Chapter Two

"Are you sure this is wise?" Rain said to the Doctor while they walked with Hope over to Jackie's house.

"You mean, bringing the brother and sister-in-law along with us?"

"Yes. Are you sure the pain in the butt won't get arrested or get us arrested?"

"I will take full responsibility for Alan," the Doctor said.

"Wow, even I wouldn't take that much responsibility. You're very brave."

"Mum, I want to come with you," Hope said, looking up at her.

"No. We want to take an adult vacation for a change. You come with us 90 percent of the time," Rain said.

"Besides, Gran is going to take you to the zoo," the Doctor said.

Hope brightened at that and she let go of her parent's hands and ran up Jackie's steps to her front door. She knocked and held out her arms when her grandmother opened the door.

"Aw, there you are!" she said, hugging her tightly as Rain and the Doctor walked up the steps. "Ready for a fun day?"

"Yes. Mummy and daddy are going on holiday with Uncle Alan and Aunt Rose. An adult holiday."

"Well, we'll let them do that and have fun on our own," Jackie said. "Go inside and say hello to Granddad then while I talk to your parents."

"Okey-dokey," Hope said before she went inside Jackie's house.

"So…you're off for another trip with my daughter and her mentally insane son-in-law?'

"Yup, we're gluttons for punishment," the Doctor said. "Actually, I am. I'm the one that invited them."

"Good luck then. And have fun."

Rain hugged her tightly. They looked inside the house to tell Hope goodbye. She was with Pete. He was sitting in a chair while Hope stood in front of him telling him about her day. She waved goodbye to her parents and Rain blew her a kiss before they left and walked back over to the house. While they walked over, they heard a whistle. They turned their heads and saw Alan waving to them while they walked down the sidewalk towards them.

"Better get in the house," Alan called out. "You said you'd be at home when we got there and we're nearly there."

"I have something for both of you. Gifts!" the Doctor said as they went up the steps to their porch.

Rain laughed when Alan zoomed the rest of the way to the house, leaving Rose behind. He took their porch steps two at a time and hugged Rain.

"Sis! I have arrived!" he said.

"I gathered that," Rain said.


Alan turned around and waved at Hope who was standing on the porch waving back to him.

"Be good!" Hope said to him.

"Me? I'm always good! You be good!" he said to her.

Rose climbed up the steps and embraced her sister while the Doctor came out on the porch carrying two big gift bags.

"Daddy, tell him what I told you to tell him!" Hope yelled to him.

"Hope wants you to know that these are from her, she helped picked out the items in them. I, however, chose the sacks," the Doctor said.

He handed Alan a rainbow colored gift bag and handed Rose one that had a pink rose on both sides. Alan opened his up and his eyes bulged when he grabbed an all-day sucker that was bigger than his head. He pulled it out and looked at it.

"Hope thought you'd enjoy a nice, long lolly break," the Doctor said.

"I will gorge myself on this," Alan said.

"Ooo, licorice!" Rose said, pulling out a two pound clear sack filled with licorice candy.

"And Hope thought you'd like that," the Doctor said.

Rose and Alan called out their thanks to Hope and Hope waved to them.

"I have a lolly!" Alan squealed while he hopped up and down rapidly. "I have a lolly, I have a lolly!"

"Alan, calm yourself!" the Doctor said.

"But I have a lolly!" Alan said, jumping around to face him.

"It seems I will have to pacify and calm my brother. Observe my pacification," the Doctor said.

He laid his hand on the top of Alan's head. Alan stopped his bouncy movement and his eyes widened as he became still.

"I am pacified," he said in a childlike voice. "The Doctor has pacified me just by the power of his hand. This is why the Oncoming Storm is talked about in hushed whispers all across the universe."

"See, I can handle him," the Doctor said. "Well, let's get going then. Hope, love, we'll see you later!"

"Bye, Daddy. Bye, everyone!" Hope said, waving.

Everyone waved back except Alan who still had the wide eyed look.

"You better unpacify him, love," Rain said.

"Be as you were!" the Doctor said, laying his hand on his head.

Alan blinked as if waking from a dream and looked around.

"Hey, what happened? Why am I suddenly mellow?" he asked. "Wow, that was relaxing," he said as he followed everyone inside the house.


"Koorhanh, home of the largest, most densest mineral lakes around," the Doctor said as the TARDIS flew towards their destination."

"Last visited when you were with Martha," Alan said as he and the wives sat on the jump seat.

"Really? Did Martha enjoy it?" Rose said.

"Yes. But I didn't. I had just come away from that episode with the living sun and I was still freaked out by that," the Doctor said. "But we ended up having fun anyway. Ah, here we are! Everyone up and out!"


The TARDIS landed inside a large resort that made its money off of tourism. The hotel resembled a huge log cabin with a large wooden deck in the back that overlooked a large mineral lake. Steps from the deck led down to the bank of the river. They checked into the hotel and got two rooms side by side on the second floor. The rooms overlooked the lake and when Rain and the Doctor got in their room, they closed the doors. The room had a king sized bed with a blanket on it. The blanket had a painting of the resort on it with Billy's Resort underneath it in big white block letters. The furniture was made of wood that matched the log walls. A picture on the wall near the door was a photograph of the resort and lake and there was a painting of a beach scene over the bed. On each side of the bed was a nightstand and chest of drawers were across from it with a holo-TV on top of it. Beside the chest of drawers was a wooden armoire and next to that was the bathroom door. The Doctor opened the drawers and peered in the armoire while Rain put a rucksack down on the bed and walked over to the window beside the nightstand. She looked out at the lake and watched several people walking across it.

"How do they do that, Thete?" she asked as she pointed at the walkers. "How do they stay upright?"

"The water is dense with Ionan, one of the densest minerals in the galaxy," the Doctor said, coming over to the window. "They give you special shoes that help distribute your weight and when you step on the water, it holds up. The last time we came here, it was winter and the hotel freezes the lake so you can skate on it."

"It's beautiful," Rain said as the Doctor put his arm around her. "Very silvery. I love the silver color."

"Yes, it really reflects the suns' rays," the Doctor said, looking at the twin suns in the sky.

"You're gonna be lost without your little disciple," Rain teased him.

"Nah, she can live without us for a day. We're gonna take the TARDIS back on the same day. She won't even miss us," the Doctor said. "Besides, Jackie is taking her to the zoo so she won't miss out on the fun."

Rain laid her head on his shoulder and they stood at the window and watched the tourists walk the lake.


In the other room, Alan was using the bathroom while Rose rested on the bed. Their room was identical to the Doctor and Rain's room. Rose looked down at the blanket and made a face at the painting on it.

"Bit tacky, don'tcha think?" she said to Alan.

"What's tacky?" he said, peeking his head out the door.

Rose stood up and pointed to the blanket.

"The fact that they advertise the bleedin' resort right on our blanket, that's what's tacky," she said. "And one of the pictures on the wall is a photo of the same resort. As if we don't know where we are."

"I could produce a sewing kit from my person and sew the blanket to something," Alan said.

"No thanks, we'll leave it as is," Rose said.

Alan came over to her and kissed her lips. He pointed to his gift bag resting next to her gift bag and their rucksack.

"Stay away from monster lolly or be doomed to die," he said ominously.

"You don't need that much sugar. Your teeth will fall out the moment you finish that."

"Well, don't blame me. Blame the munchkin. She made the choice to get it."

"Cause she knows you love sweets so much."

"Yes, I'm a sugar junkie, I admit that," Alan said.

"You're gonna regret being a sugar junkie when you rot your teeth out of your head," Rose said.

She gasped when Alan flopped down on the bed and took her in his arms.

"Love me?" he said to her.

"You know I do," Rose said, laying her head on his chest.

"Happy with me?"

"When you're not jumping around like a kangaroo, I am," Rose said. "Why are you asking this?"

"Because you are my hearts and I need to know I am yours."

"I'm still married to ya after all this time, isn't that proof enough?"

"Perhaps you're doing so because of a crippling obligation to be with me. After all, Brother did say you had to watch over me all those years ago. So…still watching over me?"

"Apparently so, since you've managed to avoid prison time…at least prison time connected with your antics."

"I love you, Starlight."

"And I love you, ya big baby," Rose said fondly. "Wanna go down and go out on the lake for awhile."

"Can I throw you down on its unsinkable surface and bonk you till you scream enough?"

"No, but you can walk hand in hand with me."

"Okay," Alan said while Rose laughed.

She kissed his lips and sent love into his mind. Alan returned the love before the two of them got up and headed out the door.

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