Chapter Five

"Alright, this isn't funny, what have you done with the Doctor," Clara screamed into the darkness while the Sirens laughed all around her.

The laughter faded and Clara's breath quickened when she heard only the sound of the lapping waves again.

"Doctor?" she called out. "Doctor, are you there?"

"I'm here, Clara."

Clara froze when she heard the Doctor's voice behind her.

"Doctor?" she said, not sure whether it was him or not.

She gasped when she felt cold, wet hands touch her neck.

"I'm here," he said gently.

"How do I know that?" Clara said. "You could be one of those siren things."

"But I'm not. I was taken by one but I managed to get away from it."

By now, the Doctor or someone pretending to be him moved up behind Clara. She could feel his wet clothes pressed against her back. She tried to move away but the Doctor embraced her and pulled her closer to his body.

"Don't move, they might strike again," the Doctor said in her ear.

"Yeah, do i know it's reallly you?" Clara said.

"You have to trust me," the Doctor whispered in her ear. "Can you trust me, Clara?"

Clara swallowed hard. She wanted to believe that this was her Doctor but after seeing what the Sirens could do, she had her doubts. Still, she figured at the moment it would be best to just play along and see what happened.

"What do we do now, Doctor?" Clara whispered back.

"We need to keep moving. I think the exit is closer than we think," the Doctor said.

"How can you be sure?" Clara said softly.

"Because i saw it before i escaped."

"How did you make it back here? We're in total darkness."

"I have very good eyes. I eat loads of carrots."

Clara said nothing. She waited for the Doctor to let go but instead she felt him rubbing her right side.

"Do you trust me, my Impossible Girl?" he whispered in her ear.

"Yes," Clara said, trying to sound as convincing as possible.

She tried not to stiffen when she felt the Doctor kiss her cheek. Not that she enjoyed it when the Doctor held her and kissed her cheek but she suspected that was the Siren's intention. They were reading her mind and her fantasies and desires and using it against her. She had to be just as clever as they were if she was going to get the real Doctor back. She breathed a sigh of relief when the Doctor finally let go of her. She sensed him stepping around to her right side and he took hold of her hand.

"Just walk with me and be cautious. Who knows what the Sirens are planning now," the Doctor said to her.

"Yes, Doctor."

Clara felt her hand being squeezed. So far the Doctor or the thing claiming to be him was convinced that she believed him. She hoped it would stay that way since she had a feeling the Doctor needed her help and needed it fast.


The Doctor lay with Rose as she continued to fondle and caress him. Deep inside, he knew that it wasn't her but his mind wasn't obeying his order to get away from her. She still held power over his mind and whatever she was doing to him, he was being compelled to believe that this really was Rose Tyler. His mind and body were responding to her ministrations and he realized he had a boner at the moment as she lay on top of him and continued to snog and fondle him.

No, you're not Rose, he thought while he willed his body to accept that statement.

Merma stopped kissing him when she heard that thought go through the Doctor's mind.

You are very poweful, Doctor, she thought as she gazed at him. Most men would succumb but you're fighting my control.

She had seen into his memories, known that he was a force to be reckoned with but she was sure he would accept the mind control. He was under her control but only just and she was impressed and intrigued even more by this man. She got off of him and allowed her control to subside from his mind. She watched while the Doctor blinked, his mind reassurting itself as if he was awakening from a dream. Merma watched while he sat up. She still retained the form of Rose Tyler but she soon realized that was a big mistake when the Doctor spied her. He gritted his teeth and his face twisted into an enraged expression before he yelled and leapt at her. Merma gasped and put her hands up, trying to stop him but he cannoned into her and she gasped when he knocked her back onto the outcrop and knocked the wind out of her body.


"Please, i meant no harm," Merma said, quickly shifting back to her original form. "Please, don't kill me," she added when she saw the look of death on the Doctor's face.

The Doctor calmed down slightly and got up off her.

"Where is Clara? She better not be dead," he growled at her as Merma sat up.

"I don't know where she is. I left her there on the walkway," Merma said quickly.

"Yes, with your little friends who won't have any problems killing her," the Doctor said. "You lot need to find a better hobby than luring people to their deaths."

"It's our defense," Merma said.


"Yes. It is written that long ago we welcomed a group of strangers into our midst. We tried to befriend them but they exploited and enslaved us and nearly caused our extinction."

"So now whenever strangers come too close for comfort, you lure them to their deaths rather than trust them," the Doctor said. "So why spare me?"

"Because I've never met anyone like you. You're different to all the other humans we've seen."

"I'm not human," the Doctor said.

"But you take the human form," Merma said.

"We share the same basic form but that does not make me human. You're a mind reader, surely you know that," the Doctor mocked. "Or are your amazing powers of perception a bit wonky?"

"You could stay here with us, lead us," Merma said, ignoring him.

"Lead you to do what?"

"Be our leader. You wish to help us get over our homicidal urges, show us how."

The Doctor snickered at that.

"What's so funny?"

"You want to know how to stop killing people? Okay, here's my sage advice. STOP KILLING PEOPLE!"

Merma recoiled when he bellowed the last three words at her.

"Now normally i would charge a fee for such sage advice but I'll let you have that for free."

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