let the Doctor get away?"

"Be…cause…if I got rid of him, we wouldn't have anything to do and we'd get really, really bored and besides, I gotta leave something for you lot," Hystria added when he heard his friends grumbling at that. "Think of it, you lot could still get the Doctor. There's your piece of the glory pie, eh?"

"And if we did that," Aris said. "We'd be the ones who could boast about finishing off the Doctor and you'd be the git who just got his friends."

Another heavy silence hung in the air.

"I still got one of them when the Doctor was looking," Hystria muttered. "And…and…they were blubbering like babies. The woman and the Doctor! Both of them were teary eyed and it was all like, "Goodbye, Raggedy Man," and "No, don't go," and all that. So I got to watch the Doctor blubber. Can you say you've seen that? NO, YOU CAN'T! I ALONE SAW IT! HOLLA! HYSTRIA, THE RENEGADE ANGEL IN DA HOOOOOUSE!"

"I swear to the gods, you're such a douche sometimes," Aris said.

"I'm not listeeeening," Hystria said in a sing-song voice. "And now, just to rub in the fact that I did what you could not, I'm going to have a little victory celebration."

There was silence for a moment and then they heard the beginning of Gangnam Style. The Angels groaned when they heard Hystria yell out, "OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE!"

"I don't know why you play that rubbish song," Julius said. "We can't see you do the stupid dance, you moron, it's dark in here."

"I'M NOT LISTEEEEENING!" Hystria yelled out before he sang off-key at the top of his voice, mangling the Korean lyrics and irritating the crap outta the other Angels in the break room.

Julius gasped when Hystria did the bouncy dance and tread on his toes.

"Watch it, git!" Julius yelled at him as he backed up towards the wall.

"EH, SEXY LAAAADY!" Hystria screamed out as he danced around the room. "Maybe I'll declare myself the leader now since I have the power to stare people right in the face! I am superior to all you wankers now! Holla!"

"I've heard enough," Aris grumbled.

"Yes, let's get out of here and find a nice quiet spot where Hystria isn't dancing and singing like a douche," another Angel said.

"Look at me, I'm the renegade Angel now!" Hystria said as they glided to the door. "I am invincible!"

"Julius, is there any chance you could contact our neck breaking cousins and have them finish douchebag off?" Aris said as she opened the door and they all glided out.

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