Chapter 20

From around the corner came the familiar whirr of Dalek motivators. Clara turned to find herself face to face with a Dalek. She drew in a breath as it lowered its gun at her.

"Somehow I think Davros is on his own now, Doctor." She swallowed.

The Doctor quickly moved in front of Clara to protect her. However, before the Dalek could do anything, a bright red light shot out from behind them. In an instant, the Dalek's head was shattered, leaving only a thin, foul smelling trail of smoke smouldering up towards the tunnel roof.

"Take that, you moth—"

"Mum's the word, Jack! No swearing. Or I'll have to wash your mouth out with Carrionite soap. Again. And you know by now how foul that is." The Doctor admonished. Then, he smiled. "Thanks, by the way."

Jack shot the Doctor a disgusted look. Then gestured to the weapon he was holding.

"Anti-Dalek gun. Developed by my Torchwood team after the battle of Canary Wharf. Unfortunately, they couldn't quite get it to work properly. The barrel kept melting. I had some free time lately, so I perfected it, got it working properly." Jack told him, slinging a black rifle by its strap over his shoulder. "That's why the Daleks captured me. They wanted a closer look at it. Obviously, they got a little too close and I escaped."

"I'd say introductions are in order," Clara said, "but I think right now would be a really good time to get out of here. Unless Doctor, your big plan is for us to stand around chatting long enough to get killed?"

"Hello!" Jack grinned down at Clara as the three of them took off running down the tunnel.

"Oh that's lovely. Even being chased by Daleks the man still has to have a flirt." The Doctor grimaced.

"I don't mind." Clara said, "Who's your friend?"

"Captain Jack Harkness, at your service." Jack flashed Clara his most charming smile as he ran beside the Doctor. "I don't know about you sometimes, Doctor. Seems to me, the older you get, the prettier your companions become."

"Oy! Old?" A hurt look crossed the Doctor's face. "I'm only a thousand. That's barely middle aged for a Time Lord."

"You think I'm pretty?" Clara raised her eyebrows at Jack.

"Oh yes." His grin grew wider. "And believe me, I've seen a lot of pretty girls in my time. And boys. And clones. There were these twin clones once, boy and a girl, and..."

"Jack! I'm telling you. Not now." The seemingly disgruntled Doctor said.

"I'm Clara Oswald. I take it you're a friend of the Doctor's."

"Er—usually." Jack replied, glancing at the Doctor's unhappy face.

"Erm—if you don't mind me asking. Do either of you know where are we going?" Clara asked.

Because, at that moment, they had come to another T-junction in the tunnels. The three of them slid came to a halt.

"Yes." The Doctor said firmly. He pointed left. "That way, I think."

"Actually, we're going that way." Jack corrected him, pointing to the right.

"I think you'll find, Jack, that I know the way back to my own TARDIS." The Doctor huffed.

"And I think you'll find, Doctor, that I know the way to the Dalek's cyclotron particle accelerator."

"Oh." The Doctor said simply. Then he flashed a delighted grin at Jack. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go blow up some Daleks!"

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